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6GB SIM/O BT Mobile for Broadband customers - £9/month = £108 over £12 months (£2.75 after possible Quidco cash back) @ BT
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
BT is offering a sim only plan for £9 a month with 6gb data. Quidco offers £75 cash back, making this effectively £2.75 if it tracks!

Not really, because the deal is for BT Mobile which has same signal and bands as EE. BT Mobile is the only MVNO to give equivalent service to EE so it will cost more.


Overpriced rubbish.


Hot! Great deal, sorry to see it going cold!


Very good deal, if Quidco pay out.

BT Full Fibre 900 (910mbps down, 110mbps up) £59.99pm + £9.99 delivery (24 month contract) - £1449.75
-330° Expired
Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
BT Full Fibre 900 (910mbps down, 110mbps up) £59.99pm + £9.99 delivery (24 month contract) - £1449.75
£1,449.75 £9.99
BT is now offering 500/75 & 910/115 mbps packages (Down/Up). This is £7 cheaper compared to Virgin media's 1gbps package, but you must be in a Openreach FTTP covered area. Ope… Read more

Call back and get someone else, I got it for £54.99 a month. Just keep trying :)


Currently have the 300Mbp package called to upgrade to the 900Mbp was offered it for £69 didn't take it.......yet :/ :/ :/


Yep mate , needs the big boys to start offering to get the price down - good news sky joining as well that will help. Last time I looked the other providers are either business offerings or can't beat the BT package re price anyway. Plusnet I believe ran a trial FTTP service but have stopped that now.


You do know there are multiple providers selling services over Openreach's FTTP network. Some examples are Zen, aquiss, cerberus & spectrum. Sky will also join them in a couple of weeks time.


FTTP pricing needs to be investigated by Oftel as currently there is only 1 choice in most areas and that is BT. Until other providers offer this service the price will never come down. And that is a monopoly they are seemingly ignoring. Whilst saying that , FTTP is a damn good service especially as it is being targetted in areas that have very poor copper connection. So these customers go overnight from 1 to 2 meg to 100s of meg. - Just sort the price out BT and Oftel

BT customers COVID-19 Benefits: No cap on broadband packages/ Landline call charges capped to £5 per month
2496° Expired
Posted 20th MarPosted 20th Mar
BT is doing their bit to help people who are now working from home, especially those with kids as it removes cap on all its home broadband packages. Text from BT Page We’re … Read more
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I think if we go on lock down all calls internet should be free until further notice,,maybe i'm expecting to much (skeptical)


they had no choice. Completely a PR move - all the news websites would have been flooding with tearful single mothers who had maxed out their draconian and outdated broadband data cap. BT are not consumer friendly, not even close


I had a call from BT offering me free BT sports for life. This includes 24 months contract I’m on right now, then if I renew my broadband at the end of the contract. My BT Sports won’t be affected and the discount will still be applied on my account


For those who are looking for a pause in payments for BT Sport, I got 1 months refund off them and I told them to knock the HD off mine as well, instead of knocking it off, they just put me on free HD for 3 months. If the situation still remained the same, I could ring them again and claim another refund back potentially. It's better than nothing at all.


They're not charging me for BT sports for 3 months.... OK there's no sport on but 3 months is better than FA

Free Xbox One X 1TB Bundle with BT broadband package £45.99 24 months + £9.99 upfront at BT (British Telecom)
-374° Expired
Posted 19th FebPosted 19th Feb
Free Xbox One X 1TB Bundle with BT broadband package £45.99 24 months + £9.99 upfront at BT (British Telecom)
Add BT Sport to selected Superfast Fibre packages, you’ll get an Xbox bundle worth £449 too. Your Xbox bundle includes the Xbox One X 1TB console, and a full-game download of Forz… Read more
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Not bothered about a deal going cold was letting them know the Xbox is free and thanks been on here a few years lost the login details to my old account


True but this particular deal should never be this cold. People don't understand the deal entirely it seems. If someone finds a better internet/bt sport combo then that'd be fab but it'll be tough going


Dude don’t take it personally (unless you’ve signed up for this deal). You’ve tried to save people money, it’s been voted cold... honestly don’t worry about it, I’ve posted a deal before thinking it was great then it went cold. Welcome to the site btw, and don’t let it put you off posting again in the future. Just remember the comments are aimed at the deal and not at you.


