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Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband £24.00 pm x 18 months - Total £432 + £75 Amazon Voucher & £30.00 Cashback via Broadband Choices / Quidco
832° Expired
Posted 22nd AugPosted 22nd Aug
Similar to the deal which has just expired however you can now claim £30 cashback by going to Broadband Choices via Quidco. Offer due to expire 31st August. If you're feeling luc… Read more
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The fibre may very well give you 100mbps, usually you can get close to advertised speeds when connecting via ethernet cable, but your router is the doorway to accessing your internet speed and is more important than the fibre speed itself. 100mpbs means nothing if the router signal is weak, drops off in different rooms, or is unreliable. From what I hear the VM hub 3 is poor and outdated. If you can make the effort to pair it up with a different router it might be better, but 18 months with a poor router could drive you crazy.


How easy is it to end contract and restart with account in wife’s name? Or can I use my name again? Can it be done with no break in service. I want to get a new customer offer.


When I've done it, just swap the router, send them the power supply and cable back unused.


Im thinking off getting this is my wifes name i just wanted to ask about the quick install do i have to remove the router and cabling and install the ones they provide?? Problem i have is that the coax is inside skirting board and cant get it out


Good afternoon dearest customer. I am sorry you are experiencing issues with your broadband. Please turn your router off and on again, that will completely fix your entire life. Is there anything else I can help you with? No, good, goodbye!

Virgin Media – M100 Fibre Broadband - £24.00 /month x 18 Mnt + £75 Amazon Voucher or £145.00 Possible Cashback via Broadband Choices
1279° Expired
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
As I recently terminated my contract. I check expired deals and what a beautiful surprise. It's back. With better cash back option. You’ll receive your reward once your order and… Read more
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Brilliant gonna try this too and if they don't negiotatr better price from £41.74 for 200mb, will definitely leave VM 🙏🏼


Dude, thanks for the tip. I did this, got the deal OP posted, but then today, Virgins ‘last port of call’ phoned me and they offered me 100mb for £18! 🔥🔥🔥 It wouldn’t have been possible without your advice or the OPs deal. HUKD is da bomb 💣


This deal is still active and extended til 5th September I believe.


Virgin called back regarding my parents account. Managed to get 100mb and anytime minutes for £32 PM. Not the best deal but with WFH can't risk them being without internet.


Check money saving expert. They've got a deal via shell energy that2 ends in 24 hours. Fibre broadband. £25 a month with an automatic £120 bill credit after 3 months. Can keep your number., It's cheaper and faster

Virgin Media – M100 Fibre Broadband Only – £24.00 /month x 18 Mnt + £75 Amazon Voucher or £130.00 Possible Cashback –
1293° Expired
Posted 6th AugPosted 6th Aug
You’ll receive your reward once your order and purchase has been validated by Virgin Media. Virgin Media will not begin this process until the full validation period has passed. De… Read more

It’s dearer with my work scheme. £27 and £35 activation.


Yes, but obviously no cashback. But no set up fee either. You really do have to play the game to get a decent deal and that usually means cancelling then waiting for the inevitable call from retentions, who have way more scope to give bigger discounts. But a 50 quid/mth saving (which is what my new deal means) over 18 months amounts to 900 quid! I suggest you don't let them delay your cancellation, just do it! It tends to concentrate their minds more than keeping ringing them every day for a deal, that makes you look uncertain/easy to influence. Let them do the chasing... Edit: forgot to say, email confirmation of the deal arrived within 24 hours. Sorted for 18 months (although there is a chance of an above RPI increase next year which gives me the chance of cancelling without penalty so guess what i will be doing? (y))


you might get 1~2 phone calls from retention team. Possibly shows as mobile number. They might offer you very close to new customer price. But if you get cashback from OP, then the loyalty offer is not that attractive.


So basically u were given the new customers offer even though u were an existing customer?? contract finishes on the 28th of September phoned today to find out what's what for me, I'm paying 60 a month for 100mb bigger bundle basically all channels minus the sky movies and sky sports and the phone line, they said they would offer me 58 a month I just laughed and said nahh I want to cancel it please then he said for me to have a think and to phone next day, I phoned next day and spoke to someone different, I explained the situation and he said for me to hold off for a couple of weeks because when I get that close to the end of my contract they will have better deals and discounts for me..what you guys think? Is he telling the truth and should I wait or should I just give my notice and cancel it? Thanks in advance guys.


