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BMW 320d SE Gran Turismo Manual (Diesel 2.0L 190PS 5dr 136g/km) - £26,442 at Broadspeed
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Quite a few bmw discounted by approx £10k on broadspeed

How old and how much is it?


£36,165 here , what are guy looking at?


I'm picking up a used 3 GT this Saturday. I love it. I'm not a fan of estate cars and don't like SUV's so the GT ticks all the boxes for me. As for BMW styling I think it's a bit hit and miss, some styles grown on you and some I wouldn't have unless it was M sport. Now the 4 series GC is a sexy car. Everyone didn't take to the first gen 1 series (i currently have one) but then within a few years they were everywhere. Maybe I just feel sorry for the "ugly cars" and see the beauty within. (lol) Shame the 3 GT is getting discontinued in 12 months. Maybe they'll put the 4 GC on the 3 GT chassis next time. That would be the next car for me.

YoungingtonCraigington Looks good to me. Grill is not large.


But they have one of the best drives IMHO real drivers car depends what is important to you I guess

Renault Megane GT NAV 220, £8000 saving £16543.00 @ Broadspeed
Posted 11th May 2016Posted 11th May 2016
Renault Megane GT NAV 220, £8000 saving £16543.00 @ Broadspeed
Save a massive £8000 on the Renault Megane GT NAV 220 Sport Tourer with broadspeed. Manufacurers OTR price of £25,000, yours for a mere £16,543 (inc fees and VAT). Hatchbacks a… Read more
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Nice car. Always wanted a Renault 5 Turbo in my younger days. Could never quite afford one so had to make do with a tatty S-Reg (Mark-1) Ford Escort :(


shame they're not what they used to be. had so much fun in my 172


I'll admit I assumed its depreciation would be the same as any Renault, if its not, then it sounds more of a deal.


I dont have a problem with french cars beyond the fact that the depreciate heavily - I'd have one as a lease car or a used bargain.


At it's original RRP no thanks, but at this price it is great. Although did test drive one of these couple of years back (unsure if any changes since then) the torque steer was terrible and it really needed to have a slip diff. Found it actually wasn't as fast as what I was expecting it to be which was abit of a disappointment (again that was at the original full RRP). Interior was ok but not on par with other cars in this range (again at RRP price point!) Handling wise was pretty spot on and comparative to others at the price point. Wasn't that fussed about the exterior styling especially the big Renault badge (nothing against the brand just think the grill and badging could be nicer). To sum up and stop babbling a steal at this price point and especially the sport tourer which if you look around at the competition in this price bracket would beat the rest hands down. Just to compare also at this price point of a tourer you are looking at a Skoda Fabia Estate albeit only 1.2TFSI 110bhp with less spec and power. (Father has one)

Brand New Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI Executive S-Tronic Auto, Save £12,783 off RRP of £46,415, £33632 at Broadspeed
Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
Brand New Audi A7 Sportback 3.0 TDI Executive S-Tronic Auto, Save £12,783 off RRP of £46,415, £33632 at Broadspeed
Excellent saving for a popular Audi Model, the A7- 27.5% off at Broadspeed. New Facelift version with the updated LED DRL's, look smart if its the car you are after, and a lot che… Read more
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Impossible. I'm menopausal.


The exception that proves the rule? You beat the odds, that's all. Your 'gain' is others' loss.


Funny that, because the A6 we've had since it was 12m old hasn't cost us a penny other than tyres and service, and it's a '56 plate.


Or better still, avoid like the plague. Don't you ppl look at reliability tables anymore? Audi is one of the worst offenders. How are the mighty fallen.


My A7 has been out of warranty and needs a mechatronic unit and clutch pack. £2k which includes a 70% goodwill discount on parts from Audi. Extend the warranty.

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New Ford Focus ST-3 TDCi Automatic, £7,000 off £27,895 RRP - £20784.00 @ Broadspeed
Posted 6th Jan 2016Posted 6th Jan 2016
New Ford Focus ST-3 TDCi Automatic, £7,000 off £27,895 RRP - £20784.00 @ Broadspeed
I've been keeping an eye on Focus prices, with an eye to buying one once my lease finishes. 25% off list price for the new automatic diesel is pretty good in my book, as the best p… Read more

​you do know winning a licence on gran turismo can't be used in real life right? :D


Looks like a lot of outlay for OLD BILL fodder to me.


