BT 8600 Call Blocking Trio £69.99 at BT Shop was £99.99

BT 8600 Call Blocking Trio £69.99 at BT Shop was £99.99

Found 15th Aug 2017
The BT8600 comes with BT's unique Virtual Assistant, which means you'll never have to speak to another cold caller again:

Virtual Assistant screens incoming calls.
Numbers on your contact list get straight through.
Numbers you have blocked are rejected.
For all other calls, the Virtual Assistant asks the caller to say their name and then asks the user whether they want to accept or block the call without speaking to the caller.
Incorporates award winning trueCall call blocking technology.
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Showing at £99.99
Same showing at £99.99, plus p&p of £3.49
Total price £103.48

Is there a code or glitch or something?
Absolutely brilliant phone,blocks all and sundry,though price could be lower.
Cold because BT in my experience are a ( Bl**dy Terrible) company. avoid like the plague.
Guys you have the wrong URL! To make it easier, when you click through just search "BV9WPK00" and you'll see the price in the offer!

PS: @Proveright, that hurts! Hopefully that experience wasn't BT Shop but we'd be keen to know if so and see how we can resolve!
Thanks BT. Link changed now. It must have stripped it when I copied/pasted. Just need a discount on the HP Sprocket now for my daughter's birthday present Too late - bought it now.
Edited by: "Graham2" 15th Aug 2017
Re BT shop comment . It is not the BT shop it is BT broad band and phone. and your accounts department.

My experience you hook someone in then for a year or 18 month contract then stealthy put the prices up , while at the same time new customers are offered cheaper deals.
The BT software in the exchange slows your internet down every month, and when you ring up you are put through to a call centre in India who reads the same script to take the plate off the socket and plug the cable in the test socket and blame your computer . The problem nearly always turns out to to be the profile set in the exchange needs need adjusting back up . ( there is no need for this software as other providers dont use it/ have it to slow you down. )

After years of suffering you go with a competitor provider who is half the price of BT who gives BT notice and you get an email from BT confirming and their is no penalty for leaving . . Despite this BT continue to take a direct debit . When you ring up to complain the person agrees you are due a refund for the money wrongly taken and transfers you to the accounts dept. .

Accounts then claims/ invents the new provider has not something right ( even though the new provider say they have )
and BT wont tell you why and what it is they are supposed to have done wrong. BT continues to bill you and threaten to cut you off for a service they are not even providing. After 3 Months of not providing any service and in fact still owing you money , they manufacture a 3 month bill , Bt pass the non existent debt to Debt collecting agency who harass you then sell the debt to another debt collecting agency who then sell the debt to another debt collecting agency.
Don't mix up the phone brand with the line rental teams. This phone is great and really does stop unwanted calls. Had quad version for a month and nothing. All my contacts can get through.
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