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BT Superfast Broadband + BT Sports 18 months £35.99 p/m - £9.99 postage - £657.81
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
Saw this add on today's Metro newspaper whilst going to work. I've had this offer for a few months, paying £35.49. I thought I did well to haggle and got a great deal. Now it's a… Read more

I wonder how much for the BT sports included?


a very warm welcome newbie.thanks for sharing your deal with us.looks like this is not going to well.this happens just keep posting great deals. :)


You shouldn't believe everything they say In the papers

BT superfast broadband, 50Mb & weekend calls. £19.99 a month - £9.99 one off delivery £229.83 - Via moneysaving expert
20/12/2018Expires on 20/12/2018Found 20th NovFound 20th Nov
11 Results sorted by Effective monthly cost 91202 Superfast Fibre + Weekend Calls 18 month contract Equiv £19.99/mth if line rental paid upfront New customers only B'band customer… Read more
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It’s the speed, not a download limit 50mb/s not 50mb total


Nothing near my house so...


But You can use bt hotspot. I even dont top up my phone becuse wherever I go there are bt hotspots for free.


If only it was that quick and easy for Erdély to be free eh (skeptical)


What a joke! Best deal that they could offer me to renew..Infinity 1 for £30 / month..And I said 'Yes', what an idiot! Currently broadband is broken, they didn't bother to send an engineer until Thursday, problem with broadband since last Thursday, they didn't put unlimited 4G data on my phone, although I had this promise from them. Can't wait for May 2019..Sayonara cu*ts! BTW - who wants £25 Amazon voucher for signing with BT..inbox me:) :D

BT Superfast Fibre 50mb £9.99 p&p cost , then £29 a month / 18mths + £220 in Mastercard / M&S Rewards @ BT Broadband
Refreshed 22nd NovRefreshed 22nd Nov
Update 1
Rewards increased further - now £220 rewards (£120 MasterCard Reward Card + £100 Marks & Spencers voucher)
Nice offer that's went live for Black Friday at BT Broadband! £9.99 p&p cost , then £29 a month for 18 month contract. However you get £120 MasterCard reward & £100 Mar… Read more
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Does anybody know how to claim the M&S voucher? I only see the MasterCard on the list when I log in to claim my reward. Thanks.


MasterCard reward card turned up today good deal this


No to both


I can’t remember if I went through TCB or Quidco for this offer, as neither have tracked, Is there anyway of finding out whom I went through, so that I could raise a ticket? Would BT be able to tell me Thank you.


How do you get the Marks and Spencer voucher also BT aren’t giving the sport with this package

Get a Fitbit Charge 3 when you sign up for 18 months of BT Broadband - £29.99 p/m and £29.99 upfront - £569.81 @ BT
Found 28th OctFound 28th Oct
£29.99 upfront and for 18 months after. Then £44.49 month by month. The upfront cost does go down if you decide to pay for a faster broadband package. I have BT because I have lim… Read more

Does any ISP/Comms company treat anyone like a human being? Not sure BT are any worse than anyone else.


Had 2 years with BT from 2013 to 2015 without issue, when I rejoined in 2017 there were issues with dropping connections. The customer service was abysmal. First they inferred that they wouldnt send out any more routers because i could sell them on - when 2 of them i had handed back to their engineer who admitted they were faulty. In the end used an older version of the router supplied by the engineer which lasted 2 weeks then had to use one that I had from 2015. Disconnection issues continued and was told that it was because the walls were too thick! Had to stay put for the 12 months of the contract and then despite telling me BT sport wouldnt effect my contract had to stay another 6 months extra because they wanted to charge me to leave. In the end because Virgin messed up and still havent connected me - I was paying £85 a month for 2 months because i was out of contract for a service that didnt work! Survived on using openzone which worked fine! Its amazing when you ring to cancel all of a sudden they are prepared to bend over backwards to help you. All big companies could save millions on silly marketing gimmicks if they just treated customers like human beings in the first place.


Me too.


