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Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB Network Attached NAS Storage w/ 1x 3TB Hard Drive 151.93 delivered. @ Broadband Buyer
Found 17th Jun 2017Found 17th Jun 2017
Compact, lightweight, and energy-efficient, the Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay Network Attached NAS Storage device is perfect for budget-conscious home users looking for a simpl… Read more

good os but poor hardware. so slow. try ds116 for a snappier solution. more ££££ but worth it


Have one of these 1tb version use it to watch movies on my tv excellent and extremely reliable NAS highly recommended


I use mapped drive as it's easier for wife and kids to use. I have a full back up on a removable drive done once a week. And a second removable back up of the really important stuff. E.g documents and photos. Overkill but worst case I nuke computers and diskstation and lose very little


Cannot recommend synology enough. I've had a ds210j for about 6 years and it's superb for all the above reasons. took the time to clean about 2 inches of dust off the fans and it still runs quiet.


Don't have it as a mapped drive in that case, most ransomware will encrypt that as well! Use ftp or make sure you have an offline backup of this too!

Ubiquiti UAP-AC-LITE UniFi GEN2 WiFi AP now with 802.3af PoE - £103.19 at Broadbandbuyer Delivered
Found 20th Mar 2017Found 20th Mar 2017
This is probably not going interest many, but Broadbandbuyer are now selling the GEN2 of this AP which now has 802.3af PoE. Edit: If anyone comes across this deal I bought one of … Read more
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Yeah it depends on what you want to do with them. They are ok for the price and for home use but in a corparate/congested area I wouldn't use them. As with anything wireless it depends on the rf environment around them.


Sorry to hijack, but sort of relevant : Are relatively cheap Cisco enterprise WiFi units such as you find on eBay, useable by normal humans at home? Or do they all need some proprietary controller in order to operate? If they can be used reasonably easily, then to me this is the only real competition for Ubiquiti at this price. (I bought a couple of Cisco 7965s for very cheap off eBay once. Great phones, but really hard work to get operating, running SCCP on PiaF etc. It was fun but I never want to do something like that again, if you know what I mean.)


Thanks. Is it dual band 2.4/5 GHz?


I've got the UAC Pro, and am delighted with it, absolutely solid, it's as reliable as using a cable, just not always as fast of course. I'd happily recommend it to anyone. I'll never go back to cheap domestic wireless modem/router combos now.


...But that doesn't really apply to using a couple at home, or in a small office, where they're most likely going to work absolutely fine, and be at the kind of budget that those places can afford. And I doubt a corporate buyer would be looking on HUKD for these :D

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Synology DS115j DiskStation 1-Bay 3TB £162.68 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
Found 7th Feb 2017Found 7th Feb 2017
Cheapest price I've found for this very good entry level media streaming NAS. Over 102.89 MB/s Reading, 61.59 MB/s Writing Runs on Synology DiskStation Manager (DSM)
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as people have said this is a 1 bay only device, you can plug an external USB hard drive in though and it'll automatically keep a back up on it.


Surely some kind of witchcraft.


RAID1 with one disk?


You'll need a 2-bay Synology box, like the DS215j.


Great little device, use mine all the time. The read and write speeds are better than advertised using WD red drives. Recommend you go RAID 1 with dual redundancy, then you've got very few worries about losing data!

D-Link DCH-S150 mydlink Home WiFi Smart Motion Sensor, £17.30 delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
Found 12th Oct 2016Found 12th Oct 2016
The D-Link DCH-S150 mydlink Home WiFi Smart Motion Senson connects directly to your home WiFi and can fire push events to a mobile app or much more usefully, trigger IFTTT events! … Read more
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£21.72 delivered now back in stock 100+


Good work folks (and my Twitter followers), you cleared them out. :D

D-Link DCH-M225 mydlink Home Wall-Plug WiFi Booster/Range Extender w/ Audio Jack (300Mbps N) Delivered @ Broadband Buyer - £17.30
Found 12th Sep 2016Found 12th Sep 2016
Posted previously at £28, at £17.30 delivered seems a bargain, over 50 in stock. The D-Link DCH-M225 mydlink Home Wall-Plug is a wireless-N range extender with a built in audio ja… Read more





Should be fine.


Does anyone know whether this could be used to extend/ strengthen the BT Fon signal?

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Buffalo LinkStation 441D 4-Bay Enclosure was £137.99 now £79.19 @ broadbandbuyer
Found 13th Aug 2015Found 13th Aug 2015
Huge saving on a 4 bay NAS, pretty much half price but not many in stock. Lowest price I could find online so hopefully useful to someone looking for a NAS.
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i have a synology...if i buy a microserver can i also have teamspeak on it ......or use as a gameserver ?


Unavailable, please expire.


