BT 100 Digital Baby Monitor £22.99 @ Amazon UK
BT 100 Digital Baby Monitor £22.99 @ Amazon UK

BT 100 Digital Baby Monitor £22.99 @ Amazon UK

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Digital DECT technology with Hi-Def sound wit fully adjustable volume and sensitivity
Multiple polyphonic lullabies and night light with adjustable brightness
Range up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors, out-of-range warning
Comes with travel bag, belt clip and rechargeable batteries for parent unit
Manufacturers recommended age: Birth and upwards


This is a fantastic deal. Should go nuclear. Got one of these when our daughter was born and it's been absolutely invaluable. Might buy another now just for leaving at the grandparents house

Bargain many thanks Just ordered one!

Bargain price. Boots are over £50 for this model! Heat added.

Thanks, ordered one. Heat added.

This is even cheaper the the ebay/argos refurb one that I got and it seemed a great buy then!!

For this price These are a great security extra to listen in the garage/shed.
I used our old ones on a low setting for my detached garage where I keep my motorbike & my expensive mountain bikes. My sister did the same & they did prevent some scrote from breaking in because she heard them whispering & pushing/attacking the steel door. Cops came but they'd got away. Cops said it was a great idea

I've just seen Mothercare's price promise on the ear thermometer thread. If the product is over 20 pounds mothercare match the price and send you a 10 pound voucher.

UPDATE: Seems there may be a problem with the price match dropping below the free delivery threshold....meaning you may pay the 4.95 on top.

Applying the same deal here could be corking ? (Mothercare is more expensive and 5.05% cashback at topcashback)



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haha I ordered one of these yesterday from amazon at the price of £28.79 soming and its not dispatched yet and now they've put the price down to this.

Anyone know if I can get some money back, because it already says dispatching soon so I can't cancel the order now and don't really want the hassle of returning the item.

fantastic price though hot

Looks good with a great price. Hot.

Give them a call and they should "correct" the price. The alternative for them is that you reject the delivery so changing the price is easier all round.

nice one mate, comes in handy with an elderly parent especially with the intercom.

This is a good price, but please read the reviews on these before purchasing. They have problems with the sound not transmitting properly, the lights light up but
there is no sound which is no good if you are asleep and using them to know when your baby wakes up. I bought the next model up of these last week from amazon & am now having to return them as mine gave that very problem along with other problems. I didn't read the reviews as I'd had a previous model of bt monitor & they were brilliant & thought these would be too, but unfortunately not.
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I've got these and they a brill, a lot of those reviews are people not knowing how to use them. Ie how to turn mute on and off.

Mine have got the volume turned right up & the sensitivity on the highest level, so I can hear a continuous noise through them, but as soon as my daughter made a noise they flashed but went silent! It's so frustrating as now I have to spend hours trying to find an alternative!

Yeah I have read a few reviews about this having a few problems and a fair few people saying that they have to keep getting it replaced because it breaks down and that BT are no help at all but people are saying that amazon are great and replace them no problems.

so at this price definatly worth it

These are great. I have one for our kids and have had no problems for the last 2 years.

As I said earlier about purchasing one of these yesterday and the price changing I emailed them about possibly refunding the difference otherwise I'll just send the item back back and then order from mothercare and get them to price match, but to my surprise I got a email back pretty quick saying this :

Thanks for writing to us about the recent price change on "BT 100 Digital Baby Monitor". I recognise you have a choice of retailers and appreciate that you prefer to order from us. Please note that we do not extend a post-order price guarantee.

I've reviewed your order and see that the price change was significant and you just received this item from us. Under the circumstances, I'll make a one-time exception for you and issue a refund for the price difference in the amount of 5.31. Refunds usually go through within 2 to 3 business days and you will see this amount credited on your next statement.

On the date the refund is completed, we'll send you an e-mail message confirming the date, amount and payment details. You can see completed refunds when you visit Your Account, after receiving this confirmation e-mail.

You can view returns and refunds by clicking the "Your Account" link at the top of any of our website pages. Then click the "Your Orders" button under the Orders section. On the left side of the order you choose, select "View Order Details". Completed returns and refunds will appear at the bottom of the individual order's summary page.

Please understand that I'm issuing this refund because of the exceptional circumstances, and I'm doing this for you against our standard policy.

Haha me 1 - Amazon 0

But I think they've only done this because of the hassle ive had over orders from them over christmas period and not receiving items in time.

Great price, thanks!

Great price and it's brand new not refurb!

Out of stock

I have tried five different baby monitors over the years, and this one is superb. As Tinkerbell28 says you need to know how to use them properly and they will give you years of great service (well that's my experience anyway)

Expired now.
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