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Free sky tv and broadband unlimited!
Found 28th Jul 2013Found 28th Jul 2013
02 broadband have been taken over by sky. When I phoned to cancel the 02 broadband and to move my contract to sky (the next best offer about) I was offered a deal I couldn't refuse… Read more
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I got this one too. For the few that it actually applies to you can ring them and pay your line rental up front for £119 bringing the whole lot down to under £10 per month. I last had sky only 6 months ago but still got offered this. Another new sky box plus the wireless adaptor and a new lnb all installed free.


heat well done, love sky offers :) Ignore the haters, keep posting!!!


these kinds of retention deals never go hot as they are never guaranteed as its on a per customer basis.


Voted hot. Will try this tomorrow. Currently get free o2 broadband. Just pay line rental at £10.50ish a month


And it is for O2 broadband customers only not new customers or other sky customers. Sorry

Sky entertainment extra + package including Phone Line Rental unlimited broadband and HD box plus installation upfront payment £119.40 for a year for O2 broadband customers only
Found 5th Jun 2013Found 5th Jun 2013
If your an O2 broadband customer with landline give sky a call on 0800 230 0202, two weeks turnaround max I called yesterday the installation is happening Saturday My friend chan… Read more
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Jealous lol Doubt that very much Sky are crap You will be one of the ones moaning about dropping connections and slow speeds Then try and leave in a year and get given the run around because you can't get your line back Been there before as others have I'd never go back even if the whole lot was free Amazes me everyone's like lemmings as it's such a good price regardless of service


Hey, worth knowing, if you still want the extra saving from paying the line rental up front (£60 saving) this isn't a limited time offer. I was told I could call back at any time to do this. either before they move my line to them or at any point into the service. If you can cover it, its well worth the 33% discount. BTW - I don't work for Sky... just a bit geeky / **** about the detail ;)


Hilarious -80. Just shows how jealous some people are on here!! How can this be seen as anything other than a great deal. You get like for like broadband connection in 99% of cases (moving from 02 to Sky) and the contract is 12 months for a total cost of £0... Line rental at less than £10 a month with some free calls or an extra £5 a month for all inc. calls (087... mob...). Even included all calls to US (landlines and MOBILES) that are less than 60 minutes. I did a couple days of reading up on it before making the switch. As I was on FreeSat with an old skybox its a welcome upgrade for free. I can see that its a kick in the teeth for current sky tv customers though it doesn't make it any less of a deal for those its targeted at. My take on the drive to give this offer from Sky's perspective would be in 2 parts. 1) loads of potential customers are dropping from O2 as they are very anti-sky. 2) If the number of customers is above a set number when the official transition happens (I think in September) then Sky must pay O2 a £20m bonus. The more people like me who are transferred to SKY ahead of the official date, the fewer people count towards the O2 bonus... If true, slightly underhand from Sky as you'd expect though its not my "potential" bonus so I may as well take the £500 freebie from sky now :-) Happy Days Nick


Note that this offer only applies to O2 Broadband customers who ARE NOT already Sky TV customers. If you already have Sky TV like me, then you will not get free TV for a year or a free HD box and you will have to continue to pay your existing monthly Sky TV subscription on top of the £119.40. Another example of Sky penalising their existing customers. Don't switch to them. Once they've got you they don't care.


How come this is 'cold'? My only worry is that O2 have been brilliant up until now and that Sky reliability/customer service won't be (from past experience). But £14.50 - gotta be hot?? We are looking to phone up and move over this week - so any opinions appreciated.