I drove an r8 v10 spyder with manual dogleg box. Then i tried one eith an auto box. No comparision suto was way better.


​my audi s3s dual clutch autobox is great and fast and i can use the flappy playstation paddles if i want. I would defo not buy a car with a standard single clutch auto box. Most auto hate comments are from idiots who think all auto boxes ate the same slow single clutch boxes. Virtually all motorsport uses auto boxes. Usually semi sequential. Nuff said.


The Escort had a very smooth, slick gear box with a silky upshift. I know, i had one.

Brand New Audi TT Coupe TFSI 180 BHP Sport, Save £3640 off RRP of £27150  £23511.00 at Broadspeed
Posted 20th Nov 2015Posted 20th Nov 2015
Brand New Audi TT Coupe TFSI 180 BHP Sport, Save £3640 off RRP of £27150 £23511.00 at Broadspeed
Good saving off a very popular Audi model so thought I would post, usually struggle to get discounts off the TT models at dealerships due to popularity. Very good reviews, and co… Read more

just get a vert


does anyone know which dealer drive the deal forward you onto, has anyone ordered one?


I don't think your average person cares beyond what they pay at the pump and road tax. The problem is if they don't meet regulations and have to be modified so they do at the expense of performance and economy it's not the car you thought you were purchasing and it will hurt resale value. As well as the NOx which affected the diesels there's talk of CO2 from petrol and diesel also being cheated on. The thing is I don't know if it affects cars which are still on sale or not. Volkswagen having been that forthcoming on what is and isn't affected.


I can't believe there is even an issue... No-one ever buys a diesel car due to its emissions figures only for more MPG. Now all of a sudden its a travesty to the world because the black smog that pours out of diesels is bad for the world... everyone knew that using their eyes in the first place but didn't want to get an equivalent petrol.


Maybe she was just a successful woman?

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Brand New Jeep Renegade SUV 1.6 E-TorQ Sport for £12606 at Broadspeed, saving of £4,689 off RRP of £17,295 (27% Saving!)
Posted 14th Nov 2015Posted 14th Nov 2015
Brand New Jeep Renegade SUV 1.6 E-TorQ Sport for £12606 at Broadspeed, saving of £4,689 off RRP of £17,295 (27% Saving!)
After browsing broadspeed following the Lexus deal, came across this incredible price for a brand new Jeep Renegade small SUV. Comparable to a Mini Countryman or Skoda Yeti, a bran… Read more

It kind of looks odd ...I somehow start thinking of if Skoda and Lada had a 4x4 kid -this would be it! Maybe it looks better in the flesh + good price so thanks OP will benefit somebody on here.


this was the hire car I got after someone crashed into the back of me. they have a problem with the alarm which meant the car didn't start for over an hour one time. was glad to get rid


You won't want to live with this for very long!


I tend to keep cars for a while, not worth much when I trade them in!


I actually like the look of this in certain colours. I have also sat in one and the build quality isn't as bad as some are making out. In my opinion they were just too expensive when they were first released for what they are, especially the high spec 4x4 versions.

Brand New Lexus IS300H Sport Hybrid Auto 223 BHP for £24495 at Broadspeed, Save £5500 off RRP!
Posted 12th Nov 2015Posted 12th Nov 2015
Brand New Lexus IS300H Sport Hybrid Auto 223 BHP for £24495 at Broadspeed, Save £5500 off RRP!
Found a cheap price for a new, high spec Lexus IS sport hybrid, combines a 2.5 litre petrol engine with a 141 BHP electric motor! Very good reviews for this car, and unlike some … Read more
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haha got there before me. FACT.


They did in the 90's when noone knew what they were That's an insult to Lexus nowadays though.


Not since the 90's.


You wont get smoother than a CVT


Really? That's amazing economy

Brand New BMW 335d Diesel M-SPORT XDrive 317 BHP Auto for £30694 at Broadspeed, Save £9636 off RRP of  £40330
Posted 11th Oct 2015Posted 11th Oct 2015
Brand New BMW 335d Diesel M-SPORT XDrive 317 BHP Auto for £30694 at Broadspeed, Save £9636 off RRP of £40330
Brand new, top of the range BMW 335d M-sport Xdrive Auto diesel for almost 25% (10k) off list price at broadspeed. 4 wheel drive 317 BHP twin turbo diesel model with a range of met… Read more
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Old thread but I just leased the touring version of this in Estoril blue. 0-62 in 4.7 seconds and get over 40mpg. It's crazy. Got it on 10k miles three payments down and then 23 payments over 24 months. 370 a month it's costing. A smidgeon over 4k a year for this beast will probably beat the depreciation on picking it up at 32-33 grand (the touring is a bit more expensive than this saloon).


