Brütal Legend £1.19 on

Brütal Legend £1.19 on

Found 10th Jan 2018
The vivid and wildly creative world of Brütal Legend is brought to life through a spate of chrome, leather, rocker babes, epic music, fire-breathing/stud-wearing beasts, mountains made of guitar amps, and more. Follow Eddie as he embarks on a tour of epic destruction with an axe, a guitar, and his minions as he commands the power of rock in epic band battles. It’s lighter-flicking awesomeness that will melt your face clean off.
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Was free on humble a few weeks back, but good deal
Got it free a few weeks back, cant say ive got around to playing it but the community reviews around this have been amazing since its release a long while back
This is some game, I fired 100 hours into it easy.
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