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NOW TV Fibre Broadband for new customers £20.84 pm + £50 in M&S Vouchers unlimited fibre+line rental/12 month contract = Equivalent £16.67 pm
Found 27th Mar 2018Found 27th Mar 2018
Hi too good not to share: Until 11.59pm on Sat 31 March, newbies to Sky-owned Now TV/Broadband can apply via this Now Broadband link* for this deal - it's a year's contract for up… Read more
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Anyone taken out this deal or anyone had Now broadband. Is it reliable? Dont want slow connections and constant drops in connnection


Virgin deals are for existing customers only.


Well that Virgin deal would be useful for people who live in areas that can get Virgin, shame I don't. Otherwise this deal could be an alternative option. Theres a broadband war going on, so win win for consumers.


What is the customer number for now broadband band


It was listed on here a few days back.

BT Broadband via broadband genie - £29.99 a month plus £9.99 (Total £549.81) £150 card and £50 amazon voucher! TCB shows for £31.50 making a total saving of £231. Works out equivalent £19.44 a month. If TCB pays out its £17.69 a month! Complicated bu
Found 10th Mar 2018Found 10th Mar 2018
BT Broadband via broadband genie - £29.99 a month plus £9.99 (Total £549.81) £150 card and £50 amazon voucher! TCB shows for £31.50 making a total saving of £231. Works out equivalent £19.44 a month. If TCB pays out its £17.69 a month! Complicated bu
Unlimited Infinity 1 + Weekend Calls 18 month contract Online exclusive. Equiv £18.38 if line rental paid upfront. New customers only B'band customer service: 4.4/10 (OK) … Read more

This "Comes within 90 days of sign-up". Furthermore, claim the £150 within 3 months of activation @ MasterCard claim.


You have to have the install first and then any incentives come through (within 30/45 days if I recall). Check the details as you may have to claim.


How do I get the Amazon voucher ? I've placed my order few days back and entered my email when ordering but haven't had any voucher


Just as an update, once the install was completed I could press the claim button - there was no indication of the offer, but an email came through confirming what I had claimed. Unfortunately it does not match the offer what was showing on the page when I ordered, so something else to chase up (skeptical) .


You have got yourself in a pickle there! To receive TopCashback you needed to be registered - it prompts you to do so before you leave their site so if you did that, you should be fine (even if you hadn't confirmed your email, you were logged in?). I haven't used Broadband genie so don't know that stage, but assume if you used the same email, that is the identifier from them to BT. BT offer is then with them - it shows when you order on screen but I was also surprised not to see it mentioned in the confirmation email. When I click on the reward claim button though it shows I have an offer (not what the offer is!) and as I only installed today it hasn't updated yet.

Plusnet Unlimited Fibre 38mb £24.99 per month (12 month contract) PLUS £50 Amazon Gift Card and NO SETUP fee via Broadband Genie
Found 28th Jan 2018Found 28th Jan 2018
Plusnet Unlimited Fibre 38mb £24.99 per month (12 month contract) PLUS £50 Amazon Gift Card and NO SETUP fee via Broadband Genie
Nice offer today via Broadband Genie. Get Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (Up to 38mb) for £24.99 per month on a 12 month contract, PLUS a £50 Amazon Giftcard and 0 SETUP FEES!

Not worth posting as a separate deal but worth pointing out I was just offered 76Mb fibre for £23 a month on an 18 month contract simply by enquiring via chat when I could leave plusnet without incurring exit fees - mentioned the vodafone prices and topcashback.


Deal seems reasonable and was a Plusnet Fibre customer from 2012 -2015. Two questions. 1. Do they still traffic manage broadband speed? 2. Have the fibre routers been massively improved, or are they still a crock?


Its what Germans thought of Hitler at the time.


Might want to keep this article in mind before signing up for a new contract. Sky is apparently the least complained about. I'm with BT have no real complaints, usual throttling in eve and awful chat experiences thats it!


This is the deal that I got a couple of days ago:- I've just signed up for this offer (18 months though) through Topcashback who are giving £70 cashback (got an extra £2.50 cashback for Topcashback offer as well, so £72.50 cashback in total). Out of interest, I went to Broadband Genie to see about the £50 Amazon voucher, but nothing is showing up about that - has it expired now? Thank you.