I Signed up with thr new TOOB broadband frkm next month. £25 a month for 900meg upload and 900meg download speed with no mid contract price rise. Its fibre to the home too so looks promising :D

Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband £24pm (No Setup Fees) + FREE £75 Amazon Gift Card (18mo) via Broadband Choices
1114° Expired
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Massively popular last time around, and happy to report it's back on offer via broadband choices! Get Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband for just £24 per month with 0 setup fees, … Read more

The offer is still on ty just ordered it


Why expired?


Went via Quidco as £30 cashback going through Quidco to virgin media


Get this. Got an email renewing my contract for 18 months with a discount bringing it to £30 month for 18 months. Rang up to find out why and was told I cancelled the cancellation. I cancelled the cancellation. What? After a bit of cussing. She reinstated my cancellation. The nerve.


Did you sign up from email link or direct on site after putting your email in?

New customers: TalkTalk SuperFast Fibre 67mb avg, £22.95 p/m 18 month contract at Broadband Choices
-102° Expired
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
New customers: TalkTalk SuperFast Fibre 67mb avg, £22.95 p/m 18 month contract at Broadband Choices£413.10 Free P&P Free
Great for those who can't get virgin broadband i.e students accommodation Total contract cost £413.10 Includes all upfront costs as well as your monthly payments. No set up costs
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Your well named




I'm sure your right as I have read about a lot of outages recently. However I can get much faster speeds with virgin and if it means BT don't see a penny of my money as I don't use there network as all I will be happy. A bit of competition to get my sky bill down to is always nice.


That explains it even better!


Yet again, Virgin are as bad as the rest.

VIRGIN - 100mb Fibre broadband for £24pm (18m) no set up fees and £50 amazon voucher at Broadband Choices
346° Expired
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
VIRGIN - 100mb Fibre broadband for £24pm (18m) no set up fees and £50 amazon voucher at Broadband Choices£432
Seems like a decent deal.

Phoned today to cancel got offered £24 for 100mb still cancelled.


My current contract ends on 25/08/2020, is there a way to get this deal?


hmm I might give them a call tomorrow and see if I can get some free credit. I have an order in already for 350mb and a 15gb sim card for £39 a month but of I threaten to cancel my order hopefully they'll chuck in some free credit :/


There are a few deals around at the moment, saw the £29 for 200mb deal on a search, combined it with the free activation and free engineer offered in the 100mb deal for £24 and then saw that a few of the comparison sites are offering the possibility of £50/75/100 Cashback on different deals. Asked Virgin for £100 but they offered me £75 which I/she was happy with. Had to be a 12 month deal as that was the term of the house rental. To be honest it was a nightmare getting through to the sales team due to technical difficulties at their end but the operator was very helpful in setting up a deal. Hope this helps?


How did you get it at that price?

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Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband Only £24pm (No Setup Fees) + FREE £75 Amazon Gift Card + possible £30 Quidco @ Broadband Choices
1274° Expired
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Broadband Choices exclusive deal, Virgin Media 100mbps broadband for £24pm on an 18 month contract (new customers only), + £75 Amazon voucher from Broadband Choices + possible £30 … Read more

I was able to leave for free when i threatened them with legal action all they did was listen to the call when they added me to a new contact and agreed it was there agent fault. The sky deal i just phoned them they gave me extra discount as I already had sky tv and gave me sky vip discount to bring it down to £26


I was originally paying £18.50 for 200mb which i had done for the last 3 years. But had to move after there illegally moves and connectivity issues


Thats the point my contract didn’t finish i had an issues with them charging me more then what it was. An there excuse was after i found out was the only way the could add the discount was to put me in a new 18m contact which i wasnt told about until my discount was finishing and i phoned to renew that i have another 5 months to go.


Took three attempts to cancellations yesterday but got 200mb broadband, basic tv n phone, don’t use them anyway. £32 for 18m. Other 2 calls best offer was £59.... try and try again guys.


Not sure, if that pays out then it was better than the Broadband Choices deal.

Smarty 100GB payg 30 day sim £15 @BroadbandChoices
287° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
Smarty 100GB payg 30 day sim £15 @BroadbandChoices£15
(y) No credit check, buy your 100GB bundle & sims in the post, activate sim on arrival & use sim to activate bundle 12… Read more
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This is a family site - no talk of meat cleaver accidents! (lol) OMG, just when I catch up with PC (not saying he), PC moves on (need to say he/she/it/they/+)! (lol) Point taken (and they is less key strokes)! (y) Would 'one' be (jolly well) acceptable? (lol)


Great explanation although I should just add 'the local independent butcher' may prefer 'they' to he/she. (unicorn)


All sims work in all devices now (EU net neutrality ruling led to OFCOM getting ready to act, shock horror, so companies, I believe it was only 3, agreed to allow it 'voluntarily')!


