Brutal Legend (XBOX 360) - £8 @ Tesco

Brutal Legend (XBOX 360) - £8 @ Tesco

Found 9th Sep 2010Made hot 14th Sep 2010
Gamespot Review - 8.5/10 (Great)

This is a great price for a great game which will give you hours of fun!

Description -

Save the world with the power of rock, as the greatest legends of heavy metal take on the forces of darkness. Jack Black voices roadie Eddie Riggs, who gets sucked into a fantasy world inspired by the most outrageous album covers and populated by music-hating demons. Not only does Eddie get a regular axe to wield but the guitar he brings with him from the real world is able to summon powerful magic when played. The game's a third person beat 'em-up at heart, but you've also got your own customisable car to drive and armies of followers to command once you get further into the game. On top of that you get to team up with rock superstars like Ozzy Osbourne and Lemmy from Motorhead, each of which can help out with their own monster-slaying moves. With a hilarious script from the best writer in gaming this game rocks more ways than you count. Key Features Rock 'n' roll: Demon fighting, hot rod racing, outrageous comedy and heavy metal collide in the funniest and bloodiest music game ever seen


Totally worth it

Great music, awesome world, fun free roaming, unbearably bad strategy elements. I'm a pc strategy gamer and this is one of the games that just proves that strategy should stay on pc. It could have been a 10/10 game if it had been a fleshed out free roamer with big battles.

Cheaper in Argos - £6.99 (if you can find stock that is!) Bought a PS3 copy yesterday (£7.99)

Many thanks, tombarrettuk! We've featured this deal on Dealspwn, HUKD's gaming blog.
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