Free SkyTV and Broadband for a year for O2 Customers
LocalLocalFound 19th May 2013Found 19th May 2013
Sky are offering free TV and Broadband for a year for O2 Broadband customers in advance of the switchover of their service to Sky. It's the Entertainment Extra+ service with 48 HD … Read more

renewed, again a couple of weeks ago , broaband only no phone , not sure about price increase but looks like its still around £5 maybe up to £6.50 soon / guy said sorry about that and gave me 2 x £45 credits so £90 credit going to check this month to see new price, looks like happy times, merry xmas


Hi it was cashback through topcashback. It has tracked and estimated to be paid now within 2 weeks. They ran an increased cashback amount for around 4 days when i ordered so it tracked at £165. Previously it was £150. The voucher is claimable after install from here : https://www.vouchers.bt.com/offer/sainsbury/ and its £100. The black friday deal BT ran was for infinity 1 (up to 38Mbps) and it was only a 12 month contract and it was £10 per month. The sainsburys voucher made it the equivalent of £4 a month. Cashback covered line rental providing you pay it yearly. Overall it was a great deal and the service itself is good. My max connect speed is showing as 61mbps but of course i'm capped to 39,999 it says in the modem stats. Seem to have no issues getting 37Mbps even over wifi! On Sky ADSL i'd connect at 17.4Mbps but only really get 13-14Mbps over wifi.


Total tripe.


sorry, my bad didnt mean happens to everyone just to a few, my issue as i live in high rise flats, theyre can be line issues and some have had this im gonna stay with sky probably but my phone line is still going to be with BT did you get the voucher and cashback from BT or was via quidco or something, that deal seems great, and what type of infinity is it i still havent decided what to do , BT offered my infinity with no voucher or cashback for £17 p/m


I had no issues porting my sky line back to BT. My free year (pretty much) with Sky has just ended. I transferred everything away from sky. I actually never watched sky tv. It was pretty awful, sorry sky lovers but i simply cannot see what you guys watch on there. The only thing i ever watched was modern family on sky one. Everything else was mostly american junk and massive amounts of repeats. We have netflix, amazon prime and we got a now tv box with free movies just to try that out. As for broadband, sky offered me broadband for £3 if i kept the TV and £5 if i didn't. I had no offers on fibre. In the end i went for the BT Infinity black friday deal, which is essentially fibre for £10 per month with a "short" 12 month contract. It essentially works out as £4 per month once we get the £100 sainsburys voucher. They offered £165 cashback which covered the £155 line rental (paid annually). BT is likely to be expensive upon renewal so i will just switch again.

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O2 Broadband customers. Six months free broadband plus Six months at £2.50. Pay years phone line for £119.14
Found 12th May 2013Found 12th May 2013
Just rang 0800 230 0202 to cancel my broadband. Got through to a sky rep who advised my if I migrated onto sky from O2 early they can give me the new customer deal of six months fr… Read more
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All that she said was the existing contract price would be honoured for the duration of the contract. Wonder if that means you would get a reduction?


Well Sky only have one unlimited package priced at £7.50 but there line rental is £14.50 unless you pay upfront then its £119 for the year, so if things stay as they are now 02 customers should see a reduction in price ?


Rang up to cancel earlier and was given no compelling reason to stay. Received the letters but they've advised it may take up to 18 months for full transition. Staff are being transferred to O2 mobile and now the sale's gone through there's no incentive for the staff to keep you. Was offered 50% off the full price of broadband, but would have to pay 13.something a month for line rental. For comparison, currently pay £19.25 all in for the all rounder. Also, if you've got an O2 mobile, if you cancel that before the move to Sky, I was advised you'd lose the discount and would then continue to pay the higher amount to Sky when you do transfer. On the sky leaflet, noticed they said it was a straight swap to their unlimited service. Not sure what the price difference is, but come the next renewal under Sky it'll certainly go up. Got my MAC so going to move to plusnet fibre.


I'm on the o2 legacy package (unlimited) I was with sky before, sky's speeds were worse, I fear the move to sky will end up with me losing my legacy package and place on something sky want me to be on, a bit like your 'offer' ;)


Can the cold voters provide a better deal please?

02 Broadband and Home Phone £13 per month 12 months
Found 12th Apr 2013Found 12th Apr 2013
I have just got off the phone with 02 regarding switching my Broadband to PlusNet as I'm cutting costs. They said they are currently able to offer a deal of £13 per month for landl… Read more
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believe me - it will be doom and gloom once sky take over. I just hope i can wrangle my freedom and then i may consider infinity or virgin again...


just done, as I was out of contract for the last 2 years+ and was wondering if sky would have to continue my old unlimited package or force me onto their pricing, so went with the 16-50 phone package that ive always had and the works with a £200 credit to my mobile thx OP


yh ive had a look n its not on there. tnx neway.


