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Posted 6 October 2023

Brother DCP-L3550CDW 3-in-1 Wireless Colour LED Laser Printer with Touchscreen Display

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Reduced to £239 - cheap compatible toners readily available - see below.

Links to previous deals with details of cheap compatible toners: Deal 1 and Deal 2

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Product Overview
Create tons of colourful photos and documents with this Brother 3-in-1 multifunction laser printer, the perfect addition to any home office or student digs. With printing, scanning, and photocopying all rolled into one handy package, it covers the basics effortlessly. Plus, you can wirelessly send files to print from your phone with WiFi Direct – you don’t even need to connect it to a router. For the cost-conscious, it has an automatic 2-sided printing function, cutting down on the amount of paper you use. It’s also very simple to set up and start using immediately, so you won’t have to wait around to fill up your family photo album.

Key Features
  • Laser printer - great for detailed colour printing
  • Print, scan and photocopy all in one
  • Send your files to print from your mobile
  • Automatic double-sided printing function
  • WiFi Direct – send files wirelessly without a router
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  1. Phil_G's avatar
    I have had one of these for a few years. It is pretty capable, but has some pretty strange omissions

    There is no USB port to print directly from a camera or memory card
    The scanner document feeder does not duplex
    Printing duplex on 210gsm + paper introduces a 4mm offset on the rear. So weird. 100% consistent.
    Some third party toners don't work. The solution is to insert an AG0 battery into each one.
    The default windows print driver shrinks everything to 94%. The one from the Brother site does not. I lost a few days figuring that one out.
    Print quality is not as good as a good inkjet, but much, much faster

    I got mine for £100 from ebay (because of the battery toner item above) and I have been delighted with it. Good value at £240 new IMO. The ability to scan directly to a network share is amazing.
    teddybeers's avatar
    Windows drivers for brother are always useless.
    I've mono laser and it takes about 5 minutes to print 5 pages when using windows 10/11 built in drivers.
    Takes seconds when installing proper ones from a brother website.

    Been like that for 5 years +

    That's about it about Microsoft whql certification or whatever is called
  2. Bash_er's avatar
    These are great printers, had ours for a while and it's been faultless.

    Remember to switch off auto firmware updates if you want to use non branded toners.
    HappyShopper's avatar
    Is that actually on the printer or via the Brother PC software?
  3. phantom123's avatar
    Btw each toner has a specific page count, if the no of pages print reach the count the printer won't print, even if you have been printing one letter per page. It doesn't actually take into account the level of toner but rather the print count. Fortunately there is a youtube video which shows you how to reset the toner, quite simple and then you can run the entire print count again
    turbocat's avatar
    Hi, do you have a link to this?
    Was going to pull the trigger on this, but don’t want to be in a situation where I’m wasting money on toners when there’s a perfectly good toner being limited by a stupid system of page count oppose to toner level!!
  4. Punjabi.Geezer's avatar
    I bought it off the previous eBay deal. Just to warn potential buyers it’s massive and heavy
    Majid401's avatar
    For the table or the lap?
  5. DW1212's avatar
    I've had this model for about a year and very pleased with it.
  6. bloooo's avatar
    Does this do 2 sided scans? Can't see it on the page
    HappyShopper's avatar
    Two sided printing but, unfortunately, not scanning.
  7. Guan's avatar
    Any A3 colour laser printers for not much more monies?
    dkj255's avatar
    An A3 colour laser will be £££ and I'm not even sure if Brother do any. A used HP M755 is a good workhorse but they're big, bulky, and last time I looked, cost more than this for a used one. Also HP do chip their cartridges to prevent refills and compatibles.

    Brother do make plenty of A3 colour inkjets (the usual foibles apply) and those can be found for less than this model.
  8. TrueMenWearBeards's avatar
    Can it print pound notes? Asking for a friend!
    adam.mt's avatar
    Of course, but they stopped being legal tender back in 88!
  9. drsleep0000's avatar
    Best printer make
  10. OfficerDOOFY's avatar
    Just a heads up but I rarely go to McDonald's (3 times a year!?) and I recently got 10% off AO.com ao.com/mcd…oly

    So I'm guessing the codes are easily obtained so perhaps another 10% off this deal making it a sweet £215.10! ...I'm sure a family member has a code somewhere too!
    fablanta's avatar
    I'm not really getting the relevance of this to laser printers
  11. Bargainz999's avatar
    I've got the brother DCP-9020cdw colour printer. Is it possible to get a cheaper unbranded toner for these models? If so where and how do I setup?
    GlentoranMark's avatar
    I've a Brother also but unsure of the model or toner number but I got mine off eBay, just stick the model number in and search. Mine was a straight swop and took 2 minutes but the toners came with a guide should the cartridge flag up a reset error. I think my set was around £27 but again I've owned my printer over a year and bought the spare set around the same time.
  12. lestergunn's avatar
    I own one of these and it prints everything upside-down.
    foolsgold99's avatar
    Take it off the ceiling then
  13. dannyzz's avatar
    Great price
    Brother makes decent printers. My brother has the the B/W version, which has help him massively. (edited)
    fishmaster's avatar
    Is your brother a printer?
  14. Baby_Faced_Assasin's avatar
    Cold! No fax function.
    Codify's avatar
    Fax version available for £36 more if it is that important to you

