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BT Superfast Fibre - £29.99 per month on 18 month contract + £100 reward card & Quidco (Term = £539.82)
TODAYTODAYFound 19 h, 8 m agoFound 19 h, 8 m ago
Good deal for those who are looking to switch due to recent price hike. Superfast Fibre for £29.99 on an 18 month contract with a £100 reward card Also 150 cashbak from Quidco. … Read more
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I’m with Utility Warehouse for all my utilities and pay less than £90 for ALL SERVICES inc telecoms and energy. Customer service is 2nd to none and above all it’s money in my pocket!


Move at another provider then call the number on the "sorry you're leaving us email" before I did this the best they could offer me was £35 plus half price bt sport for 12 months (onan 18month contract!) so £38 in total When I called after I'd switched I got my current offer which is £25 inc but sport for 18months.


Thanks for heads up, been trying to decide who to go with. Current provider Plusnet couldn’t match and Sky just said our offers are what’s on the website and even though been with them for TV for over 15 years showed no interest in doing a deal. So gone for Super Fibre 2. So with cash back and MasterCard makes it worthwhile. Thanks.


That’s a brilliant deal, I’ve been BT for 2 years and it’s never been below 45mb. 🔥


In case it helps anyone... I'm on Virgin Vivid 50mb, paying £24/month (going to £26/month after their price hike). Phoned and told them I wanted to leave for this deal - offered £20/month for 6 months, then £22/month for 6 months and a £50 credit - comes out at £16.83/month - so isn't worth the agro of changing for £8.70 a year... but a nice saving every month for me, thanks OP (cheeky)

BT fibre broadband 50 mb average, classic TV record rewind etc, BT sport,  £39.99 month, £19.99 set up, £100 reward card through chat on BT website
LocalLocalFound 13th SepFound 13th Sep
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To be fair I think this was for existing customers who threatened to leave! I was paying as an existing customer about £33 a month for the package you’ve listed and after about 5 calls managed to get them down to £25.99 though my broadband speed was up to 70mb. There was also a deal recently for your package for new customers at £29.99 though this may well have ended. ( think Bt Sport was being offered for free as part of the deal


i never think of using quidco, think i used it a few years ago with currys etc


dont understand why the sky broadband deal for £25 went so hot , maybe im missing something as with this you get bt sports and a recording box


Currently on £33.49 with bt sport, with double cashback from BT (£125) and Quidco (£130).


19.99 for broadband fibre, bt sport andbyouview box ...?

BT Superfast Fibre - 50Mb Speed - 18 months contract + Free 20GB All rounder Sim £29.99pm Internet & £15pm Mobile + £9.99 delivery (+ BT reward cad + cashback : See op)
Found 13th SepFound 13th Sep
I was looking for a new broadband after virgin sent mail about increase in tariff £3 and can cancel without penalty.....I literally had 6 months free virgin 100Mb with bill credit.… Read more

its 14 days as far as i know...


Anyone know what the cooling off period is with BT if I move from Virgin to them and then Virgin contact me with a better offer in the meantime please? I tried BT's online chat but was tol I had to ring their sales staff which usually takes a while! Thanks


I've had both several times now with no issues. You can also log in once the SIM is up and running and change to a 'family sim' - made no difference to the service but knocked £4 a month off the price for me. Worked out at 1.60 a month for 20GB sim


how much is half price bt sports .. £3?... also if you have sports or other tv do u get a free view box or does it come through their hub/router thingy ?


I don’t think you will get both gift cards.

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BT Superfast Fibre Broadband inc Line Rental - £29.99 per month on a 18mo contract (£9.99 Router fee) PLUS £100 Mastercard Reward Card PLUS £40 M&S Voucher (effective £22.21pm) Live Midnight @ BT Broadband
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Just got the word that BT are launching some fresh offers at midnight, with their Fibre essential deal offering not only a £100 Mastercard Reward Card, but a £40 M&S voucher al… Read more

Already had super fast 2 at £40 a month and they sent me a price rise letter so put cancellation in, told them I was going to Virgin who were offering 350mbps on a rolling monthly contract for £44.99 (student deal but no student evidence required). Called BT back 2 days before it was due to cancel and they offered me Ultrafast Fibre 2 Plus for £44.99 - they said it was the closest they could offer to the Virgin deal as they couldn’t give me a rolling monthly contract.




