Bruin My First Drum Kit, half price, £14.99 @ Toysrus

Bruin My First Drum Kit, half price, £14.99 @ Toysrus

Found 15th Mar 2011
Just bought one and it's great! Really sturdy and good fun and a bargain at half price1
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Every toddler needs a drum kit!
has been this price for a long time (my 4 year old had it on her second birthday) it didn't last long before the drums fell off. Very poorly made, but good for short term fun.
We've had this drum kit for a couple of years now and it's still going strong despite a regular thrashing from our 3 year old and his friends. It's brilliant, well made and keeps him well entertained. Would definitely recommend!
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Bear in mind that the kids might start driving you mad with this at some stage
Thanks for this great deal! It has been featured over on the HUKD blog ]Playpennies!
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