It's their incentive to get people to switch, once they have you they just bank on people not going through the effort of leaving. No one cares about existing customers. The last customer service person I talked to told me to leave, come back in 6 months, then you get treated as a new customer.


I called them up to see if I could twist their arm. No dice. So I'm jumping ship.

BT Fibre for £31.99 per month / 18months + £19.99 upfront with Amazon Echo, £80 vouchers and £40 M&S Vouchers (uswitch)
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Sorry for the image, Just thought it was the most attention grabbing. Just got this deal, I think it's only on uSwitch but it's my food shopping done for the month :P It's 18 mon… Read more
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I believe that was the number I tried. It depends who you speak too, I remember reading that some were being offered it for £22.99 and they person on the phone could only get to £24.99. I tried another day and insisted I wanted to cancel and that’s when I got it for £21.99.


Hello, what number did you phone to cancel, I phoned 0800 800 150 today which I thought was the main switch board and the man best offer was £32, I asked to talk to retentions or someone else and he said he could offer me the best deal and that was it. Thank you


I think I had to add it to my package, it had the £10 crossed out and said free, my mum was an existing member paying 29.99, and I even signed her up for it saving £10 per month. I would try again after clearing all you cookies etc, then sign in to your account and try the link and it should pop up... I think when I looked at the fastest fibre option then the calls went back to £10


Actually just looked and maybe it's changed or different for me as existing customer, I took it to final order page and was charging£10 for calls but someone posted a screenshot that they had it free!


I nearly bought this one too but it doesn't include free calls, I thought that too but if you read it carefully it says add on UK and land line calls with a green tick meaning you can pay to add on the calls package. Very misleading and it put me off going for it. It's probably still a decent deal but it just annoyed me. £10 extra for the calls package.

BT suoerfast 50mb Fibber £35.99 per month, includes £80 Reward Card +Amazon Echo Worth £89.99 + £130 Topcashback @ BT Broadband
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
Good deal really 50mb superfast fibber including an amazon echo (worth £89.99), £80 Reward Card and £130 cashback at topcashback. All worth £300. Theoretical overall payment of £… Read more

I'm german


And the suoerfast?


Changed just for you (y)




I think they are called trolls maybe... Eek...

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STARTER + SUPERFAST FIBRE + BT SPORT + £80 BT Reward Card + FREE Amazon Echo worth £89.99 - £37.99 p/m 18 months £69.99 upfront -  includes line rental - £753.81 @ BT
Found 25th SepFound 25th Sep
The perfect introduction to BT TV, including all the action from BT Sport. BT Sport and every Freeview channel Average speeds of 50MB 18 monthsIncludes BT line rentalPrice a… Read more

BT have such a poor reputation though!


Bt often change their offers and drop the activation fee to £0.


Monthly charge plus upfront cost.


@Cheapochaser the total price over 18 months is £753.81


Very very confusing, £753.81 for what? For how long?

BT Superfast Fibre - £29.99 per month on 18 month contract £529.82 (poss + £100 reward card & Quidco term = £339.81)
Found 23rd SepFound 23rd Sep
Good deal for those who are looking to switch due to recent price hike. Superfast Fibre for £29.99 on an 18 month contract with a £100 reward card Also 110 cashback from Quidco. … Read more

got this deal but with a FTTP install, can't get FTTC at my place, only ADSL or FTTP, so bargain price for a FTTP connection IMO if you can get it, worth the total cost alone to get fibre in to the flat for future proofing cashback tracked straight away, the install went fine and my reward card has been ordered. I just hope Sky / talktalk etc start offering more competative FTTP packages in the next 18 months


Just cancelled mine today and will be doing the same. Will get just boardband and phone and hook up a Freesat box


Claim your prepaid card after BB is set up


I rang them and told them I was thinking of leaving with my TV package. Had BB with BT, and told them I might be looking to switch. That's what they offered me on the call.


