Bruno Bluray - BRAND NEW @ Tesco Outlet eBay inc. postage £2.49

Bruno Bluray - BRAND NEW @ Tesco Outlet eBay inc. postage £2.49

Found 29th Nov 2017Edited by:"cocogumbo"
Not a film for everyone but hey.. BORAT trickster Sacha Baron Cohen returns to the big screen to offer yet another stinging dose of socio-political satire in this comedy that finds him assuming the persona of gay fashionmonger Bruno, the self-proclaimed 'voice of Austrian youth TV'. Originally conceived as part of Baron Cohen's cult television series DA ALI G SHOW, the character of Bruno offered a cleverly costumed Baron Cohen the opportunity to highlight the absurdities of the fashion industry by interviewing unsuspecting fashion icons and other haute couture hangers-on.
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i heard he's going to play jihadi john in a musical version of the Syrian war ( can it be true?)
Edited by: "psychoid" 29th Nov 2017
How do you get dvd on Blu-ray? Which is it please, as picture?
Is this the bloke that has sex with sheep or come to think about it did my mate put the wrong Blu Ray back in the box. That's happened to me before but it was a gardening DVD.
cocogumbo3 h, 39 m ago

It's a Bluray.

Probably best to take DVD out of the title if you want it to go hot. Great find by the way

Although I just checked and it's out of stock already
Edited by: "Dekard97" 29th Nov 2017
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