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Posted 21 June 2023

Brother PT-E110 Label Maker, P-Touch Electrician Label Printer (German keyboard) £26.86 via Amazon EU on Amazon

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I've been after one of these for a few months and notice the price drop.

Thought it was a decent enough deal to warrant buying it.

Currently £51 ish in most places.

Brother PT-E110 Label Maker, P-Touch Electrician Label Printer, Handheld, QWERTY Keyboard, Up to 12mm Labels, Includes 12mm Black on White Tape Cassette

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About this item
  • Functions: Five dedicated keys give you immediate access to labelling functions specifically developed for cable wrapping, cable flagging, faceplate labels and printing multiple labels with sequentially incremented numbers, this makes label creation fast and efficient
  • Easy to use: Many labels consist of identifiers with a combination of letters and numbers, the dedicated numeric keypad allows quick entry of numbers with one finger
  • Uses: Includes 200 icons/symbols on your labels, from categories such as electrical, audio/video, security and network infrastructure
  • Print up to 12 MM: You can print labels in 3.5, 6, 9 and 12 mm tape widths, brother TZe tapes are available in up to 60 different colour and size combinations
  • Tested to the extreme - Only brother genuine tapes are rigorously tested to be temperature, sunlight, water, fade and abrasion resistant
  • Product Dimensions: ‎5.8 x 11.1 x 20.4 cm; 400 Grams

Produce clear, durable labels up to 12mm instantly on-site.

Perfect for:
  • Electrical wires and cables
  • Switch/socket labels
  • Consumer units
  • Patch panels

Supplies for this device: TZe tapes up to 12mm in width.
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German (QWERTZ) keyboard layout
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  1. m4dm3n's avatar
    Due to design of this label maker amount of tape wastage is unreal. 40mm gap in front of every label which also means you need to have a scissor handy for every job.
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    It’s ridiculous how much wasteage you get with these. I’ve found the best way to cut down is set max length to auto and then put a couple of spaces between each label ident, then as you say you have to use scissors/sidecutters to each label individually.
  2. polarbaba's avatar
    Max is 12mm label width, I would want a bit more flexibility, such as the 24mm model.

    Any of those on offer? (edited)
  3. randomusername7605281935's avatar
    I have this one and 2 Dymo ones before it. This is much better to use and more user friendly. But yeah like the other person said theres a big gap in front when printing even with the setting changed, so if you print a short 1 word label you'll end up with half of it being blank/wasted space even with the margins set to 0. Definitely need scissors or cutters when using this for short labels which sucks and is a deal breaker for some. Lots of brother printers have the same issue.

    I'd be tempted to just get a little cheap bluetooth one these days anyway.
    messyhead's avatar
    I think it’s by design, so you get through the label rolls quicker and then have to buy more.
  4. bangytupper's avatar
    Big Clive on Youtube did a vid about these machines, and why there's a bit of wasteage when printing labels:

    I have the big brother to this printer, thePTE300. The Dymo Rhino 5200 that the 300 replaced, can't hold a candle to the 300.

    The labels from the Brother are plastic backed before you stick them down, the Dymo were paper. Every time I went to use the Dymo, the backing would not tear off correctly, resulting in lots of wasteage, and the cartridges werent cheap.

    The Brother labels are laminated which does cause a small amount of unuseable material if you're doing one-off labels, but it's pretty minimal. It's about15mm, off the top of my head, but the quantity of label in each cartridge is also far greater than the Dymo, which mitigates the wasteage in my opinion.

    I've also bought a number of non-Brother replacement tapes from Amazon (search for tze tapes), which are cheap as chips, and seem to be as good as the originals. Using these, the 'wasteage' is a fraction of a penny and insiginificant. Again, in my opinion. Your mileage might vary.
  5. mickymcd's avatar
    Cheers tdk2bu just orderd looking about some great price third party tape cassettes for these too my brother model done me well by had it ages
  6. rapuchy's avatar
    Thanks for sharing ordered one .
  7. HPMan's avatar
    Some instructions on saving tape

  8. Inquis's avatar
    Ordered one and it was a QWERTZ keyboard. Look at the reviews.
    If you can put up with that it’s a good product.
  9. Eagerbeaver's avatar
    So this is really aimed at electricians. If a general label printer is needed, I'd go for one which links to your phone rather than an all in one unit like this.
  10. alfie66's avatar
    I have a similar model by Brother (GL-H105) and my only advice is if you intend to use it a lot is to get a mains adapter as these things go through 6 AAA batteries in no time.
  11. lil_keysy's avatar
    Agree with the label wastage and needing scissors but got a cheap set of comparable label rolls on Amazon and haven't run out so if you can get over the big spaces it's a good buy, had mine for over 3 years
  12. BeerGoggles's avatar
    Has anyone bought the brother model often sold at Lidle for under £20? Just wondering how this compares as I'm in no hurry. (edited)
    tdk2bu's avatar
    tdk2bu Author
    If I remember correctly it wasn't a qwerty layout. It's abcde etc which put me off. Otherwise I don't think there's that much in it.
  13. Big_Nun's avatar
    Just Y?
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