Brother PT-E100 Handheld Label Printer at Maplins, £19.99

Brother PT-E100 Handheld Label Printer at Maplins, £19.99

Found 28th May 2016
There appear to small quantities of these in stock at Maplin stores in the Thames Valley area (near to me). Seems a bargain, but I need larger labels with my eyesight.

Hmm. I've just read some reviews at Staples. Mixed views on this one (wastes tape by printing a leader, etc.).


Product details

Brother PT-E100 Handheld Label Printer

• Handheld machine
• 1 frame, 168 symbols, 37 of which are bespoke electrician/installer symbols
& 54 keys
• 12mm max tape width
• Supplied with 1 x 12mm black on white tape (4m)
• ABC keyboard
• 16 characters x 1 line display
• 20mm per second print speed
• Auto power cut off
• Requires 6 x AAA batteries
• Convenient built-in cutter
• Easy to read graphical LCD screen
• Professional electrical labelling modes
• 3 year back to base warranty (upon registration)

Labels are never more powerful than when they concern safety which is where the PT-E100 handheld label printer comes into its own.

The cutting-edge machine is designed specifically for electricians and installers and comes with a range of features to make life easier.

This machine includes a choice of electrical labelling modes (including cable flag, cable wrap and face), plus 168 built-in symbols, ensuring every job is undertaken clearly and precisely.

Comes with a 3 year warranty, tape catalogue, user guide and 4m black on white starter tape (12mm).

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I have a Brother and an expensive Dymo. The Brother is a far better machine and prints clear text. Tip buy the cheap refills from China on eBay. They work perfectly and are 1/10 the cost of branded ones.
I bought 2 of these about 4mths ago off of CPC they have been brilliant and as said about buy the cheap refills off of the bay.
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Bought Brother P-Touch H101C on Ebay for £13.45 which is excellent. Also bought cheap refills which work well with the machine.

Bought Brother P-Touch H101C on Ebay for £13.45 which is excellent. Also bought cheap refills which work well with the machine.

Either the lead or end can be configured down (one not both). What we do is type out as many labels as we can until it runs out of characters.
Thanks a lot I've ordered one gonna pick it up tomorrow.
I did a bit of research on the wasted tape. The reason is because the cutter is about an inch from the print head.
So unfortunately there's no way to reduce the first inch being wasted when you print a set of labels.
However, it does have a feature called "chain print".
What this does is put a sort of "cut here" marker after each label you print so that it doesnt have to feed the end of the label to the cutter. This means you dont have to waste an inch of label before every label you want to print, only the first one of your batch.
So actually its not THAT bad, I suppose...
Hope that helps you guys that are considering buying one or already have one and didn't know how to use it properly.
Technology has moved on.
I still have one of those "turn the dial and click" embossing label makers.
I bought it when I was at school.
Gone up to £24.99 now.
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