I don't think you can as the deal isn't advertised on their website?


does any1 no if u can get cashback 4 this deal? thanks

Free o2 Broadband for 12 months (loyalty)
Found 7th Apr 2013Found 7th Apr 2013
Been with O2 for a couple of years and was thinking of fibre with Plusnet but thought i would give O2 another go.. Called up and was offered upgrade to "The Works" package free f… Read more
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Any joy ?


Works fine for me but very slow when checking bill. Still haven't gotten my M&S voucher. Going to call them tomorrow and see what's going on


Can someone please explain why this post isn't expired? Since the deal is OVER?


is anyone finding they can no longer sign into their O2 Broadband account since they took the 12 month deal?


Nothing, spoken to them (again fourth time), the escalation team are looking at it, five to ten days for a response. The guy I spoke to mentioned that he's been taking a few calls about this

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O2 broadband half price with £100 M&S vouchers
Found 6th Apr 2013Found 6th Apr 2013
O2 broadband is half price with £100 M&S vouchers or free without for 12 months. New router thrown in. Seems like a reasonable deal either way.
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I received giftcard for 100 pounds today:)


just need tips on who to go for as I live next door to the city of london...


I have been on the works for 3 months after o2 messed up my old tariff and currently i hardly reach download speed to 2.3mbps.. having complained to o2 they turned around stating minimum is 2mbps so will not do anything... I am waiting for contract to end to move on.. they use to give better service but just gone worse.. I hope that helps !!!


So it's free? is it a 2 year contact or something? must be a catch.


im in need of moving away from sky! was on o2 last year and was getting 13mbps, but with sky i havent been able to go over 6mbps! im just stumped on who to go with now! i was thinking of going back to o2 but seeing that they're part of sky now, im going maybe pass on that idea!

02 £6.25 broad band deal and u get £200 credit on ur mobile its for existing customer
Found 21st Mar 2013Found 21st Mar 2013
deal for existing customers of 02 .If u get 02 broadband which is £6.25 a month 12 month contract u pay £75 and they will gives you £200 credit on your contact mobile. i guess its … Read more

Where does it say anything about a £200 credit?


And you have to go with Sky when they sell you out later this year....avoid....

O2 Home broadband - 12 months half price broadband and £200 phone bill credit.
Found 19th Mar 2013Found 19th Mar 2013
£19.25 per month home broadband, line rental and evening and weekend calls 12 month contract. For all new home broadband connections for existing O2 PAYG and POSTPAY customers. Whe… Read more
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Sky just bought o2. Are we save with price tarrif and our £200 credit?


Received 166.66 Today!! Thanks to HKUD..


anyone got the M&S voucher yet? i read somewhere or was told that it would be delivered 28 days after


I knew I wouldn't make sense! I guess that's what I'm saying - the credit is applied to the bill before VAT is calculated so that is why it appears less on the recent charges page. It should become clear when you get your bill. Basically I have definitely got £200!


Ok here goes... Are you saying that you still got £200 credit applied to your account only the difference was made up of the VAT on your bill?

O2 Broadband Best deal Get £100 cashback on all Home Broadband packages. 12 months half price (and £5 off a month off if you're an O2 customer too) plus £50 M&S voucher
Found 11th Mar 2013Found 11th Mar 2013
Describe the deal in your own words and explain to members why it is a good deal! Please don't just paste in marketing text or specs. Remember: this is a community site, self-pro… Read more
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Has anyone actually seen the £100 or £200 mobile phone credit on their account yet? If so, where does it appears please?


This is an AMAZING DEAL! Just got a whole years broadband for free & £200 credit on my O2 phone contract which works out to about 6 months free on my mobile! Saving me in total about £400 over the next year, I was also on the works so can't complain really, Sky or no Sky I doubt much will change once it changes over & if it does, I'm paying nothing for it anyway!