Does anyone know if these work in a Mobile WiFi router, or does it have to be a phone?


Let me try to explain - credit to whomever it was on HUKD who told me! Smarty apparently do not have access to band 20 (800Mhz) - this is the slowest, but widest coverage band (hence generally used for VoLTE). This can explain 2 things, one good one bad: The good: mobiles are dumb! They select a band based on strongest signal, not fastest data - if you have a faster alternative to band 20, this makes Smarty faster! Particularly of use in a fixed position data device (e.g. 4G router). This explains Smarty faster than Three examples. The bad: this one is shorter! :D If you don't have another band available then you don't have a signal! :( This explains Smarty worse coverage than Three examples. Unfortunately the "what are speeds/coverage on [any network] like?" question is akin to the question "what is the local independent butcher like (without stating the exact location)?"! In some areas he/she has the best meat for miles, in others he/she may be known as 'the gristle shop', while in others he/she may have cracking prices, ok/good products, but only one disinterested spotty oik serving and it takes 2 days to get served. :D

ID Mobile unlimited calls/text/data £21 30 days @ BroadbandChoices
-229° Expired
Posted 14th JunPosted 14th Jun
ID Mobile unlimited calls/text/data £21 30 days @ BroadbandChoices
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same India customer care third party company as Three, their scripts were all wrong. Outsourcing eh!


Can remember the treatment from you guys was awful. Even when it was unlimited as soon as i hit a limit you was capping my data and giving me £5 credit for the pleasure as you didnt know how to stop it happening. CS was useless. At the time you allowed tetheting and slowly tethered it out too. CS would say its not allowed. Website said it was. Telehpone support said it was nobody even knew the correct offerings was a right shamble in end.


When our Network launched we did have Unlimited Data plans available. Unfortunately after a few years, we had to withdraw this offer. All of those affected were contacted and would have been able to leave if they were unhappy with this change at any time with 30-days notice. We also offered plan change alternatives. Our SIM-only plans are 30-day rolling contracts so you can cancel at any time with 30-days notice. In the event of any change to your plan, we will notify you in advance. Our SIM-only plans (unlike other UK networks) are not subject to annual RPI increases. So the price you've agreed to will be the price you pay and we won't increase these prices due to RPI (for SIM-only plans). We also offer the ability to change plans every 30-days from within the iD App or Account should you wish to switch to a better deal. We've re-introduced unlimited data plans around November 2019 we have no plans to remove these. iD Mobile


That’s impossible. With PAYG there is no credit agreement so they would not have been reporting to your credit file.


Avoid this like the plague, I had a pay and go with them. Left them but they had it on file that I owed them £0.01 and because I hadn't paid it my credit rating went thru the floor. Nightmare

Talkmobile (Vodafone's network) 12 months sim only 100gb for £20pm. TCB £20 £240 via BroadBand Choices
73° Expired
Refreshed 13th JunRefreshed 13th Jun
Edit: initially this post wasn't allowed due to affiliated link on this other website: I pointed out about a previous similar deal… Read more
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So they wouldn’t cancel with a Vodafone network engineers report saying signal had disappeared ?


You got an engineer to come out for a SIM card?


Mine as well. I was stuck on a2 year deal with them. 2 weeks into my 2 years, my signal dropped off a cliff, but they point blank refused to do anything, despite a Vodafone engineer with all the testing gear confirming no signal. They might be great until you're tied into a deal, but then you may have issues if you need them. I'd rather be sticking pins in my eyes than use Talk Mobile ever again.


Someone posted it up HUKD expired it even though it’s still available


Certainly a better deal. You should post it as well. This talkmobile deal is yet another more option.

100GB 4G Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 12 Months Sim £20 Monthly First 3 Months Half Price @ Talk Mobile (BB Choice)
-106° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
100GB 4G Data - Unlimited Calls & Texts - 12 Months Sim £20 Monthly First 3 Months Half Price @ Talk Mobile (BB Choice)£210£24013%
Unlimited Call & Texts 100GB 4G Data 12 Months Sim £20 Monthly - 3 Months half price line rental £210 for the duration of the contact Talk Mobile Piggybacks on Vodafone networ… Read more

i think it's cracking deal :)


Line rental? Am I missing something?

