Brown leather recliner and stool was £499.00 now £201.69 (With Vocher Code) + Free Delivery @ Debenhams

Brown leather recliner and stool was £499.00 now £201.69 (With Vocher Code) + Free Delivery @ Debenhams

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Found 4th Jul 2009
From our classy collection of charming furniture for your living room comes this great value brown leather recliner and stool.

Clean with damp cloth
This item can be delivered to UK mainland only (delivery not available to Ireland, Channel Islands and Scottish Isles)
Dimensions: chair: 75cm wide, 82cm deep, 98cm high. Stool: 51 cm wide, 41 cm deep, 39.5cm high.


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i think this should be my new office chair lol ...looks sooooo comfy

If it makes a farting sound every time you sit in it I am buying one!

(like the chairs in The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin, Leonard Rossiter was just superb in that role!)

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Thanks, wasn't aware it had gone wonky. I've fixed now thanks

I've just ordered this as the sale is still on.

I will post an update to it's comfortability!

Free delivery is within 5 days.

Forget the five day delivery time.

I ordered it and waited for Debenhams to contact me to give me a delivery day.

I heard nothing so I emailed them and asked which day I should wait in. I got a short and sweet email back saying that Debenhams don't give delivery dates!!!

Did they really expect me to wait in every day for five days on the chance the chair would come that day? Apparently, yes they did!

I sent another email to them saying that it was the summer holidays and whilst I didn't mind staying in on a particular day to wait for the delivery, I was not prepared to wait in every day with the children.

I have bought clothng from debenhams and of course that fits through the letterbox but I could hardly expect the delivery man to leave a chair and footstool on my doorstep!

I asked if they could possibly phone me to give me a date. I got a very rude email back saying that they had already told me that they don't give delivery dates!

I then phoned up which I was annoyed about as it costs to phone them and I made a complaint. Then I got a manager emailing me with a curt, sorry and that I will get a phone call nearer the delivery time.

So, instead of the five day delivery it is now 25 days that I have had the item delivered today!

The courier did phone me a couple of days ago to inform me that they were delivering (dhl) and they were extrememly nice and helpful and mentioned that lots of debenham customers had the same problem.

Anyway I got it now and its very nice but does require assembly which looks rather complicated.

Debenhams customer service in this instance has been carp.
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