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BT are one of the largest communications and media companies in the UK, providing mobile phone and internet services along with Premier League football and more via BT Sport. All of these products are regularly slashed in price, and the latest BT discounts can always be found at their HotUKDeals pages. Read more

All BT (British Telecom) Deals, Discounts & Sales for December 2018

BT 50GB 4G Extra Speed - FREE Upgrade + Free BT Sports + £50 voucher on selected 4G phones. ( BT costumers ),
Refreshed 9th DecRefreshed 9th Dec
Post an update if anyone succeed it! So..log in BT account, click MOBILE VIEW PACKAGE, click CHANGE PLAN, choose EXISTING ACCOUNT, click Make changes to your existing BT Mobile p… Read more
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I’m sure you gained more from BT and contributions than anyone including customers, given the lack of knowledge, help or training given to you and your colleagues to actually service/help customers past a basic third party offshore script,just saying really that paying customers can’t get this ;)


Yes customers did pay for it, combined with all the nights that I worked etc. Just saying really that staff can't get this. ;)


Yes I know! It's very tricky if you don't pay attention :)). I am so glad that I could help someone!


Thanks for this. You really have to read the list carefully, as the long list of offers are not in any particular order with some worse plans costing more money than better ones ! Managed to get 4 family sims on 10gb a month (fine for our needs), unlimited texts / minutes, extra 4G speed and free bt sports for £31 a month total.


I dunno that’s some good pension you are moaning about that customers paid for!

BT Superfast 50mb Fibre Quidco Special £31.99 per month, includes £80 Reward Card +Fitbit Charge 3 (£129.99) + £95 Quidco @ BT Broadband
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
BT Superfast 50mb Fibre £31.99 per month, includes £80 Reward Card +Fitbit Charge 3 (£129.99) + £95 Quidco @ BT Broadband Superfast Fibre is currently reduced to £31.99 x 18 month… Read more

You need to log on to your BT account and go to my rewards, from there you can claim your MasterCard voucher. For the Fitbit I believe they are supposed to send an email to claim it 14 days after setup


Anyone has information on how to claim the MasterCard and fitbit after set up?


Deals ended - they have taken off the special offer price.


Same as dilbert, ive checked Quidco and TCB and both are showing the deal posted at £35.99 + £19.99 upfront which is not mentioned in the OP?! Can anyone other than the OP confirm that they have been able to get this deal as posted and if yes how they did it? Thanks


When i go through Quidco from the BT offer page i still see the £35.99 price on the BT website. If i look at the Quidco Compare offers i can see the reduced price, but that page only states the cashback as £25.60. I've cleared all my cookies and tried 3 different browsers. Any advice - thanks in advance

Free Upgrade To BT Superfast Fibre.
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Just received a letter from BT thanking for being a loyal customer and are offering a free BT fibre upgrade for 18 months. You should receive a letter soon, could be because i was… Read more

Sounds expensive!


I was thinking of those who currently have no discount applied, like my self.


I think you're misinterpreting it Wazz2013. If you click on the link, it says "£0 extra for 18 months" and then £52.49 after 18 months. If your existing discount expires within the 18 months then your price will go up, but you'll be tied in until the 18 months on the speed upgrade expires. It's all a very deliberate con and should, IMO, be illegal. It's designed to deliberately mislead people into signing up to a contract that will increase and then tie them into a higher price.


I believe by taking up on this offer, you are tied in to a 18month contract, after which the price would rocket up but you are able to leave or get the retention's department to offer you a better deal.


It's beneficial for those who are still on Adsl and not Fibre Plan.

BT Caller Display now free with BT Protect from  from Oct 1st.
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
BT Caller Display now free from Oct 1st. If you are a BT customer and do not have Caller Display, you can now get it for free. It is not automatic if not already included in your … Read more
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Agreed with all, should have been free in the first place, a total cheek charging all those years just to see the number of who's calling you!


Train/plane tickets, Petrol... Argos...


This post was to try to help those who were not awarw of the ofcom ruling. Also to overcome the fact that its not Automatic and how to get it if like ne you're a BT customer. Call me cynical but having to navigate the BT order process to get something that should be standard for all is made harder than perhaps it should be.