Lebara (Voda) 10GB/Unlimited/100 international minutes (41 countries) - 30 day sim - £8.99 at Broadband Choices
196° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th Apr
Lebara (Voda) 10GB/Unlimited/100 international minutes (41 countries) - 30 day sim - £8.99 at Broadband Choices£8.99
100 International mins to 41 countries: Aland Islands,Australia,Austria,Bulgaria,Canada,China,Croatia,Cyprus,Czech Republic,Denmark,Estonia,Finland,France,Germany,Greece,Hong Kon… Read more
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Thanks for the confirmation. Appreciate the effort & update!


Hi Nope. Just tested. I can make 2 calls and second call is put on hold but then will NOT let me merge them Together.


No worries, sorry should have said I know the feature/workings but due to COVID19 I can’t go over and try it & if I try explain how to do it they will be lost lol. Failing anyone here can help, get round to your local shop/s & try get a Lebara sim to test, I’ve seen them in Home Bargains & Poundland but local Premier stores usually carry Lebara sims, don’t know if you’ve got one around ?


Thanks @CockOfTheNorth Any other Lebara users who can help me verify if conferencing still doesn’t work? It’s just a 2 min test by calling 1 number then keeping it active calling number 2 & then tapping the Merge, Conference or whatever named button on your phones dialpad & see if you now have a 3 way conference or you get some message that it failed. Since this is a dealbreaker for me need to be sure before going for this as my main# Thanks in advance for your time.


No idea & the old person wouldn’t have a clue how to check, I thought it was handset dependent, I’ve never used it.

Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband- Virgin media £26 p/m 12 months £312 @ Broadband choices (£75 bill credit)
142° Expired
Posted 22nd Dec 2019Posted 22nd Dec 2019
Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband- Virgin media £26 p/m 12 months £312 @ Broadband choices (£75 bill credit)£312
Virgin Media M50 Fibre Broadband- for £17.25/month after online voucher(£75) and (£30)quidco cash back .Offer till 31/12/2019 via broadband Summary (12 month contract unless spe… Read more

I've had Vodafone broadband and they are (poo) Somehow on the same line BT manage to provide a much more reliable internet service.


Apologies it is the brilliant broadband basic


is that the £30 superfibre and he only gets 8mb download. They have minimum guarantees now, mine states 30mb.


It is in the sky broadband just with now broadband Branding my friend had thisand he gets around 8MB download 1.5 MB upload


Anyone with now broadband, any good? Obviously this deal is for new customers, now broadband seems the cheapest to leave VM and maybe return taking into account even if retentions could match the deal you would still lose out on cashback.

Fibre 38mb £20.90 a month for 12 months with Post office broadband via Broadband Choices
189° Expired
Posted 13th Dec 2019Posted 13th Dec 2019
Fibre 38mb £20.90 a month for 12 months with Post office broadband via Broadband Choices£250.80
Cheapest fibre product on market 6 months free weekend calls 12 month contract 12 months fixed price Free router delivery and activation

Been with PO broadband for a few years now. Never had any issues.


Have to agree, worst provider... ever. Product and service are shocking.


Post office broadband is diabolical and so is there customer service. If you value your time then I suggest you stay away


Nice deal


You will be waiting along time !

iphone 11 pro max @ Broadband Choices - £49.99 Up Front / £60pm x 24 Months - Total Cost: £1,489.99
-347° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2019Posted 27th Nov 2019
iphone 11 pro max @ Broadband Choices - £49.99 Up Front / £60pm x 24 Months - Total Cost: £1,489.99£1,489.99
£49.99 upfront cost. £60 monthly cost. 100gb data, unlimited txts, unlimited calls
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if we all had enuf cash to buy expensive fones like this there wud be no need to spend hours searching thru sites like this one looking for bargains & no one would need to buy anything on credit & we can all live happily ever after (lol) . Just because i dont earn alot of money & im a single mum of 3 kids doesnt mean i shouldnt have nice things....


But should you really be buying such an expensive phone if you don’t have the cash?


if u havent got the money to pay upfront for the fone this is the cheapest monthly deal with a decent amount of data ive found for this fone. It may not work out cheapest in the long run but not everyone has the cash


yeah but not everyone has the money to pay upfront


Thanks will take a look. Wifey wants for Christmas

Virgin Media M50 Broadband + Phone £26p/m for 12 months £75 Bill Credit via Broadband Choices + £33 Quidco
404° Expired
Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Virgin Media M50 Broadband + Phone £26p/m for 12 months £75 Bill Credit via Broadband Choices + £33 Quidco£312
53 Mbps FIBRE BROADBAND for £17.25 per month effective monthly cost for 12 months contract after factoring (£75 Bill Credit + £30 TCB) and £0.00 setup costs You could get £24 on… Read more