I’ve got the BT Super Fibre 2, and whilst the speed tests show it’s quicker I don’t actually notice much difference on my 10 devices! When my contract is up I’m just going back to the standard at £5 per month. The HUB isn’t much good either, although you can obviously change that for a better one

BT Fibre 1 month FREE plus £100 Mastercard - 18 months £29.99 includes line rental - £509.83
Found 22nd SepFound 22nd Sep
Just received a letter through the post, join BT Fibre on an 18 month contract and receive 1 MONTH FREE. Currently prices start from £29.99 I've tried the link and it appears you… Read more
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So how do I use Quidco or tcb with this offer?


If you still can switch over to 2.4ghz as you will be on 5ghz, that way the signal will travel much further. Ensure you do a regular speed test, mine was at 100mb but my normal speed is 6-20mb. My contract ends next month thank God, never having Virgin again even if they give me it for free.


Seems a very good deal to me, thanks poster (y)


Is this deal also available for the Fibre 2?


I've had a few issues with quidco and they just tell you nothing more can be done. I stopped using them when I lost out on over £100 from a phone contract. Topcashback still has occasional issues but support has always managed to get me the cashback payout.

BT Superfast Fibre - £29.99 per month on 18 month contract + £100 reward card & Quidco (Term = £539.82)
Found 20th SepFound 20th Sep
Good deal for those who are looking to switch due to recent price hike. Superfast Fibre for £29.99 on an 18 month contract with a £100 reward card Also 150 cashbak from Quidco. … Read more
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Guys, I signed up for this deal, but just wanted to find out how to get that reward card :/


Ended last night, new promotion now.


where is the 150 cashback for this offer on quidco, all i can see is £110 for the "Superfast Fibre for £29.99 on an 18 month contract with a £100 reward card"



Yep me too! (flirt) (skeptical) But we'll go and switch and they'll offer us a better deal suddenly! Absolutely ridiculous! No customer loyalty anymore, period! 👎🏼

BT fibre broadband 50 mb average, classic TV record rewind etc, BT sport,  £39.99 month, £19.99 set up, £100 reward card through chat on BT website
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
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To be fair I think this was for existing customers who threatened to leave! I was paying as an existing customer about £33 a month for the package you’ve listed and after about 5 calls managed to get them down to £25.99 though my broadband speed was up to 70mb. There was also a deal recently for your package for new customers at £29.99 though this may well have ended. ( think Bt Sport was being offered for free as part of the deal


i never think of using quidco, think i used it a few years ago with currys etc


dont understand why the sky broadband deal for £25 went so hot , maybe im missing something as with this you get bt sports and a recording box


Currently on £33.49 with bt sport, with double cashback from BT (£125) and Quidco (£130).


19.99 for broadband fibre, bt sport andbyouview box ...?

BT Superfast Fibre - 50Mb Speed - 18 months contract + Free 20GB All rounder Sim £29.99pm Internet & £15pm Mobile + £9.99 delivery (+ BT reward cad + cashback : See op)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
I was looking for a new broadband after virgin sent mail about increase in tariff £3 and can cancel without penalty.....I literally had 6 months free virgin 100Mb with bill credit.… Read more

Good luck with that. They reduced/ remove the cashback as they wish, that has happened to me and I'm bitter 😫


its 14 days as far as i know...


Anyone know what the cooling off period is with BT if I move from Virgin to them and then Virgin contact me with a better offer in the meantime please? I tried BT's online chat but was tol I had to ring their sales staff which usually takes a while! Thanks


I've had both several times now with no issues. You can also log in once the SIM is up and running and change to a 'family sim' - made no difference to the service but knocked £4 a month off the price for me. Worked out at 1.60 a month for 20GB sim


how much is half price bt sports .. £3?... also if you have sports or other tv do u get a free view box or does it come through their hub/router thingy ?