What's unreasonable? You suggested that nobody else in the world charges for things in advance. I thought of some that do!


Well done to BT. Jolly good of them to stop charging for something they're no longer allowed to charge for, and then to put up the price for everyone to cover for it.

40% Off BT Sports on Sky TV for £27.99 p/m 12 months Free for 6 months £20 upfront - £187.94
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
40%+ off BT Sport on Sky TV * Equiv. £15.67/mth for SD, £20.54/mth in HD 2 days left If you already have an active Sky TV subscription and want all four BT Sport channels, this de… Read more
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I’ve got Plusnet broadband so get BT sports app for £5 a month, I just chromecast to my tv and it’s all in HD works great.


My BT sports contract is ending. Any deals on the online app and chromecast version?


He may be asking about the Chromecast


Bt sports app... it's the app for Bt sports. Download onto a device and watch BT sports


Just as cheep to have their fibre with free BT Sports and add cashback through Quidco etc.

BT Sport HALF PRICE for 12 MONTHS £187.88
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Came accross this over the weekend and thought i would share
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Eleven Sports:


Why? Who’s showing ufc after December?


No UFC from December, I'll be cancelling mine unfortunately


The ars kicking someone up the ars. :D


Thanks OP

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BT Fibre Plus upto 67mbps Retentions deal w/ double data  £33.99 p/m 18 months
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
BT Fibre Plus upto 67mbps Retentions deal w/ double data £33.99 p/m 18 months
Called up for 3 x PAC codes for BT Mobile after signing up to plusnet for my broadband and have upgraded to this: 18 months Fibre Plus for 33.99 per month double data on 3 x Sim O… Read more

Line rental & weekend calls are included :)


Is Line rental included in £28.49 or paid upfront ?


I got Superfast Fibre Infinity 2 Unlimited Broadband with BT for £28.49/month for 18 months a couple of months ago on a retention deal.


Just called to cancel; they convinced me to stay for: £39.99 pcm = £23.99 for Infinity 1 + £16 for 20GB sim. Initial best price they offered was £41.99 and then dropped it a little. This is more than I would have ended up paying if I shopped around but couldn't be bothered going through switching process. The big downside: next time there is a massive cashback offer from BT, I wouldn't be able to get it.


I rang 0800 800030 and told them i am not pleased with the price rise, offered me my current price for another 18 months. Kept ringing everyday until i got a decent offer on the 6th day. Infinity2PLUS 70-80mb speed. 18 months contract with classic tv package and bt sports for £21.75 per month with prise freeze for 18 months. I did pay line rental in advance, costs roughly £39 with tv+sports+broadband

Nice BT Price if you cancel you get the top speed and all the calls plus take into account thr clle - £30 pm (retentions) @
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Nice BT Price if you cancel you get the top speed and all the calls plus take into account thr clle - £30 pm (retentions) @
call to cancel with the BT and they BT your price to £30! hot hot hot as they say!
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i was wondering the same.. Maybe OP got a mouth full of BT sausages this time


Yep! - Line rental included. :) This (£24.99) is my "All-in" price for 76Mb Broadband line rental & Phone with unlimited weekend calls. I then will be paying £2.50 a month for access to the BT sports application on my phone or tablet which I "Chromecast" to my TV. Picture quality over 76Mb BB is perfectly acceptable. BTW: This was negotiated AFTER the recently announced price hike, so is not subject to change in September. HTH :)


Does this include line rental? They love to offer prices without line rental


You what son?


You can speak properly again now?

BT retention deal - superfast fibre 1 unlimited & ultd weekend calls (18 month) £469.32
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Retention deal from BT when I did a bit of haggling. £23.99 per month until the annual price increase in September then £26.49 per month for the remaining 15 months. It is a 18 m… Read more
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Why would there be any downtime? Surely not more than one day? Just order it again as a new customer (partners name etc) to take over the existing connection and the downtime should be almost none. Obviously you’ll pay the connection again but you’ll get £200 or more in cash back. I can only get BT where I live anyway so any option to screw them and I take it!