​wrong. Its nothing to do di with the make. I find vauxhall, ford and 4x4 drivers to be the most inconsiderate on the road


I just hired the 330 petrol version, M sport with auto box. Was an upgrade on a 320 diesel. Deary me. Took me two nights to work out how the keyless thingy worked, the engine cuts out to save fuel when you stop at traffic; me no likey. Steering not too hot without sports mode engaged. Visibility not great for reversing but has a sensor. Rapid though! Nice and comfortable on the motorway and lots of gadgets. I can't afford one but would buy if I could!


I spec'd the car quite highly but the base price was slightly better than that of broadspeed. Plus the extra's were discounted


Did you manage to get any options thrown in for your better price?

Audi A6 2.0 TDI - SE - Manual Saloon £7409 off list price - £24886.00 @ broadspeed
Posted 28th Jun 2015Posted 28th Jun 2015
Audi A6 2.0 TDI - SE - Manual Saloon £7409 off list price - £24886.00 @ broadspeed
Audi have been giving good discounts recently. The Audi A6 is pretty much one of the best interiors. Although it's the bottom of the range it's still pretty well equipped (Sat Nav… Read more

Looking at it this was fixed in manufacture after 2011? Isn't the 2.0tsfi the same engine used in many other cars eg. Golf gti, skoda vrs, scirocco, Audi a3 etc? Presumably they would have all also suffered the same problem?


Yes, I think it lasted something like 6 months. People were even selling their places in the queue for a couple of thousand. I think the original Audi TT also was like that when it came out in the late 90's


I remember when the XC 90 came out you could make money on those for a while if bought one new and sold on straight away but that didn't last long


Or get something a bit more specialist. e.g. Porsche 911 GT3 RS, cost something like £130k new (and about 250k used a couple of years ago) and they are now fetching ~400-500k on the used market. Some selected high end sports cars have become pretty good investments/speculations in recent years of world financial instability... With cars being exempt from capital gains tax (other wise could you imagine how much the treasury would lose if people could offset their losses), then the increase is all free of tax too. Obviously like any speculation of this sort, the exact model, specimen, price and timing is key! New:- Used:-


There's exceptions, buy something sought after an it will cost less to own then many family hatchbacks. Porsche Macan anyone?

Audi S6 Saloon £11,512 off list price - £45033.00 @ broadspeed
Posted 28th Jun 2015Posted 28th Jun 2015
Audi S6 Saloon £11,512 off list price - £45033.00 @ broadspeed
Following on from the recent Jag XF deal, I thought I'd have a look around to see what nice fast yet practical cars could be gotten instead. Audi and BMW have been giving good dis… Read more

Agreed in that scenario. And being a 450bhp v8, the engine will hardly be pushed to its limits on the UK roads so should still be a great runner after 10 years. Plus you'd have the enjoyment of driving a great sounding v8 engine for 10 years. Assuming you're ok with the fuel bills! Though anyone too concerned about that should be considering a smaller engined diesel instead!


The key thing here is if, like me, you need around 20,000 miles a year, the 6k per year lost, is less than the lease would have been on a 20,000 mile arrangement by some way, so its better to buy it, use it, service and maintain it meticulously, and keep the thing for many years, you would then have the best vaue from the car overall, and lets face it, even when an s6 gets to be 10 years old, if it has been maintained and kept looking tidy, it will still be a nice car, even with man miles on it.


Given that there a none between 3 and 5 years old for sale on Autotrader, and the audi website has just one 12 reg car with 60k miles selling for £30k, I'd say you'll probably get around £27k if you traded it in... Yes you'll drop 18k from new over 3 years, but that's still 11k less than if you'd walked into the showroom and paid full price. It actually seems quite a rare car if you compare to the number of M3, M5 and M6's for sale...


How much do you think you'd get for a three year old S6 with 60k miles?