I’ve just managed to get them down to £44.99 a month.


I can only see anywhere near this on £70 mastercard £40 M&S £40 quidco, but its the 52mb download product not the 38mb product on this thread. But with £120 cashback tcb and £40 giftcard on the 38mb product there isnt a lot to choose between them


OP where did you hear about this deal? I can't find it

BT Broadband SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 WITH UNLIMITED ANYTIME CALLS - £32.39pm x 18 months = £583.02
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
Hi this is a retention deal which BT has offered me this deal just a quick phone call stating I want to leave and join Virgin Media with the same package deal but cheaper price… Read more
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Yes that’s correct (y)


So if I cancel they phone me up and try to keep me by offering that deal? Sorry I misunderstood lol


Because you didn’t cancel.


What do you mean? They didn’t offer me the retention deal of £21.99.


So then you won’t get this deal then... :/

Retention deal BT Superfast Fibre, BT Tv, BT Sport HD, Evening and Weekend Calls £19.99
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Retention deal with BT for 18months. When speaking to their cancellations department over the last few days they gave me a best price of £25.99 (for Fibre and Weekend calls only) … Read more

Phoned up BT, the best they could do was my current deal (£35 inc line rentral), so I put through a move to plusnet and today i've renewed with BT for £21.99 + £3 BT Sport inc line rental and BT sport, which i've taken as its cheaper than the plus net deal I was moving to. Lesson learnt, always move provider to get a decent retention deal! Fair play to the OP for getting the deal you have got!


I got the email back in June which went to my spam folder :( They wouldnt do anything for me except an offer of renewing my 18 month contract onto the new fibre plus and keeping my existing price of £33.99. Bit annoying but felt it was the best option as im only 5 months into that 18 month contract. Now ive just got my pac code for my mobile from BT, they dont like giving that out! Offered 8gb for £8 on a 12 month sim only, which isnt too bad I guess but time to look around.


Well, i decided to go to another provider. Put a transfer through. When I called BT to make sure I didn’t have to pay any cancellation fees they offered me fibre option 1 boosted to 80/20 for £19.99 and then tv max for £11 which I took


Has anyone gone though cancellations and got a good deal, but the email not match what was said on the phone? The agent said to ignore it if it comes through that way but I can't help but worry about it coming up full price (lol)


Having left to go to SSE on monthly rolling, received a third email from BT offering me the £19.99 unlimited fibre inc line rental deal for 18 months, the sport stuff is still available but only on a trial (then a tenner a month) so I didn't do that.

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BT broadband retention deal - 50mb with unlimited weekend calls - £21.99pm x 12 months - £263.88
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
My contract for BT infinity 50mb with weekend calls and no TV for 27.99p/m ends up on 4th Sept. So I phoned today customer service and informed them that I will not be extending m… Read more
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so i think i did well in end.. was sat debating triggering their system and going with plusnet and while threads on here when I decided to give retention one last try tonight before pushing it further.. the system refused point black to offer 50mg fibre 1 at £21.99 but it did offer the upto 67mb fiber 2 for £23.99.. i didn't have bt to renew that or get it free.. but did get the recordable box for £6 deal they doing the now without the one off cost for the box ... which is same price as buying box so technically free tv too... need a new sim so offered 20gb for £16 (normally £25 and reduced to £20 online) but have a feeling i might be cheaper doing it via cashback sites and collecting cashback and voucher.. have to move a sim off the account to get it so will work out what best in next few days.


Had the same trouble to get my MasterCard promised. Had to listen to call and said would let me know outcome in 48hrs. Didn’t. 3 weeks later got the card. Still didn’t move back to inf2 grr


Ah they said that to me too in June. Moved me from infinity 2 to 1 anyway using a new line and we lost speed. See what they do for you!