My latest is that I've just got off the phone from O2 and they are saying that I'm out of my cooling off period (not that they ever told me that I had started a cooling off period) and so they cannot upgrade my £100 to £200 credit. Not at all happy with the outcome as I would have done something about this on Friday (within my cooling off period) if I had been told such a thing was in operation. All that I've been told is that it would take 14 days to appear as a credit and the reality is that there are two lots of 14 days - the first is the cooling off period and the second is the length of time that it might take for the credit to appear on the account. I totally agree that £100 is not to be sniffed at but £200 would have been even less to sniff at!! :)


Just got off the phone with O2 retentions, and although I signed up last week for the 'free 12 months', because I'm still in my cooling off period they let me get the £200 mobile phone bill credit added on :) Will take up to 28days to get added, but w00t!


that offer is not on I said I'd also seen about £50 M&S voucher, 12 months Xbox Live or credit on phone. They said yes, £200 phone credit or voucher or live but could only pick one.

O2 Home Broadband 12 months free internet which Sky must honour
Found 1st Mar 2013Found 1st Mar 2013
hi. First post so be nice please :) I heard about the Sky/O2 deal today and as my contract with o2 Home Standard Broadband (the old packages which were better) ends on the 7th of … Read more

They just agreed to move me from standard to the works package. I'm getting the better router, a year free and £200 credit to my mobile bill. I'm happy with that. I also decided to take their home phone service as its slightly cheaper than bt. Is this a mistake? Can I cancel if it is?


Has anyone actually seen the £100 or £200 mobile phone credit on their account yet? If so, where does it appears please?


My latest is that I've just got off the phone from O2 and they are saying that I'm out of my cooling off period (not that they ever told me that I had started a cooling off period) and so they cannot upgrade my £100 to £200 credit. Not at all happy with the outcome as I would have done something about this on Friday (within my cooling off period) if I had been told such a thing was in operation. All that I've been told is that it would take 14 days to appear as a credit and the reality is that there are two lots of 14 days - the first is the cooling off period and the second is the length of time that it might take for the credit to appear on the account. I totally agree that £100 is not to be sniffed at but £200 would have been even less to sniff at!! :)


Amazing thanks for sharing this. Just got 12 months free and £200 off my mobile contract bill!!


I agree with you. I just really HATE Sky, and if they were the last provider on earth I’d go without.

O2 Broadband - Renewal - Updated: 12 months FREE + 12 months Xbox Gold or 4200 points
Found 25th Feb 2013Found 25th Feb 2013
Just renewed my old legacy broadband for another year. Nice lady offered me the option of 12 months half price or 6 months free + free 12 months Xbox Gold or 4200 points. Prett… Read more
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These idiots are driving me mad, they're claiming they never made the 12-month offer now and trying to take the full price of the old package. Not happening, I'll probably get disconnected. Screw them.


Anyone received an Email by both o2 and Sky to confirm the takeover and when your services will start being dealt with by Sky. Ive been told August.


Just checked my O2 mobile unbilled calls section.. Promotional Credit Vatable Cashback -166.67 Total other charges & credits -£166.67 :D


Kind of, they rang back the next day saying that that the bill had been removed. Soon after, I was issued with another one of those 'Congratulations' new contract email and was subsequently told to disregard this as their notes on my account indicated the contract started last month and not this month, like I can see on my account right now. Hmmm?(_;) Charge bill for this month has been removed though and next month will show £0, well at least according to them. tsimehC, I think the only reason this seems to happening to you and me is that our account aren't properly updated showing 'Full monthly charge *including offers £0'. I've never been able to get any of their retention team to fix this despite spending ages on the phone to them. They tried to remove the code and apply it back on but that only produced a new contract but to no avail with regards to seeing account details properly updated.


Did you manage to sort it out? I hope I did because I don't want to go through the same hassle next month. For this month, all is well.