Yeah i did look. Was on the blower and stuck to my guns and eventually cancelled so hoping a deal comes in next 30 days or so


I was mistaken in my comment earlier as i assumed that BT Sport is always with BT Fibre but this appears to have changed at some point and its £15 extra. Also worth noting that its worth checking the upgrades page in MY BT as I was originally on £29.99 Fibre 1, I looked one day and they offered Fibre 2 for £2 less a month. It was a no brainer, I thought id called to get it as I said in my last comment but just remembered that

bt broadband superfast Fibre 2 - £29.99 pm (+£9.99 P&P)29.99*24+9.99 @ BT
-243° Expired
Posted 11th FebPosted 11th Feb
This is for superfast fibre 2 which has 67mb average speed. currently bt are offering this deal saving £240 over duration of contract of 24 months plus tcb are offering £115 which… Read more
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I was on bt and the speed was great but due to prices I changed to Vodafone. Huge mistake, I rarely get full speed, mostly average 35-40 ish sometimes it been down to below 10. Shocking service.


Comes up at 39.99 for me?


Not sure if OFCOM have wound back the rules or if broadband companies have made the increases more visible in T&C's to make a binding contract that's acceptable to them but I'll find out when my supplier increases my bill by CPI.. In Martin Lewis we trust :)


Can get this fo £22 from Vodafone with no set up or delivery


No? I think they mean what you agreed as in the exact price you signed up at. Bt increased the price by standard inflation, yet we could all leave and they emailed us to inform we could. Some company's "i think plusnet" brag about not putting the price up during contract, but it's simoly to avoid dealing with cancellations mid contract due to ofcom rules. Unless they have wound back the new rules slightly.

BT sport with broadband and free Xbox one X £60.99 per month + £9.99 setup (24 month contract) - £1473.75 @ BT
-769° Expired
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
BT sport with broadband and free Xbox one X £60.99 per month + £9.99 setup (24 month contract) - £1473.75 @ BT
Not sure if a great deal or not but BT offering free Xbox one X on broadband packages-from £45.99 a month, £60.99 with tv and their 4K tv box. 24 mont contract Get an Xbox bundle … Read more

They said the same to me in 2017 (new build) but I got 72mbps which is a consistent speed.


I was considering this, but for some reason the speed I can get is half of what I’ve had previously? Going from 200mbps with Virgin to 30 with BT isn’t great


Thanks. I guess many will leave due to a 50% price increase. Yet they offer it free on this offers page BT TV


If you get this deal through top cash back you will get £100 (y)


Definitely not a great deal. Sorry.

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BT broadband Superfast fiber 2 for £29.99pm (£719.76 over 24 months + £9.99)
87° Expired
Posted 9th FebPosted 9th Feb
BT broadband Superfast fiber 2 for £29.99pm (£719.76 over 24 months + £9.99)
BT BB Superfast fibre 2 @£29.99 with £80 reward card and possible £125 quidco. Effective price £21.45 mo. Superfast Fibre available at £24.99 without the £80 reward card or £28.99 … Read more

Renewed mine Black Friday deal November 2019, renew your broadband same cost 24 month contract. , just been charged for my BT sport app, I thought it was free.


It's not a secret, it's all about who you speak to and also how you speak to them. It's about being kind and showing respect and that is half your job done, the rest depends on your negotiating skills (technique)


You need to share the secret lol


Yes, but if you were on weekend calls before, what it should also have said under the section "What you're currently on" it should have mentioned that bit, but it doesn't. It's a dirty, sneaky thing to do because looking at this you would be thinking that you would be getting everything you had before, plus perhaps a speed upgrade. Where I live, there's no benefit to upgrading to Infinity 2 either because the quoted speeds are exactly the same. I got a phone call from BT before my contract ended and told them about this and the best they could offer me was the same £21.99 deal I was on before but without weekend calls and locked into a 2 year contract with two guaranteed price increases. They weren't prepared to better the deal, but suggested I give their "Customer Loyalty" team a call which I did. After quoting them the cheaper Post Office Fibre deal with the gift card and lower monthly cost and the Vodafone Gigafast 200MB for not much more they reduced the price to £19.99, but without upgrading to Infinity 2, which I said made no difference anyway. I'm still using their cloud storage and the WiFi hotspots do come in handy from time to time. The McAfee software is pretty comprehensive too. I was seriously contemplating moving away from the Openreach FTTC network and migrating to Vodafone on the CityFibre FTTP network, but being the only current ISP on board, I can't afford to be let down with customer service issues, as I rely on my broadband for home working. Hopefully in another 2 years, more ISP's may come on board the CityFibre FTTP platform by then making migration between providers a lot less traumatic should I need to ditch and switch.


