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BT and FON Offer One Hour of FREE Public WiFi Hotspot Access
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BT and FON Offer One Hour of FREE Public WiFi Hotspot Access

Posted 5th Dec 2013
We are delighted to send you an early Xmas present from BT Wi-fi with Fon.To get an hour's worth of free wi-fi at the UK's largest wi-fi network, enter your details below and we will email you a promotional code that you can use on any one of our 5 million hotspots in the UK or 7 million abroad before the 15th of December. You can find out where you can use your one-hour voucher on our hotspot map.
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Thanks for the info.
Thank you!
Nice one. BT the only one I can never get access to
Thanks , nice
Thanks op. Will come in handy in the city centre.
Heat Added.
Sky cloud is good but this is more readily available. Thanks op
Already have access as BT my broadband provider

Nice find if it helps someone else
BT has 5 million hotspots in the UK because they turn all their broadband customers' routers into a hotspot for strangers to use. Good luck if you live above a restaurant or cafe that don't have their own wifi.
Cheers op
been there done that past few years

will end up doing your head in when it stops your mobile data and doesnt connect to the app.

maybe it will one day work like it used to
one single hour??, or an hour per connection... day?...
Cheers, a code per email adress so if you want more then an hour use a few email addys, you have to clear cookies after every submit though.
Good one
thanks come in handy for me my internet down due to weather and with flamedeer to catch I had 2 get on.
Awesome, I grabbed 3 hours worth hehe
Gd nice shud be constantly free
I s'pose heat for a freebie.

Their service is awful and speeds are terrible but can't cough at a free hour - that's the equivalent of loading the Facebook, Twitter, AND LinkedIN homepages
Can I have code please
Are the promo codes still available?
Wifi is life
Nice one
THanks :))

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