Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket RRP £300 NOW £39.99 - 47.94 incl Shipping @ Amazon

Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket RRP £300 NOW £39.99 - 47.94 incl Shipping @ Amazon

Found 4th Feb 2010
Product features from Amazon

Browning Platinum Nano 75 Badminton Racket RRP £300
Brand New 2007 Browning Top-Of-The-Range Racket
Average unstrung frameweight - 70-75g
Construction - 100% Nano Carbon - Titanium
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why do amazon state "Brand new unused racket"?:?
I dont know i just copied and pasted the product features dude but just incase people may think it wont come in packaging or anything. I don't know lol
It comes in a polybag and a large retangular box, these are brand new. I posted this link yesterday and people on here did not like it, the general opinion was that they think this amazon vendor (racketworld are artificially stating high RRP prices).

Yesterday's link:…cke which also lists this racket…772

In short, if your planning to spend that amount of money into a racquet your best looking at more popular brands.. Mid range yonex/carlton/ashaway or forza is in a good direction to be in. Obviously there are others but unfortunately this isn't one of them. Voted cold.

site for bench mark badminton gear:…ome

Alternatively read into badminton central forum bit more (1st link), you'll get the jist which sort of brand/model people recommend for standard of play. HTH.

P.S. RRP on this is stupid behond belief. Most top of the range Yonex racquet is around £200 (Yonex is considered by many (NOT ALL) to have the best racquets if money was no object)
This is not sold by Amazon but by private seller RACKETWORLD.

This seller also sells on a well known auction site. Not saying the rackets are no good but definately not worth the RRP and definately not sold by Amazon.
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