Is this the best at the moment


I think the quidco for this has gone upto £33 if anyone still interested in the deal


I couldn't save my number... Even other friends of mine had to lose their number


Does anyone know if I cancel my existing virgin media and sign up with a different name and keep the same home phone number


I called up and terminated my contract, as they where offering terrible deals to 'keep' me. Two days later, I kept getting calls from them, for the next 2-3 days. I couldn't pick up any. I just rang back today and they started off at £26 for 100mbps (broadband only) as the 'best' offer and he came down to £21 as the final offer. I said I will think about it and come back. So worth it just to terminate the contract and give the 30 day notice.

63mbps broadband from Vodafone (£100 voucher and £30 cashback) £23pm 18 months - £414 via Broadband Choices
259° Expired
Posted 15th Sep 2019Posted 15th Sep 2019
A few stacking offers here for a bargain. You can get £30 Topcashback from signing up for a broadband contract with Vodafone offer £100 gift card (inc Amaz… Read more

Yes I did, you should get a second email with a link


Hi. Is anyone received the £100 voucher?


There are two communications ombudsman.. these companies shop around.. so check their complaints policy to find out who the new ombudsman is


On contacting the Ombudsman Services today, I was informed that VODAFONE is no longer registered with them and will no longer be able to handle customer complaints. Interesting


Reports of customers getting emails detailing an increase that allows them to leave penalty free. Would be great if you new customers are included as I'm assuming you can scarper and keep the sweeteners? Just a heads up...

Pixel 3 / £19.99 upfront £21.99 a month x 24 Months @ Broadband Choices - Total Cost £547.75
-97° Expired
Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
Pixel 3 / £19.99 upfront £21.99 a month x 24 Months @ Broadband Choices - Total Cost £547.75£547.75
Cheapest I've seen the Pixel 3 now. Seems to be coming down in price a lot and is only marginally more expensive than the 3a, over 24 months. Given its specs in comparison, seems a… Read more

Probably a fair shout (y)


Unfortunately just not enough data for most. Worth the extra £2 per month to get the 5gb deal from

BT - Entertainment + Superfast Fibre 2 + Weekend Calls £44.99 p/m (£19.99 set up) + £70 BT Reward Card + Tech Product via Broadband Choices
-180° Expired
Posted 19th May 2019Posted 19th May 2019
BT - Entertainment + Superfast Fibre 2 + Weekend Calls £44.99 p/m (£19.99 set up) + £70 BT Reward Card + Tech Product via Broadband Choices£829.81
I've given my 30 days notice to Virgin Media after their refusal to give me a deal. They can shove it. I've gone for this. Please note this deal isn't available on BT's site. … Read more
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Why is this cold? I’m moving house in 2 weeks and am looking for a new fibre broadband deal. Would prefer BT as they have always been pretty reliable in the past.


The channels you watch may be free.


Freeview TV is built into most TVs, stick a USB stick in the side and it's recordable. Or get a 2nd hand Freeview recorder off Gumtree or eBay for less than £40. No need to keep paying the likes of BT, Sky and Virgin monthly for something that's free!!!

Vodafone Fibre Broadband £21 / 18mths + £100 Amazon Gift Card and £35 topcashback at broadbandchoices
463° Expired
Posted 14th May 2019Posted 14th May 2019
35Mbps is £21 for current vodafone mobile user and £23 for non vodafone mobile user. 63Mbps is £26 Get the cashback from TOPCASHBACK through broadbandchoices. £13.5 after everythi… Read more

Didn't even know that there was cashback on this - just the reward card.


yes i received both cashback and gift card. I also received an email about they are rasing price so I will.cancel the broadband


Yeah man, I used to work for Blueyonder in my early years and have done all the usual diagnostics. It isn't LAN or WiFi, it is either the router, the line or their service... Haha, obviously. I just sent them a long complaint comparing them to Wayne Rooney circa 2006.


Hopefully it works out considering it tracked. Sorry to hear about peformance. I imagine you've done the troubleshooting stuff like restarting etc.


I didn't get a tracking email mate, I've just mailed them... I will double check, but nothing as of yet. This is the last e-mail. Signed Up (ticked) Purchase Made Purchase Verified You've signed up! This means we've received your contact details, and we are waiting for confirmation of your purchase. Please allow for up to 2 weeks for your purchase to be confirmed. It's been months, hahaha... Gotta say, the broadband is shocking. Speeds are okay at times, but the dropouts are literally every hour.