BT 8600 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone with Answer Machine (Quad Handset Pack) was £119.99 now £69.99 with code @ Amazon

BT 8600 Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone with Answer Machine (Quad Handset Pack) was £119.99 now £69.99 with code @ Amazon

Found 20th Jan 2017
The BT 8600 Advanced Call Blocker, powered by trueCall's multi-award winning technology, offers users complete control over which calls they want to take and those they wish to block. The BT 8600 includes BT Premium Call Blocking , which means you'll never have to speak to another cold caller again. Customisable Call Blocking settings give you complete flexibility. For those times when you just want some peace and quiet, switch on Do Not Disturb so that your phone won't ring or light up. If you want key friends and family to still get through, you can do, by tagging them as VIP's in your address book.

Use code BIGTHANKS to reduce price.

Tesco & Argos £83.99
BT shop - £99.99
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Good price.

I remember 20 years ago I purchased my first BT-Siemens Diverse DECT phone for £150 (for one unit). Okay, it saved me money by using the intercom to a house 4 doors when call costs were high. I ended up with 6 units on 2 lines all connected. Two still work! I do not use my land-lines for outgoing calls. How times have changed.

When buying a DECT phone I would suggest you check if it uses AA rechargeable batteries or some expensive obscure battery that is expensive to replace.

I wonder if anyone will have a land-line in 20 years time.
great phone set for the money,heat.
I have this and it has completely stopped nuisance callers. No more ambulance chasers or general spam so I would definitely recommend these. However BT have their new call guardian service - it may not be exactly the same but it is free to BT customers. Still, hot for the price.
Thanks, ordered for my parents, I have the earlier 8500 model and has completely stopped all nuisance calls
how are these with a Virgin phone line?
Maximum of 1000 numbers to block is very limited these days. Get a separate call blocker for about £30 with over 5000 pre-set numbers plus 5000 more. As phones they are quite solid though.
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Had the 8500 love the blocking functions but the buttons sometimes miss and you dial the wrong number.
Many thanks have ordered these, hope the buttons are better.

how are these with a Virgin phone line?

Will work with any provider but for all functions to work, will need caller display active on the line.
Nice find vassy, we all need one, heat added
Had these for about six months now - Highly recommended. No nuisance calls - Yeah.
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