Same as my experience - and I've also got 5 sim only contracts that they will loose. Best they could offer was to re contract at my current price of 31.99, but I had to pay 9.99 for the privilege! Might go for the Vodafone deal and get the fee sonos


Think I am just going to leave them, sick of it. 6 individuals have now blatantly lied to me.

BT Superfast fibre broadband (£549.81, £29.99 p/m, £140 vouchers, effective cost £22.27 pm)
Found 11th AugFound 11th Aug
Superfast Fibre + Weekend Calls + BT Sport on the go BT Affiliate deal. Sorry if been posted, did a quick search so couldn't find it. Apply by Aug 16th. £29.99 a month 18 months … Read more
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Yes, and it works in your favour usually if you've had a reward card/cashback.


You can sign a new contract in your name and get a new deal. When you order just select you do not have an existing account. You'll have a new landline number though.


Never been with BT. If they do a price hike, are you able to leave mid contract without incurring penalties?


I have a bt account already. Can I get my wife to sign up so she can get this deal?


Ok so I just ordered this via TCB {£90} While I was on BT chat I was advised that allegedly the price hike in September does not affect briadband and new customers. So if TCB does it stuff I really should be paying effectively £17.27 p/m I saved the transcript just in case anything goes pear shape in September. Fingers crossed

Free BT Sport for 18 months with Superfast Fibre (New and potentially existing customers) see description
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
I am an existing customer. I just renewed/renegotiated my BT broadband contract (Infinity 1, 18 months, £21.99/month) a few days ago - due to price increases. I called up today as … Read more
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Ah ok, many thanks for the reply. Maybe I'll try one more time. Also sounds like you may have to put in a transfer request for them to offer you something good reading from comments elsewhere.


Seems the free BT sport offer ended on the 16th thats why they wont be offering it anymore


No i just said my friend got £21.99 and they offered the deal, took 3 goes though


If ever there was a reason to not sign-off, it's that daft oaf Tyson Fury,


hi deanos - Did you say anything in particular when getting your deal ? I'm out of contract and could not get anywhere near what you negotiated even after I said I want to pay no more than 21.99 as thats what others have been getting. Best I got was 25.99 on 38mb speed with an extra #3.50 for bt sport but not bt sport on sky (as she said that would be #17 extra) for 18mths. I tried twice but they wouldn't budge. Thanks.

£0.00 activation fee + free bt sport included with super fast internet and entertainment tv package £29.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p 18 months - £549.81
Found 3rd AugFound 3rd Aug
hi all I have been looking around for bt deals lately as I am about to move into my first home, looked on the bt website today and they have lowered there prices from What they wer… Read more
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ok cheers bud


It’s the Full House TV, all channels, no sports or movies. It’s usually £55pm.


what comes in that full tv package bud that sly sports, movie,etc ?


£120 on a card and £170cb with quidco until Friday and yes its fibre included. Im tempted with the free BT Sport for 18 months MotoGp and football :) wonder if Sky can match any of it


Will it be applicable to me? i used to be with them over a year ago but not any more. Seems a great offer, there is cashback too on quidco, not sure whether that will track too or not. Can't understand why it's cold but I think from memory all these good broadband offers seem to go cold?

BT Broadband 50MB £80 reward card and Amazon Echo 18 months £31.99 p/m + £9.99 p&p £585.81
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
For those who don't want the lottery of going for cashback from TCB or Quidco, how about an Amazon Echo instead? 18 month contract at £31.99 + £9.99 P+P £585.81 - £80 mastercard =… Read more

I will be along with openreach modem that’s apparently required..


Are you using their Home Hub?


Just renegotiated my deal , due to the announced price increases, to £23.99 from £28.99 taken out in Feb, when I received £120 reward card.


There have been BT deals recently with £120 MasterCard and £100 TCB/Quidco cashback, but this seems the best at the moment if you were looking to get an Echo anyway.


