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BOGOF - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE KIA Magentis OR Buy One Half Price + 5% @ Broadspeed
Found 18th Nov 2008Found 18th Nov 2008
BOGOF - BUY ONE GET ONE FREE KIA Magentis OR Buy One Half Price + 5% @ Broadspeed
Brand new 2.0 luxury saloons for less than £8K! Following on from their "Sold out" BOGOF on the Dodge Avenger, Broadspeed are now offering Two For One on UK Supplied/ Unused 2008 … Read more
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Why expired... I was waiting for feedback from a happy/unhappy buyer.


Motorhouse are doing delivery mileage Kia Carens for £7,999, which is a blinding deal for a perfectly decent 7 seat MPV. Certainly a much better car for the money than the featured Magentis.


Actually... 1. Kia is owned by Hyundai 2. Ford have used Kia cars in their product line in the USA so Ford have used Kia engines (technically Mazda based) Back on track - why would you want to insult Kia/Hyundai - they are streets ahead of our own car industry (what car industry I hear most folks say?) and increasing quality consistently - almost to Japanese levels which is THE benchmark these days. I was given a Kia Sportage (2.7L V6) long term rental when I was over in Oregon during 2007 and to say I was disappointed when they gave me the keys was an understatement :oops: Well I can honestly say that within 5 minutes I was very impressed by the car in all aspects :w00t: The only negative was that when driving at highway speeds there was a bit much road noise. Based on my 4 month experience of a Kia Sportage I'd have no hesitation of buying a Kia at all. Now back to this particular deal - the Kia Optima (the US name of the car) is usually on sale for around $14,000 with a 2.4L engine - this price just brings it more inline with the US pricing structure - however in the USA you get a 10 year 100,000 miles warranty! I'd be very happy to drive around in one of these cars - however, due to the depreciation factor, it wouldn't make financial sense to me.


I would'nt say misrepresentation.... more lie/cheat/con/.. made you look?


That's a sneaky bit of misrepresentation by the dealer, look at the actual ad... Probably still wouldn't have a Kia myself, though I know a few people who swear by them (nat at them).

Buy One Get One free on  Dodge Car
Found 1st Nov 2008Found 1st Nov 2008
Buy One Get One free on Dodge Car
Dodge Avenger 2.4 SXT Auto 4 Door sat nav, full leather and climate control if youve got 20 grand its a two for one offer you need to call them, phone number on website, yes thi… Read more
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But was it the SXT model? I've checked autotrader online and these are approx £10K. I found a S model for £8k, but that was it. They are american junk, but do look quite cool. The SXT has quite a good spec too: ]


The RRP means sweet fanny adam, I saw one of these for sale recently, brand new for £6995.00 They are just American Junk.


I don't see why this is so cold. The RRP of the base model is approx £15K for one. So, £20K for 2 including SAT NAV is a really good deal. Admittedly, it gets panned by TopGear, but if it is a car you like, then why not? I really like the styling, but after having loads of issues with a Chrysler PT Cruiser a while ago, I personally would think twice about an american car We saw a similar Dodge deal in Florida over the summer where if you bought a Ram, you got the Caliber free




Oh... one more thing. If you were to drive one (or both) of your 2 new Dodge Avengers to a garage to be part-exchanged for something decent, most dealers wouldn't find anyone to underwrite it so wouldn't take in, and the others would offer you around 8k.

BOGOF-Aston Martin
Found 23rd Oct 2008Found 23rd Oct 2008
BOGOF-Aston Martin
Buy an unused 2008 Aston Martin Vantage and receive a Mercedes SLK free! Lucky you if you need 2 luxury sports cars-and have the money to buy even just the one! To clarify - the … Read more
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ok i take back all my previous posts on this deal. cars worth about 44k now!!


Expired now.


This is NOT a deal!!! What a pile of Shizenhoee (dung)


I'd pay a 100k for that, without the extra free car. You generally can't buy spirit, and that car has spirit.


you'll probably need to find a mug to sell a RS4 to - it's gonna work the other way round :p

Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 GT 3 Door  £27330  save  £2070
Found 10th Jul 2008Found 10th Jul 2008
Nissan 350Z 3.5 V6 GT 3 Door £27330 save £2070
UK Supplied car - NOT an import 18" RAYS forged alloy wheels 2 rear parcel boxes 2 x12V power socket 240W Bose radio/cassette with 6-CD in-dash changer, 7 Bose speakers (includ… Read more

We actually sell these cars that we import from Japan. If you look on the nissan 350z owners club you will see that imported ones are not the grey area that they used to be. Why would anyone pay that price when they can get a 2005 convertable for 15k. Buying new from the forecourt is madness, they just drop in value straight away. :w00t: The mpg is more like 25 and we have sold enough to be very confident on that and drove them ourselves before we had our son and bulldog come along. The tax is £220 for 6 months and £400 for 12 and yes you do have to pay a one off fee also if you buy a brand spanking new one. They are a seriously nice car and very well built.:thumbsup:


yes indeed


To avoid self promotion. replace the *** with cgi(dot)ebay


A bit irresponsible of you, giving detailed instructions on thieving from a shop, don't you think? Now that secret is out, our retailers profits are really going to plunge!!


If anybody is looking for one of these (seriously) then I'd suggest a trip to the USA. I normally work and live in the USA (2001~2007) and the price of cars there is significantly lower.How about a 1 year old 350Z with 12,600 miles for BIN US $21,788.00, 11k sterling roughly... :thumbsup:[image missing][image missing]If and when I go back to the US, it'll be either a 350z or an Infiniti G35 Coupe :)e.g. ]http://*********.com/ebaymotors/Cars-Trucks___2007-Nissan-350Z-6-Speed-18-Rims-Xenon-Lights-ONLY-12K_W0QQitemZ140248272432QQddnZCarsQ20Q26Q20TrucksQQddiZ2282QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item140248272432&_trksid=p3756.m14.l1318Hmm is e.b.a.y. banned on here?