Bit like the OP

Brand New BMW 3 Series 320d Sport £24039.00 @ Broadspeed
Posted 27th Oct 2014Posted 27th Oct 2014
Brand New BMW 3 Series 320d Sport £24039.00 @ Broadspeed
Brand New BMW 3 Series 320d Sport on the road Shared Via The HUKD App For Android.



cheap inflates for your BMW


You don't see the bigger picture: 1) We live in a country with 70mph maximum speed limit 2) There is approximately 56 metres of road space per car 3) The cost of owning a vehicle is, basically, a financial black hole. Unless your employer or another third party subsidises it 4) Faced with the above, there's much MUCH better things to spend one's money on. I've owned a few speedy cars, but I got more thrill and memories from a holiday to Cornwall this year, and it cost less than depreciation. Of course, a car is a necessity for many. But there's this extraordinary psychological mismatch between what they do in the real world, and what their owners think of them. I've learnt my lesson, and others are starting too also, especially after the last 10 years of badly engineered diesel 'technology'. Buy used, Buy Jap, Buy petrol. And keep the money saved for things far more exciting than driving in this congested (but still beautiful) island.


Rude boy


Just bought one of this. Incredible car, and even I was surprised and how economic the diesel is. I get around 600-650 miles from a full tank (£65 ish). Most of all, the look on people's face when they see a 20 year old stepping out of this bad boy.. Priceless.

BMW z4 SDrive18i £6373 discount - now £21367!! @ Broadspeed
Posted 26th Oct 2014Posted 26th Oct 2014
BMW z4 SDrive18i £6373 discount - now £21367!! @ Broadspeed
BMW z4 SDrive18i Roadster down to £21,367 @ Broadspeed. Other deals on Z4s available with even more discount further up the range. These are UK cars and Broadspeed put you in tou… Read more

I never said it would drive like an MX5. I said you didnt need a load of power to have FUN. My 1.6 MX5 reference was an example of not needing big BHP to enjoy a car. No its not an MX5, and no, its not a Porsche Boxster either. Its not trying to be either. It has its own personality. And so far we've had an '89 MX5 1.6, a 2002 1.8i Sport, a 2003 MX5 mk2.5 1.8i, a mk2 MR2 t bar, a mk3 MR2, an MG 1.8TF, a 3.0Si Coupe z4 M Sport mk1, and current a Z4 mk2 SDrive20i M Sport, right through to various coupes - Celicas, 320Ci, 325Ci, 3 330Cis, various hot hatches, through to some reasonably heavy duty kit including a Prodrive modded Subaru Impreza WRX-S hatch, and topping out on the BHP stakes with a 330BHP modded 535d M Sport, and a 350BHP modded 535d M Sport. So, no i'm not an "idiot". And no its not all about the power, its about enjoying the car. This car is about the roof down on a summers evening, or chucking a bag in the boot, hopping in and heading away to a country hotel for the weekend, or maybe taking in a coastal road on a Saturday. And yet its refined enough to be driven every day (as my wife does with her SDrive20i M Sport variant) At £21K its an "option" - something to have a look at if you're in the market AND a lot cheaper now than its german peers - the TT and the SLK.


Sigh The mx5 is lighter and more agile than the new z4.. It setup is built for a little 130bhp engine - which is why it is amazingly fun! Why is this difficult to understand?? This 18i will NOT drive like a mx5.. It will be slower, more refined and not as raw. This is a heavy car. Go drive an mx5 and this and then report back. Until then I will assume you're another idiot.


Thanks, ordered 4 in different colors


Link please?


Its the entry level car. Theres far more powerful engines further up the range including a 3.0i Twin Turbo pushing out 340BHP. Also, convertibles arent all about speed. As i've said already on this thread, probably the most fun i've had in a convertible was a 1989 MX5 1.6. Great little car.

BMW z4 35iS £13,903 off price now £32047 @ Broadspeed
Posted 26th Oct 2014Posted 26th Oct 2014
BMW z4 35iS £13,903 off price now £32047 @ Broadspeed
Top of the range Z4 35iS now with massive £13,903 discount from broadspeed. Other deals on Z4s available such as the 2.0i M Sport with £6,000 off list. The entry level car even h… Read more

This is a lot of car for the money :D


If they can afford it, why not? Not all of us are living on the breadline you know.


"You live to what you earn" If you can why not!