Jouster What software do you use for that? I thought power consumption was greater doing power rather than letting disks run idle? Or does it depend on number of disks and machine power? Thanks


I need a new NAS as mine is a bit old now but I am going to take the advice further up and use the HP Microserver I already have (and hardly used) as my next NAS. You dont need an OS as mentioned before to use a a HP Server as a NAS as there is a very good one for free called FreeNAS. Which can baciaclly boot and run off a USB stick.


a 4 bay nas for £80 ? IS this nas pretty rubbish ? How does it compare to synology or qnap units ? ebuyer had the qnap 231 2 bay for 119, is this better (disregarding 4v2bays ) ?

Netgear Nighthawk R8000 £199.94 @ Broadband Buyer
Found 26th Apr 2015Found 26th Apr 2015
Pretty good deal compared to some places
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Also only a few pence more at Currys if you want it asap!


This does have load balancing.


Thanks for posting. I’ve added the price and merchant to the title. Here’s a ‘Help’ link which gives tips and advice on thread posting.


looks crazy hot as well


Really hot great find Thanks may need firmware

Western Digital WD40EZRX Green 4TB SATA Hard Drive w/ Intellipower 6Gb/s 64MB Cache - £97.16 Delivered @ Broadband Buyer
Found 12th Feb 2015Found 12th Feb 2015
Just bought 4. Cheapest I can find. comes with 3 year warranty.

My 4 arrived today and upon checking the warranty on WD's site they all expire in August next year! They have a manufacture date of Jul 2014 so guess they actually have 2 years warranty which is what oem drives come with according to their site. Have emailed broadband buyer.


I was talking about after sales, NOT just sales. WD used to be brilliant. They're about as far from "brilliant" as it could be, NOW I'm also well aware (as are most people) about 7200 being best. SSD are even better, too Greens are mainly used as storage anyway


It's not nonsense...for eco reasons (green) they didn't use lead, so the corrosion is welcome. I'm using many different disks in our servers, so I have experience which disks last and which not.


Yeah cos that extra 1800rpm will really make a difference when opening/ saving a file.


Well that is wrong, WD are still the market leader for hard disks and sell more than Seagate. WD revenue is also higher. Seagate make a tiny bit more profit per drive than WD though green drives are rubbish though. good way to slow your pc down, better off with a WD Red or WD Black or maybe a Seagate 7200 drive

D-Link DNS-320LW  2-Bay 12TB NAS Storage £66.78 @ Broadbandbuyer
Found 17th Jan 2015Found 17th Jan 2015
I just bought one of these and thought I'd share. I can't justify buying another though. I'll post what happens and if they honour the purchase.… Read more

Refund :(


Yup refund here too. Worth a try, you win some you lose some. If it was one or two they may have honored it but no luck this time.


worth a shot, maybe if you ordered and got one before HUKD got hold of it hhahaha.. nice find thou.


Email States pricing error as the reason. I got one too


I mean I didn't receive any email from supplier

Buffalo LS220 Twin Bay NAS with 2 x 3TB Drives (6TB Total) £180 @
Found 28th Dec 2014Found 28th Dec 2014
Fantastic price here for a 6TB NAS drive, around £40 cheaper than the nearest competitor With cheapest UK Mainland Only (including tracking) shipping @ £3 the total is £183.60. -… Read more

I dunno, I haven't tried streaming from it yet - I'm still copying stuff over to it atm. Was getting about 3MB/sec over wireless and 10MB/sec wired. Not sure if that's good/acceptable or not (am a noob at this too), or what the limiting factor is, but I would guess it's plenty for streaming a movie.


Thanks for the info! I'm a bit of a NAS noob, how good would this unit be to use as network storage for all my media and files? I would want to access the drives from a Raspberry Pi running XBMC and also map them to my desktop PC. I read a lot about these cheaper NAS boxes having sub-standard read/write speeds, but how much does this matter in the real world? Are they so slow that I couldn't watch a 1080p movie on the Pi? Or is the problem just for people who want to do frequent large file transfers like full PC back ups? Thanks again!


thx, just checked the manual, you were right. :)


It's set as RAID 1 by default (or mine was).


why I can only see one 3T drive....

Netgear readynas 716 £42.59 @ broadbandbuyer
Found 25th Oct 2014Found 25th Oct 2014
Flurry of NAS today. Beat this beauty. Amazon want £ 1791 for it Must be a pricing error. Worth a punt. Add… Read more
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I found a similar deal and didn't get it either. Seems they all come direct from a Netgear and netgear priced loads wrong but we're aware I assume so didn't ship any.... Shame.


Y Yes. No then. It was worth the effort. Never know one day I might get an unbelievable deal..... One day they out there.


No then?