BT Superfast Fibre Broadband inc Line Rental - £29.99 per month on a 18mo contract (£9.99 Router fee) PLUS £100 Mastercard Reward Card PLUS £40 M&S Voucher (effective £22.21pm) Live Midnight @ BT Broadband
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Just got the word that BT are launching some fresh offers at midnight, with their Fibre essential deal offering not only a £100 Mastercard Reward Card, but a £40 M&S voucher al… Read more

Already had super fast 2 at £40 a month and they sent me a price rise letter so put cancellation in, told them I was going to Virgin who were offering 350mbps on a rolling monthly contract for £44.99 (student deal but no student evidence required). Called BT back 2 days before it was due to cancel and they offered me Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus for £44.99 - they said it was the closest they could offer to the Virgin deal as they couldn’t give me a rolling monthly contract.




I’ve just managed to get them down to £44.99 a month.


I can only see anywhere near this on £70 mastercard £40 M&S £40 quidco, but its the 52mb download product not the 38mb product on this thread. But with £120 cashback tcb and £40 giftcard on the 38mb product there isnt a lot to choose between them


OP where did you hear about this deal? I can't find it

BT Broadband SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 WITH UNLIMITED ANYTIME CALLS - £32.39pm x 18 months = £583.02
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
BT Broadband SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 WITH UNLIMITED ANYTIME CALLS - £32.39pm x 18 months = £583.02
Hi this is a retention deal which BT has offered me this deal just a quick phone call stating I want to leave and join Virgin Media with the same package deal but cheaper price… Read more
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Yes that’s correct (y)


So if I cancel they phone me up and try to keep me by offering that deal? Sorry I misunderstood lol


Because you didn’t cancel.


What do you mean? They didn’t offer me the retention deal of £21.99.


So then you won’t get this deal then... :/

Retention deal BT Superfast Fibre, BT Tv, BT Sport HD, Evening and Weekend Calls £19.99
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Retention deal BT Superfast Fibre, BT Tv, BT Sport HD, Evening and Weekend Calls £19.99
Retention deal with BT for 18months. When speaking to their cancellations department over the last few days they gave me a best price of £25.99 (for Fibre and Weekend calls only) … Read more

I have BT Sport on the BT Box, but not in HD. I have HD BT Sport on the BT App though, and can chromecast in HD to the TV.


I got retention but only got BT SPORT app to watch on phone/tablet or cast..get no tv just sport hench the £6 then -£6. Receipt does not show BT tv included...


What do you mean?


Where is the bt t.v. on receipt. Looks like just by sport app access...£6...


Phoned up BT, the best they could do was my current deal (£35 inc line rentral), so I put through a move to plusnet and today i've renewed with BT for £21.99 + £3 BT Sport inc line rental and BT sport, which i've taken as its cheaper than the plus net deal I was moving to. Lesson learnt, always move provider to get a decent retention deal! Fair play to the OP for getting the deal you have got!

BT broadband retention deal - 50mb with unlimited weekend calls - £21.99pm x 12 months - £263.88
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
BT broadband retention deal - 50mb with unlimited weekend calls - £21.99pm x 12 months - £263.88
My contract for BT infinity 50mb with weekend calls and no TV for 27.99p/m ends up on 4th Sept. So I phoned today customer service and informed them that I will not be extending m… Read more
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so i think i did well in end.. was sat debating triggering their system and going with plusnet and while threads on here when I decided to give retention one last try tonight before pushing it further.. the system refused point black to offer 50mg fibre 1 at £21.99 but it did offer the upto 67mb fiber 2 for £23.99.. i didn't have bt to renew that or get it free.. but did get the recordable box for £6 deal they doing the now without the one off cost for the box ... which is same price as buying box so technically free tv too... need a new sim so offered 20gb for £16 (normally £25 and reduced to £20 online) but have a feeling i might be cheaper doing it via cashback sites and collecting cashback and voucher.. have to move a sim off the account to get it so will work out what best in next few days.


Had the same trouble to get my MasterCard promised. Had to listen to call and said would let me know outcome in 48hrs. Didn’t. 3 weeks later got the card. Still didn’t move back to inf2 grr


Ah they said that to me too in June. Moved me from infinity 2 to 1 anyway using a new line and we lost speed. See what they do for you!