Home Phone and O2 Broadband - 12 months free internet for existing customers! Retention deal!
LocalLocalFound 13th Feb 2013Found 13th Feb 2013
Anyway I decided to sign up to broadband with tescos as was thinking of leaving o2. Last month they had offered me only 12 months half price internet was a bit annoyed as have bee… Read more

thanks, don't know why this is expired ......just got this today took less than 5 mins very happy not to have to change supplier. cant fault o2 ....... Should be unexpired. told them i was leaving and they offered me 12 months free broadband on my existing package (all rounder) i just have to pay for landline.....VERY HAPPY! :)


was so surprised getting free 1 yr o2 broadband,having phone line with other provider.wonder if the telefonica buyout, was relevent.


I was initially offered the Evening and Weekend package at £13/month with free broadband but chose to upgrade to Anytime and have caller display. When you are offered free broadband then ask for the Works package. I've been on it a few days now and haven't noticed any slowdown compared to the legacy package I was on last week. Usenet, streaming, gaming all fine.


The £198 is for the Anytime phone bundle, but you could try for the Evening and Weekend package (£13/month) which would make it cheaper, or if you're already on the Pay as you Go line rental (no longer available to new customers) then you might be able to keep that package & just get the broadband renewal (£10.50/month).


Managed to get 12 months free, thanks OP. Same as people above, was still a few weeks before my contract end but the renewal worked like a treat. I was on the line rental Pay as you go (£10.50/month), and they didn't touch the phone package, so I'm now paying £10.50 for 12 months... (£126 total for the year for broadband, All Rounder package). Absolute. Bargain. Guess I'll move to BT infinity next year! Unless this offer re-appears next year! Cheers! (PS: 5 minute phone call on a Sunday evening.. can't complain!)

12 months O2 all rounder Broadband 6 Months FREE with FREE XBOX games bundle for existing customers
Found 7th Jan 2013Found 7th Jan 2013
FREE games are available for new customers too but they only get 3 months free broadband. Nike+ Kinect Training Forza Horizon Kinect Nat Geo TV £12.50 a month x 6 = £75 Call 080… Read more

They wont apply it to my account even though i renewed my contract two weeks ago. Barrrstewards!! last year they applied two deals after i renewed. I still have a day to cancel, so might start looking around for better deal with some nice cashback


I was with O2 and I rang them stating that I wanted my MAC code. I spoke with somebody in retentions and they offered the same legacy package for £4.50 a month. I wasn't offered any freebies. I've been with O2 near enough from the start. I'm moving to the Plusnet fibre but it did tempt me to stay but 3.5mb or 68mb. Mmmm let me think...


are they giving you the xbox package too ? In order to get the reduction on the legacy package did you tell o2 you was leaving ?


I am on the uncapped legacy package (O2 Home Broadband Standard) and have just renewed it with a 12 month discount. This reduces my bill to £4.75 a month and lets me keep my uncapped non-throttled connection. You have to ring O2 retentions to get it as the web based support can only offer you deals on the current packages. If you have one of the original packages it;s well worth doing :)


Just got this offer with online chat. Also 3 months FREE and £5 off every month after that, im happy! :D

Free O2 Router For Existing O2 Broadband Users
Found 20th Dec 2012Found 20th Dec 2012
You’re just a few steps away from a shiny new router We’re glad you’re with us, so we’d like to say thanks with a snazzy new home broadband router. On us. Fancy one? Just pop you… Read more

Got a replacement some time ago for free from o2 just by calling their freephone technical help line. They have always very helpful in the 3 years I've been with them. It is a good router with usb connection for external hdd or usb stick.


its a rubbish router anyway.


I got a thank you message but not working now for some reason so deleted post, sorry guys.