Seems alright to me,don't know why cold

BT Superfast fibre unlimited - 18m contract for £23.99 incl evening and weekend calls and line rental (Retention Deal)
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Just about to leave BT and ordered Vodafone £28 pm superfast broadband, contacted BT options team on multiple occasions to get a better deal with no luck, tried a last ditch attemp… Read more

I've heard people saying they only use Sky because it's the best.


ok well give it a try, but it is a good deal i doubt you'll get much better. From reading on here BT fibre is the best, don't contemplate sky.


True but I like haggling and I have all the time in the world to stay on hold, if they put me on hold or speak to them for hours just to save a few pounds. I will warm up and get ready to call them on Monday, they won't know what hit them. Also I cancelled the order on the phone but didn't recieve any confirmation email or text. Now I'm worried if it doesn't cancel then I'll need to wait another 24 hours to speak to them.


That's the best you'll get tbh, I was in the same situation and thought I would leave them completely so that I could access the MasterCard and TCB/Quidco that only new customers get. It's all personal preference £23.99 for 76mb isn't bad at all it's just if you can be bothered with the hassle of switching. The new provider may not be as good as BT and you'll regret it for the sake of £10 a month saving, or whatever you achieve by going to another provider.


No I'm not getting evening and weekend calls it's just weekend calls only, also for BT sport not HD is £1.75 on top half price from £3.50. I have to pay £23.99 plus £1.75 that's £25.75 for infinity 1, weekend calls and BT sport standard is it worth it because I'm doubting myself coz I didn't haggle and they offered it and I accepted it. I have 14 days to cancel and I cancelled straight away so I will call back on Monday to see what they offer me now

BT Super Fast Fibre Broadband - 50mb £29.99 x 18m + £10 p&p  (£24.99 EFC.)
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
50mb average speed. £29.99 x 18months £100 btreward card Works out £539.82 + £10 p&p makes it £549.82 Minus £100 makes it effectively £449.82 for 18 months or £24.99 £52.49 … Read more
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Im on Vodafone 76 mbs package, max speed at my pc is 52mbs, synched at 56.6, they say min guaranteed speed is 56.2, so I cant do anything, even though with another isp I got a constant 68mbs, I took their sim only out to, a lot slower than BT mobile, but it works. Dont forget BT offer the free privacy package on their home phone which includes caller ID, Voda dont.


Anybody on vodaphone? I’m on bt and thinking of switching


Same here, despite that I still think this is a good deal. Surprised at the cold votes.


If a new customer £50 amazon voucher and £22 incl line rental on 18mth contract. I signed up for 2 sim only deals on Tuesday so qualified for £20 p/m but no voucher. I know voucher would have been worth more but was unsure if I would qualify for quidco and voucher as it states on quidco/broadbandchoices terms that no quidco cashback with any other offer. Joined via quidco( £30 cashback (tracked this morning)


Same how’s vodaphone compared? Any cashback or offers?

BT Sport on Sky with BT Broadband - £4 month - usually £12.
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Just seen and ordered this on BT's website. It's SD only (HD can be added for an £6.50 a month, free for 3 months). You also get access to the BT Sport app.

This has expired now


I agree with that, but I do find the app casted to my tele actually gives a very good picture, better than SD. That's why I refuse to pay for HD. To have it on my Sky box is handy if I need to record as a last resort.


But SD is pointless these days, to charge that much extra for HD in this day and age is ridiculous.


Ufc 226 was just on yesterday !!!


The £6.50pm for HD is ridiculous. Fortunately I get BT sport with my EE contract and I cast it to Chromecast. Winning.

BT retention deal for Infinity 1 fibre broadband, line rental and weekend landline calls + £50 voucher £21.99 p/m 18 months - £395.82
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
Due to the BT price hike I decided to change my existing line rental and broadband contract from BT to Vodafone (from £29.99 per month with BT to £21 per month Vodafone). A couple… Read more

due to price increase, old contract kind of gets violated and you have the option to terminate it Free of Cost . The other options would be either renegotiate a new contract with a better and lesser price or continue the existing contract with increased price from 16 September . Getting a new contract comes under being recontracted if continuing with BT


