Bronson (Blu-ray) - £5.99 Delivered @ Play
Bronson (Blu-ray) - £5.99 Delivered @ Play

Bronson (Blu-ray) - £5.99 Delivered @ Play

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Cracking price!


Zavvi: £8.85
HMV: £8.99
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In 1974, a misguided 19 year old decided he wanted to make a name for himself and so, armed with a sawn-off shotgun and a head full of dreams, he attempted to rob a post office. Swiftly apprehended and originally sentenced to 7 years in jail, Michael Peterson has subsequently been behind bars for 34 years and transformed into Charles Bronson, Britain's most notorious prisoner.

For this controversial but critically acclaimed film from director Nicolas Winding Refn (the Pusher trilogy), Tom Hardy physically transformed himself for the role and gives a performance described by The Sun as "utterly brilliant".


Isn't the lad playing Bronson the new Batman film baddie - Bane ?


Isn't the lad playing Bronson the new Batman film baddie - Bane ?

Yes, Tom Hardy

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Bane looks amazing! Ummm, why the cold votes guys?

Don't get the cold votes. Good film good price.

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I do not understand myself...



Don't get the cold votes. Good film good price.


I do not understand myself...

Hot from me too - tad puzzled by the chill in here

Got Hot from me
The "Take That" fans at it again ? X)

I liked this film, hot from me.

Personally I thought it was a dreadful film. The director/writer was so in love with his idea of the made up bronson character that it didn't really address the reality of the brutal psychopath.

Only my opinion of course. Other equally valid opinions are also available.

Tom Hardy is a great actor though.

I thought the film was hilarious. "On my *rse! On my *rse!!"

Surprisingly good film I thought. Great director too. But yea, it depends on accepting the initial premise and angle from which the director's coming from.

'I was very smallll'

Now £8:99

Dreadful film

I thought this film was fantastic (as an art piece rather than a documentary) - Nicolas Winding Refn makes great movies (I love the Pusher films and thought Valhalla Rising was amazing but I'm fairly alone in that view I think!!)

Tom Hardy is amazing in this too...

disapointing, went too off the wall, bronson was mad enough no need to over complicate

I never realised he was the same bloke who played the gay one in rocknrolla.

Brilliant actor.

I like Tom Hardy but this was an awful film IMHO

Cracking film, I love it, the OH doesn't though, it's not god Hugh Grant in..... £6 is a steal though!

This film has moments of brilliance and then moments when it falls apart, complicates itself and just seems ruined. Tom hardy is great method actor and does a fantastic job. Just the script and few odd unbalance scenes does ruin it. Bargain of a price for a film that's enjoyable the first time. Or for the girls, there is a reason why they would watch it again.lol
It does have a fantastic quote "spread it over my ar$e, not my ar$eho!e". Yep it sounds strange, but when you watch it, it's very funny indeed.

Tom Hardy was very good in it, shame the film itself was pants imho.

Great price for IMO a great film

8.99 Now. Expired.
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