What sort of prices are people paying for their top broadband package / phone / bt sports hd ?


After 3 years of battling managed to get the Infinity cab rewired after they botched the install and went from 1mbit to 30mbit, compensation offered was only £30, not worth the hassle stick with Virgin if you are lucky enough to have it on your street


I'm with BT right now and they've been shafting me and reneging on contract agreed prices from the start. Absolute crooks. Might be value once you've got them to bill you correctly. Good luck with that. Taken me 6 months and I'm still not square with them yet. I have never known a company be so incompetent / dishonest. Take your pick.


Its pointless posting a BT deal as it will almost certainly get smashed with cold votes from the haters regardless of how good a deal it is! I'm more than happy with BT, got Mobile, TV and BB with them on BT plus and saving a fortune ... getting 300mbs down and 50mbs up! Much better than Virgin which I previously had!

Glitch? BT FREE upgrading/changing  plan - 50GB Extra Speed Unlimited minutes & texts £20pm
Found 16th JunFound 16th Jun
Glitch? BT FREE upgrading/changing plan - 50GB Extra Speed Unlimited minutes & texts £20pm
For BT existing broadband/fibre costumers wich also have a sim contract..some of this upgrades MAINTAINS existing contract! I`m currently on 20GB unl mins& I went fo… Read more
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Well if you've managed to get a contract of -£5 per month, with BT paying you to have the contract, congrats.


No the minus £5 is every month


Yes, BT are terrible for overcharging. Got the BT Sports 18 months for free offer around Black Friday yet BT charged for it anyway, for both myself and for someone else I know! Their bills are really confusing too.


Getting back to the post, have people managed to keep the offer or was it retrospectively changed and re-charged (OFcom bugbear with BT)


Different target markets but with overlap and confusing services, BT (not EE) is the parent company. I have been with all 3 (no pun). Price wise they are all similar, EE only does wifi calling with handsets it supplies DIRECT. TV services, broadband outages and complex bills were awful with EE Bill surprises with BT especially for hidden charges, bills had an increase level of complexity but at least on 1-2 pages With plus net now, TV, broadband, phone and mobile seem to just work. No nasty surprises yet.

BT Retention Deal - Infinity 76mbps plus weekend calls package for £24.99 (line rental included) on 12 months contract - £299.98
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
BT Retention Deal - Infinity 76mbps plus weekend calls package for £24.99 (line rental included) on 12 months contract - £299.98
I called in BT today and told them I was about to switch to a better deal from another provider unless you can match their price offer. I was refused saying we are a premium brand … Read more
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I called them and told i believe that BT is superior to anyone else ( provided line is provisioned and all set up without DELAY, good luck otherwise ), and was simply switching to inferior talktalk just to save few quids... Just to get myself price matched (almost) with talktalk on £23.99 18m contract...


Tried last week but they wouldn't budge on 29.99. of to Vodafone with cheaper, he said they are the premium service, but I said they don't even offer a static IP address address. Vodafone and Plusnet do


BT TV is a shambles though.


Got this deal 1 year ago with abt £200 mastercard and big cashback. Switched to Sky with £50 mastercard plus £110 cashback. They called me and offered me this deal which I declined only because I don't really need this speed atm. Good deal otherwise...


Thanks SuperemEagle. Had no luck with BT before but had yet to get around to switching - tried them again just now said I was going to leave as I was paying too much with BT. Offered me a reduction to £26.99 straight away. Asked if they could get down closer to £23 and he asked his manager - offered me £22.99. I accepted yes please down from £49.99. 76mbps fibre on a 12month contract inc. line rental and weekend calls. He said BT have a new policy where existing customers shouldn't pay more than any new customers.

Check you're not paying BT £21 (pa) for free privacy caller ID
Found 16th MayFound 16th May
Yesterday I checked my BT bill (fibre & home phone) and saw there was an unexpected charge of £1.75 for privacy caller ID. Bit annoyed as when I renewed he guaranteed my price … Read more
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Quick update. BT refunded Sport and caller display for the five months since start of contract but billed me this month for Sport. Have cancelled Sport and have a letter of deadlock from them. It’s a generic letter which doesn’t address my complaint. mbudsman next.