What do you mean by recontracted ? had your contract already ran out ? TIA


I love these price rises mine goes down every time. It's the people that do nothing that get shafted. When I first took it out it was £32.99 a month but with £110 tcb plus £150 card so worth it for that. On first price rise I recontracted at same price thats all she would do. But got BT sport free again for another 6 months. The next price rise which was only a few months after paying for BT sport I asked about signing up again in my wifes name to get the card tcb etc... He checked and agreed its classed as new customer. I put that order in and they called me back and offered £26.99 so took that and guess what recontracted BT sport again for another 6 months free. I said about an offer that was free for the whole year and they bill credited me for £42 making sport effectively free for the whole year. This price rise phoned up and recontracted but I had 14 days to change my mind. Recontracted as knew it would give me more leverage. So phoned up and took the guys deal from here he went away and said yeah no problem. So £23.99 a month. Customer service is now in the UK. It Is much better than what it used to be most of the problems seem to be with their software rather than the operators. No deal on BT sport but even at the full £7 i still pay less than for broadband on its own when I started. The BT sport is not recontracted so come oct can either cancel or see if another offer is forthcoming. Don't worry about 18 month or two year contracts as a price rise will come around by next april. I want to get it down to £20 a month eventually. The service is rock solid never have to reset the router and get 40mb on wifi and 9mb on the up. Shame I didn't get the full speed upto 76mb but this speed is more than enough. Also the cloud of 200GB is coming in useful. Better than paying apple for upgraded icloud. The app is good as well i pay £2 extra for quarterly bills and non Direct Debit but quoted the normal prices for comparassion purposes. The app is excellent and I like BT sports. What more can I say i don't want to keep changing every 6 months especilally when its solid connection. The number I called was 0800 3457303 and he done the deal without the hassle of leaving and new routers that might not work or tcb that doesn't pay out. Thanks garble fot not sending me your deal or replying so I got the info elsewhere. On tje next price rise might be able to get £21.99 or maybe the £23.99 but with full fibre


Haha that’s the difference then sports was costing me £18 via sky so basically phone and fibre broadband for £15 !


Wouldn’t say it’s an amazing deal. I’ve had that for years and still leaving for a better deal. edit: I don’t get sports though.

Superfast Fibre Unlimited & Weekend Calls £29.99pm (£9.99 router fee - 18mo contract) + £120 BT Reward Card - now live @ BT
Found 28th JunFound 28th Jun
29/06 now live Just got wind of a new offer going live with BT Broadband tomorrow, with their superfast Fibre Unlimited Plan dropping to the same monthly price as their essential,… Read more

Just spoke to Bt they said I can leave as switching out and relative can sign up straight away as by again


Thanks that's really helpful. But you do get given a new number so may not be for everyone..


yes, I faced the same question. Select the other option which reads: I don't have a working landline. You then enter your address, and it says, we've found a line at this address, would you like us to use this line? and you select, yes use the existing line.


Price will rise in six months so no need to worry about that


Never worked for me I would have to say new number, I guess that's what others have done. Going to go with the NowTv deal posted.

BT CUSTOMERS - 20GB 12m sim (+£70 prepaid Mastercard) £170
Found 5th JunFound 5th Jun
£5 discount for broadband customers. With 5GB extra data and £2 off a month & a £70 prepaid Mastercard. Only worth it if you are already a BT customer, works out less than £1… Read more

Did anyone buy using the link in post? It has some deals not available on normal bt site. But when you try to buy a package it goes to a weird looking page that doesn’t look like it’s part of the BT website. Any advice?


Do you mean reward card?


Had an email from BT saying that if I commit to another 12 months I will get 25gb instead of 20gb for £16. Struggle to use 10gb as it is, will just leave it go onto a rolling contract until a good EE offer comes up. Last time I switched it worked out to just under £7pm for my current contract.


Well at least you speak to a U.K. based BT staff member...that won’t happen on Three/o2 or Vodafone most or all are offshore/third party. Vodafone has a minority of call centres actual staffed with Vodafone employees. Frankly you get the odd numpty on EE/BT mobile call centres but the minority is always better than the majority - I find the Irish based EE mobile staff so friendly and willing to help more than the U.K. staff!