BT Broadband Deal: Unlimited Infinity 1 and Weekend Calls £29.99 per month (18mo - £9.99 hub and £20 Connection cost) £80 BT Reward PLUS Bonus £30 Amazon Gift card @ Broadband Genie
Found 19th Jan 2018Found 19th Jan 2018
BT Broadband Deal: Unlimited Infinity 1 and Weekend Calls £29.99 per month (18mo - £9.99 hub and £20 Connection cost) £80 BT Reward PLUS Bonus £30 Amazon Gift card @ Broadband Genie
Decent little bonus offer from Broadband Genie, if you were considering BT broadband. The rewards direct from BT have been a little lower this month, and Broadband Genie have done … Read more

Not great tbh. I’m paying £30pm for the 78MB from BT without having to claim anything.


£25.55 per month if both incentives payout. Nothing special if you ask me.


Awful deal from an awful company. Zen ftw.

Player TV  + VIVID 100 fibre broadband +  Talk Weekends £33pm + £50 Amazon Voucher [12 month contract] (Other bundles also Aval - Up to £100 Amazon vouchers) @ Virgin Media via Broadband Genie
Found 21st Sep 2017Found 21st Sep 2017
Decent bundle - currently stuck in a contract myself or would pick up - Including the Amazon voucher works out from as little as £28.80pm which is a very good price Click get deal… Read more
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This expired?


Did anyone sign up to this? I know they mention the TiVo box, but if you sign up to that do they now offer the v6 as standard anyway? Aren’t they phasing the tivos out?


Took the VIP Bundle for £90 per month with £250 TCB. Now ****** off as Virgin are advertising free Netflix for 6 months as well


Just went for this deal though apparently the Amazon voucher isn't offered any more. £30 All in though personally can't see what you're gaining if you have Freeview Plus on the tv already, but whatever...!


It's odd I read all these comments and if I wasn't already a customer I'd give them a wide birth. My experience has been the exact opposite I've been with VM since 2011 started on 50Mbps and over the years I've been upgraded I'm now on 150Mbps but regularly get 167Mbps no phone or TV packages just pure broadband sure I get the letter from time to time informing me of a price increase but I just give them a ring and explain I've been a customer for quite awhile and they usually apply a loyalty discount. No faults or engineer call outs either :/ PS - I think this deal has expired there's nothing about Amazon vouchers at the link.

£18.32/mth Plusnet fibre broadband & line rental (£50 Amazon voucher) £197.88 a year
Found 15th Jul 2017Found 15th Jul 2017
£18.32/mth Plusnet fibre broadband & line rental (£50 Amazon voucher) £197.88 a year
Until Tue 18 July, BT-owned Plusnet is offering this 12-month fibre deal for newbies. It includes line rent and unlimited downloads with up-to-38Mb fibre broadband (up to 2x faster… Read more
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24 hours later and no reply - called plusnet this morning & gave up waiting - call this afternoon finally got through and was told not no one could confirm why this legitimate transaction would be denied cashback via Quidco and that I would have to ask Quidco - I advised as this declined due to "Retailer Decision" that it would be passed back to Plusnet. Plusnet have now cancelled my transfer request and refunded me. Poor service and passing the buck when it comes to cashback issues. Plusnet are woeful.


Not exactly this deal (which is now expired) but I'm currently with BT and put my order in to move to Plusnet and everything tracked as expected. The broadband is due to transfer on the 11th August. I went via Quidco with £70 cashack on offer. I happened to be on the quidco site and to my surprise it now shows as declined as "Retailer Decision". I have never had this declined as "Retailer Decision" with dozens of topcashback/quidco transactions. According to the signup email I appear to have 14 days to cancel but that expires today and I can't get through to Plusnet to cancel it ......brilliant. (mad) Any ideas on that to do and why this legit cashback would be declined?


I was in the same boat. ​it seems these companies just don't care about customer retention... :(


It shows as £24.99 per month because it defaults to the monthly payment of line rental (£18.99) plus the £6 per month fibre upgrade, hence £24.99. If you pay your 12 months line rental up front, then you're paying a lower "monthly" equivalent for your line rental of £16.49 p/m - add to that the £6 p/m = £22.49, then subtract the £50 Amazon giftcard (fingers crossed) to arrive at the £18.32 p/m figure that is shown in the opening post. I've just given notice to cancel my Sky BB subscription today - they said because I was such a loyal (9y9m) customer they could offer me fibre for £15 p/m................... PLUS the £18.99 p/m line rental. I went ahead with my cancellation as you may have gathered. Have just signed up for this - fingers crossed the service will be pkay. ATB and thanks to the OP. SP


Unlimited fivre is showing as 24.99pm ?!