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Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axil Chronograph 38MM £3350 @ Browns Family Jewellers
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
Another pretty well priced Omega. Something for the weekend....

My phone tells the time just as well 🤪 (lol)




38mm too small. would help if the title on Browns website could actually spell Co-Axial.


If you have a watch like this i might, just might go on a date with you.


One day this will come in at the right price and I will buy it.

Omega Planet Ocean Co Axial 600m - Browns Family Jewellers - £4250
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Posted 14th AugPosted 14th Aug
This is a very good price I think. It's cheaper than quite a few of the used ones at Chrono24

39.5mm, great size!


and? Just saying for deals on stuff like this its better to haggle at a shop probably at the end of the month and at the end of the day. Likely you will get a much better deal than any posted on here as its individually negotiated. I got 30% of my last watch just by offering a price and saying take it or leave it and leaving my mobile number with the jeweller. He called me back half an hour after I left the shop. Must have had a quiet day. Couldn't find an Oris anywhere near the price I paid online.


You've posted one deal in 8 years!


I don't know why people keep posting deals on expensive watches. It's like posting sticker prices on cars or jewellery Just go in and make an offer and negotiate a price. You should never pay the sticker price for something as expensive as this. Most jewellers will probably match or improve on this price. Just be prepared to haggle and walk away. They have had stock sitting there for months and want to shift it.


Can't see where to add to basket, I'm Guessing they're sold out now.

Omega Planet Ocean Co Axial 600m Watch - - £4250 delivered @ Browns Family Jewellers
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Pretty good price for this one. In fact, second hand is this price...

aren't we all! :D a maid in the kitchen and a heuer in the bedroom...


Got the black dial for under £4k from Beaverbrooks when it was on sale last week. The model was being discontinued i was told. Though I think 43.5 mm dial is still available on full price.


Still a crazy price, RRP was around £4500 at launch, so even with 15% off it should have been in the region of £3800.


Yep from market Cross jewellers had a 15% discount code. (y)


Says 2 year warranty but should be 5?

Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph - @ Browns
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Omega Seamaster 300m Chronograph - @ Browns£4,950£6,00018%
This is the first reduction I've seen for a dealer price. Usually priced at £6000 This is the newest version of the Seamaster Diver 300 chronograph. MOVEMENT: AUTOMATIC DIAL: BLU… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*





You lost me at 'Actually' 💤💤and I think your post proved your own point - If you have nothing positive to say don't say anything' Now I have to go, I have to go wash and wax my Ford Fiesta. And I don't care who cares. 😜😜


Actually your initial post was a silly comment, based upon a total lack of understanding of product warranties, including the basis upon which they are offered, or their actual value to the purchaser. It revolved purely around your own interpretation, totally missing the fact that a warranty on a static object and a warranty on an item containing moving parts will be entirely different. At one point you even suggested that a company should offer a warranty on the basis of being a household name and the whole thing only served to identify you as a mindless consumer. My response was a somewhat tongue-in-cheek recognition of this, albeit remaining polite which, following your most recent nonsense, I no longer feel quite so obliged to be. Your continued posting about your finances is very odd and I can only imagine a hint to your own lack of self worth. Excepting one individual, who seems to identify you as an easy target for antagonism, the majority of other responses have indicated there is no interest in your financial position, or for that matter, whether or not you buy the posted watch. It’s somewhat a moot point suggesting that a comment that aims to draw attention to the fact that the comments are going off topic, is not on topic in itself, but that seems to have escaped you and amusingly you’ve even gone as far as to appear to claim it as some kind of intellectual victory. Anyway, don’t buy the watch because you have issues regarding the warranty.... nobody cares. Buy the watch to prove your point (whatever it is).... nobody cares. Buy the watch just to spite me or others (btw this is really weird)... nobody cares. Whatever your decision, just thank the OP for posting on your way out.


So where is there any positive mention of the watch in this post? Ah! There isn't? But you used your post to have a good rant, what's the difference. Most posts on here have nothing to do with the deal. My original comment was a valid comment on the warranty period, others decided to take it to a different level. I might even buy this watch now just because I can. :{

Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axil Chronograph 38MM BROWNS - £3350
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Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Omega Speedmaster 38 Co-Axil Chronograph 38MM BROWNS - £3350£3,350£4,09018%
I felt bad that there hadn't been an Omega deal yet today so I found one! Pretty, pretty good price i think...

I apologise. On the internet nowerdays, it's hard diciphering whether the poster is being sarcastic or genuinely being obnoxious. It's generally 50/50!


I think that you can take anything back to Harrods. Like M&S is/was


you can't get a refund from Hermes.


Some people buy a hundred grand handbag, take it to China to the world's best forgers then take that one back to the shop to try to get a refund! They are so good they have to get the manufacturer in to verify


Tell me about it! My wife's handbags 2 birkins Kelly Constance

Tommy Hilfiger Sloane Silver Dial Rose Gold Plated Watch - £78 Delivered @ Browns Family Jewelers
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Posted 23rd Oct 2019Posted 23rd Oct 2019
Tommy Hilfiger Sloane Silver Dial Rose Gold Plated Watch - £78 Delivered @ Browns Family Jewelers£78
Tommy Hilfiger Sloane Silver Dial Rose Gold Plated Watch 1781760 £75 @ Browns Family Jewelers Standard UK Delivery £3 Next Day Delivery £5 Free UK Delivery On Orders Over £250 … Read more

Gold effect watch like this is not going to wear that well , would be bet in silver.


I ordered 6 watches from Browns so called Family jewellers and they cancelled the next day and said a few were under priced as it was the usual computer error! They didn't honour the prices or give a £#i? that they had messed around a customer!