Yesjust happened to me BT is defrauding millionsof people,ot just the£1.75 but also the prices on the line rental and broadband Best thing is to eave BT goe else where when you can,but then suddenly BT maitain the cotract is longer than you originally aagreed


In what way do they have to jump through hoops -- Openreach supply on behalf of all CP's and is heavily regulated to the point the pricing they can charge is dictated to them -- The media side cant be failing that bad, just got more rights to Prem football and extended their European coverage -- you sound a little bitter!


No, it is BT who offer it FOC, not Plusnet.


I have no idea sorry you'd have to call them

FREE UEFA Champions League and Europa League on BT Sport Showcase, Besiktas vs Bayern Munich (14th March 5pm) and both legs of Atletico Madrid vs Lokomotiv Moscow (8th and 15th March, both 6pm)
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
FREE UEFA Champions League and Europa League on BT Sport Showcase, Besiktas vs Bayern Munich (14th March 5pm) and both legs of Atletico Madrid vs Lokomotiv Moscow (8th and 15th March, both 6pm)
BT Sport Showcase again showing FREE UEFA Champions League football and UEFA Europa League football over the next few weeks, and you Arsenal fans out there could have a keen eye on… Read more
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Looks like BT sport showcase has shut early. They are free streaming the Bayern game this wed, however it's free on 19.2e with zdf so I'll catch it there anyone know the free streaming Europa game this week


I use snappystreamz app and swiftstreamz app as they don't buffer much. They haven't buffered on the football once and have no ads.


Thanks for the new link name,have missed wiziwig.There was always a good stream in particular i liked the YES one .will give this a go when stuck out in the kitchen .Thanks hass123.


Why I voted cold. But when BT, in contract negotiations only said they would show a certain quantity of matches free, Eufa knew what they were up to.


Looks like you have another Stalker

BT Call protect is free with a BT landline - Stop all nusiance calls with a touch of a button
Found 27th FebFound 27th Feb
BT Call protect is free with a BT landline - Stop all nusiance calls with a touch of a button
A BT line is needed for this - but it allows you to block all unwanted calls, even when they spoof/change their numbers, FREE OF CHARGE. You choose the numbers, or types of numbers… Read more



limits you to 100 blocked numbers, already hit that after only a few months so unless you delete some, new ones will get through


You can't really prevent them, especially when they reuse numbers and so fourth, we had 100's of calls for a Mr Ward and in the end we pulled the plug. My parents tried this service, it did work, as it pretty much stopped all calls going through including mine!


says I don't have a BT line (skeptical)


Fanatastic, finally I can prevent these ******* cold callers.

Want a simple, cheap, reliable landline service for an elderly relative (or yourself!) Home Phone Saver 2020 £21.99 pm INCLUDES LINE RENTAL & UNLIMITED UK CALLS 24/7 & free extras normally chargeable
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Nowhere to be found when you're signing up via the website. This is a deal that BT have buried and hidden away to try to stop you finding it - simply because it's so much cheaper … Read more

Has she switched to this deal? It would save her 50p pm as well as allowing her free calls at any time of the day, any day of the week.


Just called BT on behalf of my mum as leaving them for Vodafone Currently paying around £30pm for u/l calls and line rental. Was offered same deal plus standard u/l BB for £23.99pm


My mum is 70 and phoned to enquire about the basic plan. She currently £18.99 rental + £3.50 per month free evenings and weekend calls. And she is on phone constantly those times. They said the call charges on basic are really high and if she wanted to use phone way she currently does it would cost a fortune. The basic plan is really just for someone who rarely going to use it, more for the ability of family/friends being able to contact them.


Not that simple, I'm afraid. You have to be getting one of these benefits to qualify, even if you're a pensioner: Income SupportIncome-based Jobseeker's AllowancePensions Credit (Guaranteed Credit)Employment and Support Allowance (Income related)Universal Credit (and are on zero earnings).