Router available only to invited customers who have Home Broadband from O2. Subject to availability. This offer closes on Friday 14 December. Anyhow I tried and got below response :( Sorry, you might not have entered your information correctly. Please give us the landline number registered to your Home Broadband account, with no spaces. And the date of birth of the account holder.


lots of info in this thread including some links to guides https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/new-wireless-n-router-for-02-customers-free-1221175

o2 Broadband retention offers
Found 15th Oct 2012Found 15th Oct 2012
I've just finished up my 12 month term with o2 broadband, they offered me 6 months free on broadband and 9 pounds per month on landline. It works out 15.25 per month for broadban… Read more

They have just rang me today and offered me 12 months half price on my old legacy package. £6.50 for a 20mb line no caps. Well pleased/


I expect that the only offers will depend on moving off legacy.


i got that offer last year, if thats all they can offer when my next renewal comes back then its not really an offer


Anyone on one of their legacy packages renew recently? I'm now out of contract and it's helpful to have an idea of what's on offer when negotiating. I have no intention of downgrading to one of their current packages.


got this deal a few weeks back but got a load of xbox stuff free aswell was posted on here

O2 Broadband Xbox Offer (5 XBLA game + 2100 points + 1 year sub + Kinect Sports 2) £12.50 per month/6 months half price
Found 12th Sep 2012Found 12th Sep 2012
This is for new and existing customers. To celebrate a Summer of Sport, when you sign up to The All Rounder or The Works home broadband, we'll give you: •A 12-month Xbox LIVE Gol… Read more
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you could do with putting the cost per month in the heading


Thanks, that's good I've been on the same deal for years so it should be ok to change :)


It means as long as you haven't re-signed a contract in the last twelve months then you can get it. I.e. check when you joined o2 broadband, if it was longer than twelve months ago and you haven't called up o2, or been called by o2, since to renegotiate the price, etc then you are eligible.


great deal shame ive jsut bought a live code grrrr


Sounds like a great way to celebrate our sporting achievements and get people active, give them an xbox live subscription lol.

6 Months free broadband for existing o2 broadband customers
Found 5th Jun 2012Found 5th Jun 2012
got a text from O2 broadband this morning and i noticed price gone up by £1 as my 12 months contract nearly expired. Im on the old Legacy totally unlimited and untraffic managed b… Read more
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I can also vouch for Sky. Was on O2 for around 2yrs, good speeds, great service & CS but now they pretty much stop torrents. Then moved to Virgin Media, excellent speeds and latency until something went wrong with the line. Then latency went though the floor (all the way to hell), was getting pings anywhere between 300ms-1200ms (even got 666ms once). Now on Sky and latency is ok, speed is ok. Router isn't the best, but rather that then an unusable connection with Virgin and torrentless with O2. Might move to Sky Fibre at some point.


it didnt change for me, still the same


I checked my UP and DL speed last year before i phone them. checked again a few weeks after and it hadn't checked.(checked evening weekend and mornings). Will do the same this year, they said it shouldn't change, why would they lie?


Sky are very good. I just moved


I managed to stay on my old unlimited package but only got a 3 mth half price deal

New wireless N router for 02 customers FREE
Found 18th May 2012Found 18th May 2012
O2 Broadband are offering long term subscribers to their Home Broadband packages a free upgrade to a new wireless box v N class router. Cant see any catches so a good offer for tho… Read more
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I wish to CLOSE the Guest as I have a Hacker getting into my o2 wirelessbox..can anyone help me please


Got the V working great now. I did however have to turn off the router firewall, change the security to WPA2 only & the channel number (to 9) before it started behaving properly. Anyway, now works good (no difference to my III, but is a LOT smaller & can now share media files via the USB on the router)


You have many options when it comes to wireless access points in your price range. I suggest you'd be better off returning the O2 hardware with it's 'closed' O2 firmware and hence configuration restrictions and put the money towards something more suitable that doesn't require days researching on the net or 'hacking' with non-O2 firmware. :)


Sending my V back. Having a problem with a laptop not always connecting. Was told by o2 tec to get it repaired as it was faulty. Yet it works no problem with the old router. Plus I’m getting better speeds with the old router.


well theyre sending me a V, I have my old d link running seeing as my faulty ii is on the blink. Anyone recommend a good router o2 friendly, if the V is poo. I'm guessing they wont send a lV if I don't get on with the V