Brut gift set only £1.99 instore @ Superdrug

Brut gift set only £1.99 instore @ Superdrug

Found 30th Dec 2016
Superdrug sells Brut giftset at £1.99. It has aftershave lotion and deodorant. Lotion itself sells at about £5 ish so it's a good deal.
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link to product? not appearing in search
think this has long sold out

​link doesn't open up to anything.. could be my phone
Remind me of Brut Aquatonic from the 90s
Beautiful Kev
Seeing that picture has made my year
This stuff is a babe magnet. He knows it works.
Lots of this stuff about in Superdrug at moment - I picked up some old spice packs (body spray and aftershave) for my dad at a £1 each.
Brut shower gel is toxic. Word of warning - if you have BO, don't use it! Just threw it in the bin. Playing mind tricks on me.
splash it all over Kevin Keegan.
Brut still exists?! oO
You must smell pretty vile if Brut offers any improvement!

think this has long sold out

...since about 1973??

...since about 1973??

​ X) X) X)
Go to any pub at throwing out/up time and you get the same smell for free.
heat for the photo X)
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