What's wrong with a mobile for £1 a week? If they fall over they might be metres from a landline

FREE BT Sports & HD upgrade for retentions & new customers
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
So I got the email about the price increase and called to cancel. First time around the girl said she couldn't give me a better deal, which to be honest I understood as I'm gettin… Read more

I've been with BT for 4 months and I've received a letter saying prices are increasing. Also that I could leave my 12 months contract no penalties. My question is 1) I had £80 quidco witch I have received any impact on this. 2) £100 pre paid card which I have also received and I think it has £30 left. I was considering going back to Sky at a cheaper line rental as long as I don't pay any cancellations and get penalised for the rewards. Thoughts please.


0800 443311


Could you tell me the number you called to discuss your bill? It invited me on the 'prices are changing' letter 'please give us a call' but there's no phone number. I have been trying to find one on their website but it just seems to want you to complain online. Thank you


OK cheers.


I got it when renewing my fibre package.

Get BT Sport on Sky with FREE HD completely FREE - Existing BT broadband customers
Found 20th Nov 2017Found 20th Nov 2017
As title suggests, I have just took advantage of this offer as an existing BT and Sky customer. Whats not to dislike.

Ditto on being incorrectly charged. I have contacted BT on 3 separate occasions (which resulted in several hours of talking to various departments). Each time they said it was all sorted, when it wasn't. I now have a full credit for the equivalent of 18 months of HD, as it wasn't possible for them to apply the deal that I have in writing from a chat transcript (sports in HD free for 18 months). I'm now paying for the HD part, but the cash is in my account, so it all works out.


Well I got charged for the hd part for the past 3 months and only just noticed , have now sorted out a refund but HD has now been cancelled. Wish I never resigned for 18 months , feel I have been misled to recontract.


Their running of this promotion is truly horrendous! Think I'm finally on the contract I agreed upon, but it's costing an additional £24.50 a month now as they couldn't implement the offer properly their end for whatever reason! Though they've advised the extra cost will be avoided by activating various other promotions, and adding the rest in credit... But I work that out to £441... UPDATE - They've finally just processed 15 various "refunds" to leave me over £200 in credit, but it's virtually impossible for me to work out the mathematics of what they've done, as I'm sure they're still charging me more than the contract I agreed upon! Am also now virtually forced to buy the line rental saver, as I want to avoid having higher bills later on, despite being in credit now. Shambles! Anyone have contact details for someone higher up at BT to try help me complain properly and try understand what they're charging me? Thank you


I would recommend that anyone who signed up for this, calls or chats with BT to confirm it has definitely been applied correctly. My BT BB went live yesterday. I already had BT Sports in HD on Sky, but had it confirmed via chat, during the sign up process, that it will revert to being free for 18 months. The HD was mentioned as being 18 months too, which is line with what their website said. There is nothing online to state what my bill will be next month, to confirm BT Sports + HD is free. I called them today and they said that my account is showing as 18 months of free BT Sports, but only 12 months of free HD. This is in direct conflict with what was discussed on chat (18 months free for both). Thankfully I have the transcript of this chat, so they really have no come back. A complaint has been rasied and I fully expect them to uphold the original offer. Check your own contract with them folks. Update: I just received a call back from BT. I sent him the full transcript. He admitted that it was clear that I had been told that both BT Sports and the HD part would be free for 18 months, but that his colleague had misinformed me. As I already had BT Sports (I told them this from the outset), the deal mentioned was not on offer to me. He went on to say that they can't change my package, but can credit my account. He then went on to offer that we meet half way! I refused, given that they were fully in the wrong. He backed down and credited the full equivalent of 6 months of HD.


I've just had to phone BT about this. I got their email about my prices going up in January but t stated my contract expiring in May 2018 - odd since I recontracted for 18 months on Nov 17. Get though to find out what's going on and apparently I don't have BT Sports in HD on Sky free for 18 months - even though that's what I was sold. Have had to raise a complaint for them to recall the recorded phone call and find out what's going on.