We have 3 mm mobiles from BT. Has been flawless for years, it's just using EE. They gave me a mobile signal booster when I moaned about coverage. Had to hassle a bit for the latest cashback but then they accidentally paid me twice :D

BT Fibre unlimited 18 month contract £28.99 p/m includes line rental 18 months £9.99 p&p - £531.81
Found 4th JunFound 4th Jun
Decent price and comes with £130 bt MasterCard free activation £9.99 p&p

Got any more info on this? I'm with BT supposed to get up to 50mb I think but my line is far from the exchange so max I get is 35mb.


Wish I could do that as I had virgin at Uni and had no issues with their service but I live in Milton Keynes so can't get virgin unfrotunately.


Have a look at the Virgin Media deal that's been posted on here. Works out to £14.50pm for 100mb with cashback. I've signed up and cashback has tracked.


Ahhh good spot, going back into quidco i can see it says ‘up to £190’ and then further down it gives the rates. Thanks :)


Your calculations are still wrong though. Here's the quidco deal: £35.99 x18 = £647.82 +£9.99 = £657.81. Take away the £130 card and also £95 cashback. £657.81 - £130 - £95 = £432.81. Divide by 18 gives you £24.

BT Plus - Best connection in and out of the home
Found 3rd JunFound 3rd Jun
Have BT home broadband and mobile already? Sign up for BT Plus and get the best possible broadband for your area, your mobile data doubled, a keep connected promise with a mini hu… Read more
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i think backup broadband feature is decent and uk call centre is good too (y)


I got offer today : 33.99 For BT Pus 2x 4gb sim only for 20£ what do you think is good deal


BT Plus extra speed refers to mobile, you'll get the fastest 4G, fixed line BB remains the same speed unless upgraded. It comes with a BB price freeze guarantee, the price you signup to is fixed for 18 months. If you have BT mobile you'll get double data added to all sims on the account. If you report a fault, all BT mobiles on the account will have unlimited data applied within an hour of reporting the fault. You'll receive a mi-fi hub the following day (If reported before 4pm postage cutoff) which gives you unlimited 4G data, yours until the fault is fixed. 85% of customers can expect to pay less by switching to BT Plus.


Exactly, these benefits most get already. 4G: Those who can get it, have it already. Those who don't, often have very poor 3G! Price Freeze: Not sure why they mention this as a benefit, If you're in a contract you're stuck paying the same price anyway. it's just added for the sake of it I think. Dedicated UK and Ireland-based support: This is just more filler. I'm not sure how they can call it dedicated when their T&Cs state "There may be exceptional circumstances where we have to route your call outside of the UK and Ireland to deal with your call quicker. " No mention of what exceptional circumstances are? Is a tea break an exceptional circumstance? Broadband Backup/4G Wi-Fi Mini Hub: The only real benefit here is if you don't have any BT Wifi hotspots near you and how unlimited is unlimited?Are they planning on killing off BT Wifi? They don't seem to mention it as a benefit anywhere on their plus related pages.. I wonder why.. --- Would be great if 4G was used to boost fibre speeds to what people actually pay for, but they won't do that! The website is somewhat misleading too.. "Plus gives you extra speed, extra data and our promise to keep you connected. So you can keep watching, listening, talking and sharing to your heart’s content. Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, our best fibre and 4G is now even better together. " Some might assume BT Plus gives you extra speed on your broadband from this blurb alone! /rant (horror)


bt = crap speeds and crap customer service

BT Infinity Unlimited for £35.99 per month with a £125 reward card + £120 cashback (£18.66 after cashback and reward card)
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Go through Quidco on the link that says: Superfast Fibre Unlimited and weekend calls for £35.99 per month with a £125 reward card + £120 cashback It opens up as £31.99 a month wit… Read more
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Separately after BT announced the price raises, I called them, and they maintained my original price if I signed up for 18 months from that point, which was just an extension of 2 months from the contract I took out.


Cashback confirmed here aswell £120 ordered on 26/5


Cashback on Quidco confirmed for me @ £115. Order date was 30 April.


18.5mbps upload? what happened to the other 1.5?