Same as my experience - and I've also got 5 sim only contracts that they will loose. Best they could offer was to re contract at my current price of 31.99, but I had to pay 9.99 for the privilege! Might go for the Vodafone deal and get the fee sonos


Think I am just going to leave them, sick of it. 6 individuals have now blatantly lied to me.

BT Superfast fibre broadband (£549.81, £29.99 p/m, £140 vouchers, effective cost £22.27 pm)
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
BT Superfast fibre broadband (£549.81, £29.99 p/m, £140 vouchers, effective cost £22.27 pm)
Superfast Fibre + Weekend Calls + BT Sport on the go BT Affiliate deal. Sorry if been posted, did a quick search so couldn't find it. Apply by Aug 16th. £29.99 a month 18 months … Read more
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Yes, and it works in your favour usually if you've had a reward card/cashback.


You can sign a new contract in your name and get a new deal. When you order just select you do not have an existing account. You'll have a new landline number though.


Never been with BT. If they do a price hike, are you able to leave mid contract without incurring penalties?


I have a bt account already. Can I get my wife to sign up so she can get this deal?


Ok so I just ordered this via TCB {£90} While I was on BT chat I was advised that allegedly the price hike in September does not affect briadband and new customers. So if TCB does it stuff I really should be paying effectively £17.27 p/m I saved the transcript just in case anything goes pear shape in September. Fingers crossed

Free BT Sport for 18 months with Superfast Fibre (New and potentially existing customers) see description
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
I am an existing customer. I just renewed/renegotiated my BT broadband contract (Infinity 1, 18 months, £21.99/month) a few days ago - due to price increases. I called up today as … Read more
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Ah ok, many thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll try one more time. Also sounds like you may have to put in a transfer request for them to offer you something good reading from comments elsewhere.


Seems the free BT sport offer ended on the 16th thats why they wont be offering it anymore


No i just said my friend got £21.99 and they offered the deal, took 3 goes though


If ever there was a reason to not sign-off, it's that daft oaf Tyson Fury,


hi deanos - Did you say anything in particular when getting your deal ? I'm out of contract and could not get anywhere near what you negotiated even after I said I want to pay no more than 21.99 as thats what others have been getting. Best I got was 25.99 on 38mb speed with an extra #3.50 for bt sport but not bt sport on sky (as she said that would be #17 extra) for 18mths. I tried twice but they wouldn't budge. Thanks.

£0.00 activation fee + free bt sport included with super fast internet and entertainment tv package £29.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p 18 months - £549.81
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
£0.00 activation fee + free bt sport included with super fast internet and entertainment tv package £29.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p 18 months - £549.81
hi all I have been looking around for bt deals lately as I am about to move into my first home, looked on the bt website today and they have lowered there prices from What they wer… Read more
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ok cheers bud


It’s the Full House TV, all channels, no sports or movies. It’s usually £55pm.


what comes in that full tv package bud that sly sports, movie,etc ?


£120 on a card and £170cb with quidco until Friday and yes its fibre included. Im tempted with the free BT Sport for 18 months MotoGp and football :) wonder if Sky can match any of it


Will it be applicable to me? i used to be with them over a year ago but not any more. Seems a great offer, there is cashback too on quidco, not sure whether that will track too or not. Can't understand why it's cold but I think from memory all these good broadband offers seem to go cold?

BT Broadband 50MB £80 reward card and Amazon Echo 18 months £31.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p £585.81
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
BT Broadband 50MB £80 reward card and Amazon Echo 18 months £31.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p £585.81
For those who don't want the lottery of going for cashback from TCB or Quidco, how about an Amazon Echo instead? 18 month contract at £31.99 + £9.99 P+P £585.81 - £80 mastercard =… Read more

I will be along with openreach modem that’s apparently required..


Are you using their Home Hub?


Just renegotiated my deal , due to the announced price increases, to £23.99 from £28.99 taken out in Feb, when I received £120 reward card.


There have been BT deals recently with £120 MasterCard and £100 TCB/Quidco cashback, but this seems the best at the moment if you were looking to get an Echo anyway.


Seems alright to me,don't know why cold