Free UEFA Champions League and Europa League on BT Sport Showcase! FK Carrier Bag vs Chelsea (5pm Wednesday 22nd November) and Atletic Bilbao vs Hertha Berlin (6pm Thursday 23rd November)
Found 18th Nov 2017Found 18th Nov 2017
Free UEFA Champions League and Europa League on BT Sport Showcase! FK Carrier Bag vs Chelsea (5pm Wednesday 22nd November) and Atletic Bilbao vs Hertha Berlin (6pm Thursday 23rd November)
Good news for fans of the Blues! Chelsea’s match at FK Carrier Bag is Free on BT Sport Showcase! BT Sport Showcase is available in HD on YouView channel 115, and on D… Read more
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Perhaps 5p to get in would have been a better deal....


Beat for the bag gag


Awesome. Also since the thread comments have turned to sharing resources to get 'free' shows and stuff, I would like to share a website I found earlier this year called gomovies (sometimes goes by the name gostream). It's a far better movie streaming site than putlocker (no invasive adverts, pop ups or viruses/malware etc), and the movies and tv show streaming options makes Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV look absolutely dire in comparison (much better UI and stream availability, which is shocking considering it is a free website and the other options are paid subscription options). Literally my favourite website of this year, I cancelled my Amazon Prime subscription this year because of the website and I only use Now TV to use free passes and trials (for example the Pringles glitch Sky Sports Day pass which I used yesterday). And for you WWE and wrestling fans, I direct you to a website called watchwrestling, which has all of your wrestling streaming needs (use the dailymotion links!) without the need to flog £10 a month for the WWE Network.


It is s streaming box, for about £70 , and it is not illegal to own, then you need a subscription** for about £50 a year. **You get all sky channels, all BT channels at USA sports & films, all 3pm Ko's all Bein Sports channels, Lots & Lots of Box Sets, at the Movies channel, the latest film is Rise of the Footsoldier 3, plus hundreds of channels from around the world. All HD etc You just need Internet. ;) ** so I'm told


I can get all my shopping in a carrier bag...will I fit it all in a Mag Box?

Netflix is cheaper with BT TV £7.49 for HD and £8.99 for 4 Screens 4K for BT customers
LocalLocalFound 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
BT seem to have a special deal with Netflix. If you subscribe to Netflix direct their prices are higher than going via BT. I asked Netflix why this was the case and was advised tha… Read more

Been on live chat a few times already and basically was told tuff


You could argue that it costs Netflix more in bandwidth, that it costs more to produce content in 4K to begin with, or simply that they have deemed that people are prepared to pay more for it.


Why do we have to pay more for 4k?


Don’t have a link to the deal but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is just the old prices.


Mexico This is based on the exchange rates during June 2017. You might want to do a quick conversion check on the top few countries in the list to see if it's cheaper to signup through Brazil now, for example. I think I read somewhere Brazil and Canada are the cheapest at the moment but can't confirm this. Note, you'll be charged the local currency so I'd recommend a no fee exchange card, like Revolut.

Half Price BT Sport on Sky:  £11.49 / mth  12 month contract
Found 12th Nov 2017Found 12th Nov 2017
Half Price BT Sport on Sky: £11.49 / mth 12 month contract
Here is a link to get half-price BT Sport in time for the Ashes. It's a 12-month deal but worth it for those looking to subscribe. Not 100 % clear, but may be for new subscribers o… Read more
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Link still working ok. Activated straight away. Just in time for Champions League tonight (y)


Very good deal!


Hi, just to let you know that BT Sport are increasing their prices from 7 Jan 2018. So this half-price offer will actually go up to £13.00 without HD. The HD pack will also increase from £5 to £6.50. Just bear this in mind if you are thinking of taking up this offer.


Many thanks, managed to get for £11.49 for 12 months as listed. My sky tv 75% off offer finished this week and my sky tv service has now switched off therefore offer came at right time as I won’t be renewing sky tv unless I get 60% off. Fair price considering can watch PL, Champs league, Ashes which sky won’t be showing plus additional bonus if UFC and box nation


Great deal. But how companies get get away with charging extra for HD these days is beyond me!?