  15. EricFarreskinne's avatar
    I’ve never owned a printer that I didn’t want to punch.
    dkj255's avatar
    I feel that way about inkjets, but lasers have generally been pretty reliable for me - any problems usually arising due to a mismatch between the printer settings and the driver settings.
  16. pbgm's avatar
    Should I go for this one OR Epson ecotank ET-2850
    dkj255's avatar
    Inkjet printers need regular use to prevent the ink drying out in the head and clogging the nozzles, however regular use of most inkjets costs more than the laser-type printers. Refillable ink tanks like the Epson may reduce the cost to match that of a laser, but it still won't tolerate being left idle for long periods. However, inkjets can print on non-standard media that a laser cannot (e.g. DVDs, T-shirt transfer paper, transparency film) - so ultimately the type of printing as well as the frequency will dictate the type of printer you need.
  17. GlentoranMark's avatar
    I've had a lesser model (which I think uses the same toner) for over a year and only recently changed the stock black toner. It's printing to the same quality as the day I bought it. I've probably spent as much in Inkjets over the years and throwing them out because the ink dries up and the heads clogged. I've probably spent twice as long (and money spent in ink) cleaning the heads on them.

    If you can afford it then this is a no brainer.
  18. RickyWong's avatar
    Greta price. Bought mine for £250 off amazon with code a couple of years back. Excellent printer and produce great quality. Printed some quick photos as well and looked pretty decent.
  19. FoO.ShAKeS's avatar
    The box is bloomin' 'uuuuuuge! Courier almost fell over lugging it to the front door (edited)
    Welliesorter's avatar
    Never mind the size of the box. It's heavy!

    The AO site says it weighs 9.8kg which is plain wrong. The Brother and Amazon sites give it as 23.2kg. That sounds about right. I found it challenging just to move it from one side of the room to the other. You need to find a permanent corner for it and leave it there.

    It is a seriously impressive bit of kit though and I'm amazed at how easy it is to print from different devices. You can also use the Brother app to scan to cloud storage.
  20. Joy87's avatar
    Ordered thanks!
  21. alphaomega16's avatar
    Also this price on Amazon as well if you would rather deal with them but says 1-3 month delivery, not sure if you would get it sooner though. (edited)
  22. ady85's avatar
    Whatcha gona do BROTHERRRR when the ink runs out ?! (edited)
    FragileBoris's avatar
    Replace the toner?
  23. Maverick85's avatar
    Damn, want the scan option, but still cant justify the price of jumping from my 8250cdn
  24. hifiboy's avatar
    how much is usually the ink replacement cost?

    how much is the ink replacement cost? (edited)
    RickyWong's avatar
    I am on the set of original after a couple of years. Plenty left and not mad with printing but print them often enough like 5-10 sheets mixed B&W and colour for kids home work on weekly basis. (edited)
  25. krismarek's avatar
  26. Welliesorter's avatar
    Showing in stock and the site has just allowed me to order. Delivery costs £6 for next day or £4 within three days.
    HappyShopper's avatar
  27. krismarek's avatar
    Quastion.What app is the best to print photos from the smartphone and how to setup gloss paper in printer?
    Welliesorter's avatar
    If it's an iPhone, you don't really need an app as it's built in to the operating system.

    With either kind of phone, there's the Brother iPrint&Scan app that can be used for printing documents and pictures.

    Not sure about the glossy paper. There is a manual paper feeder but I haven't explored what kind of paper it takes.

    Do bear in mind that an inkjet will always be better for photos. This printer is better for documents and for not getting clogged up if you don't use it for a while. (edited)
  28. thomastuk's avatar
    Is this good for printing photos?
    Welliesorter's avatar
    Photos are way better than I expected but a laser printer won't be as good for photos as an inkjet. The details are good but the colours aren't very natural.

    The main reason I chose this is because, unless I suddenly decide to write a novel or do a PhD, I'm not expecting to use it very heavily. A laser won't clog up if it's unused for a while. The scanner is a bonus.

    On the other hand, it's a fairly heavy-duty device and would probably be fine as an office printer.

    For what it's worth, Brother disagrees with me: brother.co.uk/sup…tos
  29. Father-Jemima-Racktool's avatar
    Hulk Hogan's preferred brand of printer
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