Bronson [DVD] [2009] £5.98 @ Amazon

Bronson [DVD] [2009] £5.98 @ Amazon

Found 27th Dec 2009
Just saw this deal and thought i would make it my first post here! enjoy!

Not to be confused with the Hollywood action star of the same name, Charles Bronson is one of the UK's most notorious convicts. Emerging--with the likes of Lenny McLean-- on the bare-knuckle fight scene in the 1970s, it wasn't long before the young Bronson was imprisoned for a bungled armed robbery: although he was initially sentenced to seven years, a catalogue of criminal damage, extortion, GBH and even false imprisonment would see him spend many of the intervening years in behind bars. Tom Hardy (LAYER CAKE, ROCKNROLLA) is Bronson in this electrifying film directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (PUSHER, FEAR X).


bought this for a fiver in Asda , neutral

Dunno why it's cold but it is an awesome film! I would recommend!

You can get it for £1 more on blu-ray. Think it was at the hut.
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