Because some can afford it ;)


"What a dull life you must be leading. Still, you can always look at HUKD threads for expensive products and make inane comments." Any one with £32,000 spare would not buy that. The buyer is more likely to be some one who cannot really afford it and buys on tick under the misdirection that is a penile extension or going through a mid life crisis!

BMW Z4 sDrive 35is (340hp flappy paddle thing) - Broadspeed - £31593
Posted 5th Jun 2014Posted 5th Jun 2014
BMW Z4 sDrive 35is (340hp flappy paddle thing) - Broadspeed - £31593
30% off a BMW - If you're in the market for the best hairdressers car on the market and have no need for indicators and have no consideration for other road users now's your chance… Read more



Have used Broadspeed in the past and they have been absolutely fine. The issue some folk seem to have is they quote a fee of £199 - which is a finders fee type thing - They also get a commission which is much higher - but this is all included in the savings you get - they could be a bit more transparent to be honest as most people are only really interested in the total price to change - Just read the "small print". They put you in touch with a main dealer and away you go :). As for getting a main dealer to match - The Aberdeen one would just laugh at you - they have 2 year old cars on the forecourt as per my earlier post for £600 less that a brand new one from Here :)


I would show this deal to a main bmw dealer and ask them to beat it. When i got my last car i found that you can haggle between different dealers in the same group aswell..


Anyone actually used these guys? What was your experience like? I've seen quite a few deals from them posted here recently but a quick Google seems concerning. Customer reviews include reports of overcharging, disagreements, delays and litigation. Extremely off putting, especially given the sums of money involved here.


He was just having a laugh, it turns out.

** Volkswagen Tiguan S 1.4 TSI 160PS - £17594.00 (Save £4106) @ Broadspeed
Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
** Volkswagen Tiguan S 1.4 TSI 160PS - £17594.00 (Save £4106) @ Broadspeed
Decent discount off this family car. Diesel version is also available for £18,161 saving £4,184. Standard Spec •Alloy wheels, four 6.5J x 16" Portland with 215/65 R16 tyres and a… Read more
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There is a cheaper deal out there ! Check broker4cars


This exactly what Broadspeed and Drive the Deal do, they put you in touch with a UK supplying dealer and you deal direct with them. Essentially they've just negotiated the discount or you.


Agree with above, my Yeti came from Carfile. They just put you in touch with their preferred dealer.


Just mention that you need to do some research before you buy from one of those car fleet sellers. I would only buy from someone were I deal directly with a dealer ((referral fleet discount deal, i.e.

** BMW Z4 28i M Sport 245bhp - Save £10,812 - £26578 @ Broadspeed
Posted 21st May 2014Posted 21st May 2014
** BMW Z4 28i M Sport 245bhp - Save £10,812 - £26578 @ Broadspeed
Enjoy some summer motoring with this excellent 2 seater Roadster. Standard Spec •18" light alloy wheels M Star-spoke style 325 M •Air-conditioning, automatic with single-zone co… Read more
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Remus81May 21, 2014 Buy one with a few thousand on the clock and save a further 10 grand.....because there's always some mug who wants first dibs Please send me a link to this 2014 Z4 with 2000 mikes on the clock for £16k. I'll buy it today as it would be a cracking buy!!!!


Morons complaining about BMW drivers..Ha! So what people are saying is when you go from one car brand to another you change you driving bad habits to match the brand stereotype? Odd, I wonder if the knows in their battered citreons and pugeots etc stop being jealous stereotypical asses when they get a nice car. The z4 isn't a women's or hairdresser's car, it's just a nice all rounder. Very few cars should be classed as a man's or women's car,pathetic the stigma attached to gender and cars


Scary thought that people place what sex should own what car. Get what you like and can afford.


Well said. The 2nd gen z4 is nearly 400kg heavier than the gen 1. Folding hardtop, much better interior and more spacious.


A woman's car with 245bhp? Scary thought...

Ford Fiesta T EcoBoost 1.6 182PS Petrol, ST Manual 3dr £14683 @ broadspeed
Posted 18th May 2014Posted 18th May 2014
Ford Fiesta T EcoBoost 1.6 182PS Petrol, ST Manual 3dr £14683 @ broadspeed
This is another hot deal take a look .