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Mondaine Helvetica 2nd time zone 40 mm AR Sapphire crystal £186.45 Browns Family Jewellers
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Posted 28th May 2019Posted 28th May 2019
Mondaine Helvetica 2nd time zone 40 mm AR Sapphire crystal £186.45 Browns Family Jewellers£186.45
Ideal travel watch, two time zone running at the same time but keeping that unique clean Swiss Mondaine design. Mondaine has launched the Mondaine Helvetica 2nd time zone in the r… Read more

Weird that they named the watch after the font


Almost like it's 'designed by craftsmen, finished off by someone in marketing' :(


Totally agree!


God knows why they have put all that nonsense writing in the watch (helvetica swiss made) Mondaine would have been sufficient, IMHO it's ruined this lovely watch.

CASIO G-SHOCK GST-W300-1AER with multi band and solar at Browns Family Jewellers for £177
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Posted 3rd Mar 2019Posted 3rd Mar 2019
CASIO G-SHOCK GST-W300-1AER with multi band and solar at Browns Family Jewellers for £177£177
Was looking for a G-Shock that will also be smart enough for work without looking like I want to join the army. Tried this on and it seems to fit the bill. G-Shocks are not for ev… Read more

It's £168.15 at H S Johnson


Great watch, got the blue version for £99 from a deal that’s been on here a few times. Very nice and just subtle enough to wear for many different occasions.

Omega Seamaster Co Axial Auto £2350 @ Browns family jewellers RRP £2770
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Posted 21st Apr 2017Posted 21st Apr 2017
Omega Seamaster Co Axial Auto £2350 @ Browns family jewellers RRP £2770£2,350
Nice watch RRP £2770
Get deal*Get deal*

Not when its wrapped around your wrist it is not. Also if you ever need any quick cash and buy the right watch/gold chain you can always sell it for instant cash.i bought my omega for £550 in 2000 and sold it in for £950 in 2009.


Seems to be £125 cheaper at the same shop following this link


A good classic watch is a great investment, if affordable!


Most Omega (albeit Speedmaster) owners wear theirs on a Tuesday. It's actually a thing. Nice watch, and great price. Don't know why this is cold.


Functionally, a piece of string is more useful than a gold chain though ;)

CLUSE WATCH £118.96 @ Browns family jewellers
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Posted 4th Apr 2017Posted 4th Apr 2017
CLUSE WATCH £118.96 @ Browns family jewellers£118.96
Just accepted my delivery from browns family jewellers for this CLUSE watch! Absolutely beautiful! Don't miss out! CHEAPEST ONLINE very happy with my purchase!
Get deal*Get deal*
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size Chronometer With Orange Bezel - £3155 @ Brown's Family Jewellers
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Posted 3rd Apr 2017Posted 3rd Apr 2017
Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Big Size Chronometer With Orange Bezel - £3155 @ Brown's Family Jewellers£3,155
A little cheaper than the Goldsmiths deal.

​was posted when I said it was posted


Hi Guys, I am the head of eCommerce at browns family jewellers, we have six stores around Yorkshire. I think we are the cheapest online at the moment for Omega and Tag. We have been around for a long while. Please see our trust pilot page


​Done a search.I see the Goldsmith post and one other from Browns dated over a year ago.


​I believe they have 5 shops in the North Yorkshire area listed on their website,maybe someone on here can confirm, agree they are not listed as authorised dealers on Omega website. They probably would not get authorised due to the heavy discounts they offer. Never the less Omega wants to shift watches like everyone else, wouldn,t surprise me if Browns order direct from them. One thing I know from fact is that you can get a really good discount from a authorized dealer just ask! especially the smaller ones. In December last year I enquired at authorised dealerTB Mitchell in Perth on the best deal that he couuld offer on a Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch, he got the calculator out and hit a few buttons and gave me a price of £2800 list was £3340. They ordered one for me from Omega which I purchased in January came with the large box,nato,velcro straps,loupe the whole package. Omega have just recently increased the prices on their watches also.


posted yesterday

OMEGA SEAMASTER PLANET OCEAN 45.5mm CHRONOMETER - £2,975.00 @ Browns Family Jewellers
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Posted 5th Feb 2016Posted 5th Feb 2016
OMEGA SEAMASTER PLANET OCEAN 45.5mm CHRONOMETER - £2,975.00 @ Browns Family Jewellers£2,975
R.R.P. £3,800.00 - £2,975.00 (Saving £825.00) 0% finance available It was with OMEGA’s maritime legacy in mind that the brand launched its Planet Ocean line in 2005. The stylish O… Read more

Lol, an Omega watch can be classed as a lifetime purchase, meaning obviously it's a lot of money but the quality is of a superb class that will last the years. The resale value is also there for the future. When banks are offering dismal interest rates and you have the disposable, I can't see this as being a bad buy. Buy what you can afford, dream of what you can't, just be sensible with it.


I would


Purchased a Brietling watch Xmas day from this company via their website. Paid the deposit, went through the agreed finance process, order placed. Delivery expected within 21 days. At very nearly four months after several emails & calls telling me it wont be much longer, I receive an email out of the blue telling me they've refunded my payment & will be cancelling the credit agreement. I cant remember a time when I've been treated so badly by a company. The watch I ordered is still freely available in reputable retailers not buying from the "Grey market". This company should honour their agreements with customers, but don't feel the need to treat customers with the respect they deserve. I'd avoid this company like the plague in future, opting instead to purchase from a reputable source. I wonder how many others have experienced the same thing from this company!? Disgraceful to say the least!


No mate :( I'm confident it will be this week though


Any joy yet?