BT Advent Deal Bt Aviator Dab Radio £34.98 Delivered
BT Advent Deal Bt Aviator Dab Radio £34.98 Delivered

BT Advent Deal Bt Aviator Dab Radio £34.98 Delivered

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The BT Aviator 10M combines both FM and DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio stations. Digital radio listeners can enjoy up to 3 times as many stations as FM listeners with a wider range of programming. This allows you to listen to an increased number of radio stations in-near CD sound quality. With digital radio there is no interference such as hissing or crackling such as you may find on normal analogue radios. The BT Aviator 10M also has an auto scan function which ensures all those extra digital radio stations are easily found with just the touch of a button.

The BT Aviator 10M offers a unique MP3 function. MP3s can be played on the BT Aviator 10M via a SD or MMC Card (playback function).

The BT Aviator 10M has a 10 minute record and playback facility. The 10 mins record time records to internal memory and allows you to recall any broadcast information you may want to listen to again (maybe you missed the name of the track just been played or missed the weather report in the last news bulletin - now you can replay the moment). This allows you to set, record and replay the last 10 minutes of a broadcast, ensuring you never miss out on a favorite tune or bulletin.

The BT Aviator 10M has a large display screen which allows you to view useful information about the station you are listening to. Including its name, artist and song information and other broadcasting information.

The BT Aviator 10M also features an alarm clock and is both mains and battery operated.

The BT Aviator 10M incorporates all the functions of DAB technology complemented with innovative design and style and excellent stereo sound quality.


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These flew out like hotcakes last time we ran an advent offer on them, but we have managed to secure some more stock. Stock is limited and when it's gone it's gone - so hurry - get yours now!

][COLOR=#0000ff]Daily Mail Weekend, 12-18th Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'We can't get through the week without the BT Aviator 10M DAB Radio.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]Talking Business, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'The high flying BT Aviator Digital Radio. Lift your listening to another plane with BT Aviator 10M Radio, which offers a wide range of digital stations and near CD sound quality.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]Boys Toys, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'It’s pretty near the top with this first release.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]Stuff, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'BT’s Aviator strode majestically over the horizon. The Aviator can record and playback 10 minutes worth of pristine digital audio, so you can grab a beer from the fridge and saunter back into the room without missing a beat.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]What Laptop, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'The BT Aviator offers the best of both worlds, tuning you into both digital and FM stations.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]Webactive, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'If you haven't yet dabbled in the world of DAB radio you should realise that dozens of new stations are just waiting to be tapped into.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]T3, Feb 2005[/COLOR] 'When listening to the radio the only thing more annoying than Danny Baker's voice, is missing a crucial bit of your favourite programme. Handy then, that this digital radio can record and play back 10 minutes of airtime, in case you duck out for any reason. And should you get bored of what the DJ is playing, slip an SD card full of MP3s in the slot and you can hear your own music instead.'
][COLOR=#0000ff]4 stars review from ComputerActive[/COLOR], 'It's a good idea to combine FM and digital radio in a single unit.'

Somehow 1969 was in as the expiry date. Sorted now though :thumbsup:

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Thanks Emma your a star :santa:

bought this on a previous advent deal - fast service (next day delivery) and absolutely fantastic radio for this price!! :thumbsup:

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Thanks steve nice to get a members opinion.


Showing at £59.99 for me!

Don't forget 4% back on quidco or 3% from rpoints.


Showing at £59.99 for me!Don't forget 4% back on quidco or 3% from … Showing at £59.99 for me!Don't forget 4% back on quidco or 3% from rpoints.

Use the promo code a few posts above


I'd just come back to post that I'd forgot the code... doh! :thinking::oops:


This site is seriously damaging to my wealth, although a lot less damaging than paying full price

Thanks for this, I've been wanting a DAB radio and tempted by the cheap ones but this is quality at a cheap price.


This site is seriously damaging to my wealth

:giggle: Tell me about it!

Thanks for this jase71, good deal :santa:

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Thanks millarcat I'm tempted by this as well but I must resist I ordered the bush one last week :santa:

anyone want to buy me one of these!!!!!!!!!!!!

i have been conned on ebay i paid by cheque the cheque cleared and now he wont post till january i told him to send me a check but i aint got ££££ arrrrggghhhhhhhhhhh

lol if only !!!


Cheers JAse. The one I ordered from empire has apparently been sold out, not that the *******s emailed or told me about it, I had to ring them. This will make it easier to deal with.

BTW Will only let you order one at the discounted price, I wanted two but the second is still showing as £60. :-(

Thanks jase.

Ordered one and both my sisters have as well now.

Thanks Jase, just ordered one

ARGHHHHHHHHHHH i want 1!!!!!!

Apologies for appearing the dunce.......but what the hell is the code for the radio??? Could a kindly person type the thing out before my very eyes, because i'm craning to see that wee image at the top of the post. Help!!!!

guys, what is the code to use for this? I'm I just blind..........? :?


guys, what is the code to use for this? I'm I just blind..........? :?

BTHM50 - from post [COLOR=blue]#[/COLOR]][COLOR=blue]2[/COLOR]

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50ABTA I believe but they seem to have changed the deal to the alarm as the pic in post 2 has changed.

Oh sugar, you're right Jase. Maybe we need to expire this thread and start a new one.

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The item is still in stock and if you add 50ABTA as the code it is still working it just isnt advertised as the advent deal now so be quick !!

I got one of these when the last deal ran and can recommend this very highly. I received mine the very next day. Reception is fantastic and has the added advantage of an SD card slot for my mp3's. 10 minute memory function is a cool feature too.

its a steal at this price.... maybe i should get another ?

Thanks to op.

I've been looking around for this spec radio incl. Mp3 playback via sd slot!



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I have decided to go for this one before it dissapears as it looks like the bush one from last week will not be coming as they took to many orders.

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Out of stock now guys.

wow good deal as well the sd card part looks good as well


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Makes up for the Bush one that has failed to arrive so I am happy I wanted the Bt one the first time round but missed it.

Out of stock already? sigh....

Thanks.. ordered one at lunchtime glad i did not didnt realise that they would sell out so quickly.

Good work OP!!

Only problem is it is for my Gran and im going to have to convert all her CD's and Records and stick them on a memory stick for her... bah!!!!

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Keep checking just incase anyone cancels and it releases the stock back onto the system but I somehow doubt it.

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Back in stock if your quick.

18:08 No Stock

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It keeps coming in and out of stock there may be a few trickling in

Missed this last time - you snooze you lose (or booze in my case) Merry Christmas Mum, my order is on it's way!

Thanks to the OP. Ordered one, came yesterday.

Seems I can only get a signal in one room and even with a good signal if I turn the volume up over 2/3rds the sound intermittently cuts out....possibly faulty?

Also, its pretty big isnt it! Thought it was some compact little radio but its 9' wide by 8.25' tall by 4' deep. Like the menu's and sounds ok, not great but ok.

Mines going back.

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It's discontinued now they must have been clearing stock.


my one's already died :-(

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Thats bad I hope they have some for replacements.
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