A car will lose 40% if its a crap car or you get a crap deal. My DS3 is worth 54% of the price I paid for it at 3 years old, 38000 miles.








there are some really stupid comments on here. If you don't know what is being posted, please don't comment. This is an excellent price for a little car that is in very high demand. 1 year old cars are similar prices to this. And as for the comment about buying a 2012 car, that would be hard seeing the ST was only introduced in 2013. review for those interested.

Ford focus st £17368 @ broadspeed
Posted 17th May 2014Posted 17th May 2014
Ford focus st £17368 @ broadspeed
This seems cheap ! Drive the deal is cheaper if you want to take finance £16938.99 but dearer if not !

yes -


I'm on broadspeed every day and not had a problem got ant proof


Heartbleed bug on broadspeed site so beware.


thank you these are honest deals!


They were member spammed Davethedealhunter, and all returned now.

BMW 5-Series 530d Luxury 3.0 Diesel Automatic 4dr (9k off) - £35152.00 @ Broadspeed
Posted 29th Apr 2014Posted 29th Apr 2014
BMW 5-Series 530d Luxury 3.0 Diesel Automatic 4dr (9k off) - £35152.00 @ Broadspeed
Nearly 9K of a brand new 5 series with a fairly decent spec. •18" light alloy wheels Multi-spoke style 454 with run-flat tyres •Air conditioning, automatic with two-zone control •… Read more

Common sense prevails from the above 2 comments,clowns in vehicles come in multiple makes


That has nothing to do with BMW. It is the reckless drivers some of which also drive Vauhalls, fords, audis, merc etc. You need to get a life.


ahhh you must be right because 100% of the BMW drivers you experienced driving like "BMW drivers" do indeed represent all the BMW drivers in UK. Thanks for that.


The grill is mentioned 3 times in the spec, so it must be awesome ;)


I'd have it. hated BMWs that was until I took one out for a spin best car I've ever driven now own 325d and use me indicators lol, haters take 1 for a spin

RenaultSport Clio Cup 200 £14838 (RRP £16930) @ Broadspeed 0-62 6.9s & 141mph 200BHP
Posted 30th May 2011Posted 30th May 2011
RenaultSport Clio Cup 200 £14838 (RRP £16930) @ Broadspeed 0-62 6.9s & 141mph 200BHP
The best £ for £ hot hatch on sale in the UK at present, RRP is £16930 so a saving of over £2000. Usual discounters only offer about £700 off this car so this is really good deal I… Read more
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So your opinion is based solely off the experience of a few standard French cars in 15 years? You can't compare them these cars and haven't once commented on the cars themselves only the experience of the dealers you bought the car from or used for servicing and repairs. These are very different things. I have owned the following French cars: - 2000/W Renault Megane Coupe - 2003/52 Renault Clio 172 Cup - 2002/52 Renault Clio 172 - 2010/60 Renault Clio 200 Other than a fault window motor in the megane and an electrical issue stopping the lights working correctly in the 172, I haven't had any problems whatsoever. No, I buy the car for it's performance rather than how reliable it will be in 3 years when I'll no longer own the car any more.


Have any of you actually owned a renault sport car?! i have had a megane rs and twingo rs both were jaw dropping in the performance and handling department, i also never had a single issue with them except for the mpg in the r26!! but then they are performance cars so you cannot compare them to the standard cars - get it straght people for gods sake!!!l.


Nope in my Dads eyes they lived off the Renault 19 experience he had and then my Mum was disabled and found the Scenic easy to get into to, so they stuck with them. Its a mobility car so the reliability isn't a massive issue. As said before, no doubt a fast car that looks good on youtube, its the long term reliability you should worry about


Then if you have owned Renaults over a 15 year period they can't all be bad to stop you going back for more :) No, my comments never mentioned the wheels. I mentioned the suspension set-up as the handling is one of the main selling points of this car. May I point your attention to this youtube video: Wrong again. For your information, my car hasn't been back to the dealers once in 6 months. It's been perfect without a single issue.


Nope, my reviews of Renaults are based on about a 15 year owning history of which includes a month old Scenic. Nobody is disputing the car is no doubt fun to drive and a decent spec, just questioning the reliability of them generally. Your review is basically "the car is cool with chavboy wheels, get one now" and doesn't do anything to refute claims of unreliability, the phrase you were looking for is "had my car 14 years and its never broken down once" However I imagine your car has been to the dealer as many times as anyone elses

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