Did you get the 716 then?


nice one, would have loved to have gotten one of the 716's myself good luck

Edimax HP-6002ACK AV2 600Mbps Powerline/HomePlug Starter Kit w/ Pass-Through (Gigabit ports)- £33.58 including delivery @ Broadbandbuyer.
Found 14th Oct 2014Found 14th Oct 2014
Edimax HP-6002ACK Powerline/HomePlug Starter Kit -600Mbps -with Passthrough -Gigabit ports £33.58 including Royal Mail tracked delivery from Broadbandbuyer Link- http://www.broa… Read more
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Cheers mate, il notify the mods to expire this. Thanks :)


expired mate... £60 quid now


Had a look around and cant seem to find anything with 600Mbps, passthrough, gigabit and wifi. you could buy these homeplugs and for the wifi element you could perhaps use this? it extends wifi through powerline- Zyxel 3in1 Powerline wifi extender another option would be if you have a spare router with gigabit port lying around, buy a gigabit switch (£10-15), connect that to one of the homeplugs, then connect your old router to it and configure it as an access point, to provide the wifi element. Hope this helps


Am looking for the above spec (gigabit port + pass-thru) but also with wi-fi access point at one end. Can anyone help? Thanks

Edimax 600mbps twinpack @ £24.99 and Pass-through twinpack @ £29.99 from Broadbandbuyer
Found 9th Sep 2014Found 9th Sep 2014
Cheapest I've seen 600mbps kit for £24.99 and pass-through kit for £29.99, gigabit ports so you get the true speed unlike all the cheap deals at the moment on the 500mbps that feat… Read more
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£2.99 cheapest delivery...would of bought them otherwise..shame?


I bought the edimax plug in range extender that was posted earlier this year and works really well so based on my experience yes good brand


Is Edimax a well known brand?


Hi, could you tell me which ones are better. The ones in this add or Thanks in advance


You want the Edimax ones asyk36 as these have a gigabit port.

6TB Seagate ST6000NM0024 Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD 6TB £376.46 ex VAT - £451.75 @ broadbandbuyer
Found 3rd May 2014Found 3rd May 2014
Cheapest 6TB drive i could find as a single drive. Alt option is 2x3TB assuming you have 2 bays. For reasons I wont go into I have bought 3 for a server for work, giving 18TB Tota… Read more
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450 quid! Blimey, considering you can buy 4TB drives for under £110 this seems a trifle steep.


6TB!!!... my 1st 'NEW' HDD was a Seagate 850MB... still got it, still works :)


They say don't put all your eggs in the one basket........


OOS anyway

Sony PlayStation 4 and KillZone Bundle from Broadbandbuyer £393.59 delivered
Found 23rd Dec 2013Found 23rd Dec 2013
Slightly cheaper than the main stores and they say they can still deliver in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed mine comes tomorrow and hopefully I get some heat for my first pos… Read more
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Just been informed its multiplayer only, sorry. either way game have ps4s in stock. You should be paying more than the retail price.


Posting this here won't get you heat, warm your house instead.


Over RRP.. not a deal in any way, shape or form


I'll stick to my Costco buy for £335 and a sealed copy of KZ off eBay for £23 8)


they are giving free access to Killzone MP only for a few days. the download size is 3* GB

Humax Freesat Hdr-1000s £178.64 + £3 delivery @ broadbandbuyer
Found 11th Nov 2013Found 11th Nov 2013
Seen this online. Probably the best freesat box on the market - freetime and HD. And best price by far! I was going to get it however I live in NI and delivery is expensive (£12 u… Read more
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Good price, heat added! OOS now unfortunately


Saw this on here yesterday and ordered the 1TB model (only 2 left in stock now) mid-afternoon, chose £3 economy delivery and it arrived this morning! Within 10 minutes it was all connected and configured (make sure you have 2 cables from your satellite dish if you want to be able to record one channel while watching another). A great piece of kit and very easy to use. Best price on the web by far so heat added.


Nice find, well done. Been looking into these at the moment, this is the cheapest! Seems to be the one to get 'What hifi' award winning box.


I'm thinking about getting one of these? Can anyone advise how these compare to the Sky HD box? thanks in advance to anyone who can help.


£201.90 for the 1TB version

Wireless Range Extender-TP - LINK TL-WA 730RE, 150 Mbps, wireless N, 19.19 GBP Delivered @ Broadbandbuyer
Found 17th Mar 2013Found 17th Mar 2013
Despite a new Virgin Superhub installation, my wifi coverage is poor in parts of the house, so researched wifi range extenders. This seems a good deal and cheaper than the… Read more
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Range extenders may half bandwidth but there is enough still in the stream to support an internet connection, it is internal traffic that suffers. Ideal solution is always HomePlugs, and if its wireless then a homeplug kit with wireless in it will do the job nicely.



Haha. Love it. :)



Cheaper, when you take postage into account