Bruce Lee in 'Fury of the Dragon' £1.99 + QUIDCO @POWERPLAYDIRECT + Free Delivery

Bruce Lee in 'Fury of the Dragon' £1.99 + QUIDCO @POWERPLAYDIRECT + Free Delivery

Found 22nd Nov 2009
Classic Bruce Lee Movie + 4% QUIDCO

Starring Bruce Lee as Kato and Van Williams as the Green HornetTM, the 1960s crime-fighting duo by day Britt Reid, publisher-editor of the Daily Sentinel, and his chauffeur man-servant Kato battle relentlessly against the forces of urban evil. This movie takes Kato and the Green HornetTM on four epic adventures, including trying to stop a plot to oust a young prince of a foreign power and exposing two crooked cops, a case that leads to the Green HornetTM being wounded and then nearly killed. Kato and the Green HornetTM are then pushed to the very limit by a well organised gang carrying out a million dollar art heist, and using a fantastic ray gun to remove anyone in their path. Could this include our crime-fighting duo? Finally, the last adventure takes our heroes into the dark underworld of drug-trafficking, testing all their crime-fighting skills. Edited with Bruce Lee s on-screen magnetism in mind, the film has an abundance of extra, spectacular fight scenes. The Fury Of The Dragon represents one of the last unreleased Bruce Lee feature films, and is a must for all lovers of the martial arts and comic book heroes everywhere.

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It's just a few episodes of The Green Hornet edited in to a movie.
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