Yes but they offered to me for free and also was willing to pay me so my bill comes up to -£5.00 a month which I get from them

Leeds launched full fibre BT - Fibre 100 £34.99 for 24 months - £849.75 / Fibre 250 £44.99 for 24 month £1089.75 Total
-329° Expired
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
Leeds launched full fibre BT - Fibre 100 £34.99 for 24 months - £849.75 / Fibre 250 £44.99 for 24 month £1089.75 Total
Little bit good offered than original price, save £5 per months FIBRE 100 - £34.99 for 24 months then £42.99 FIBRE 250 - £44.99 for 24 months then £52.99 Delivery cost £9.99 NOTE:… Read more

Well, i am difficulty to call because i am deaf and using hearing aid. So my brother tried to help me and we don't like to wait couple hours and rude customer services. I don't need tv package and telephone, just broadband.


Just tell them your leaving even if they agree and put the phone down, they will call you back in a day or two with a far better deal, also look online and even on here for good deals and point them out to them. My deal is ok but it was 47 for 12 months am hoping for 45 this time around but even that is not as good as the deal my brother is on. He has large TV package with bt sport and movie channels, unlimited phone and 350 internet for 62 quid but he held out until the day they were coming to cut him off, I'm not that good at waiting that close and I was happy with my deal as I don't watch much TV.


Its only £28... through Talk Talk, its called G-Fast via BT Openreach Here's an article about is from 2018, prices and speed have changed since....


I called last September and waited 1 hour to play music then virgin media not given me offers. (mad)


From what i can fathom this is only available for those who are able to select the FIBRE 100/250 products. For example i select the fibre 100, takes me through but at the stage everyone gets offers. I get "you cant get this product, would you like superfast 2 instead" even though it offers me it at the first page.......

BT Ultrafast Fibre 300mb + Halo + Smarthub 2 + WiFi disc - £17.99/month + £20 upfront 24 months = £451.76 total - selected customers @ BT
1303° Expired
Posted 22nd JanPosted 22nd Jan
BT Ultrafast Fibre 300mb + Halo + Smarthub 2 + WiFi disc - £17.99/month + £20 upfront 24 months = £451.76 total - selected customers @ BT
Update 1
Please note this offer is for selected customers and may not work for everyone
*Confirmed that other BT users have been able to access this Glitch, follow user - watermelonsocks guide in the comments - some have even managed to get it cheaper than i have (y) … Read more

Don't accept this, if you're not happy. They can't put you on another contract, without your consent. Have a look at the Ombudsman site. You can tell BT you don't accept it, tell them what you would accept. If they won't move, ask for a letter of deadlock and tell them you're going to the Ombudsman. Or tell them you'd rather leave, go to another company, similar price, shorter contract (e.g. Shell, TalkTalk both 18 months, similar cost, with offers, cashbacks etc) They are a real shambles. As Tommyfoz says, it's the luck of who you get. My deal is meant to be £17.99. Got charged the £101 in Feb. Rang up, first guy sorted it straight away; refunded overcharge ( I was within the 14 day cool-off period and would have cancelled, if I had been told I couldn't have the ordered cost). Sent him all the screenshot proof, which he acknowledged. Shortly after, had complaint closed email. March bill - £101. Called again. This guy didn't want to know 'can't do anything, mate', 'says £101'. After a bit of gentle explanation and persuasion, helping him with his job, he referred it to greater powers and, somewhat pointlessly, gave me £20 goodwill - which just came off the overcharge. Due to the now present covid outbreak, I didn't expect a quick callback... April, still nothing and another £101 bill. Called again. Nice lady, helpful, 'but above my pay grade, sorry, I can see all your proof, though'. A call was scheduled for yesterday from 'the sales team'.... Yesterday came and went. Nothing. Coincidentally, I had a letter, same day, saying 'sorry we haven't got to sorting out your complaint, yet, bear with us'! Even without the current situation, they're a ****ing shambles. I'm expecting the same price I ordered. I'm quite happy to go elsewhere, if they don't give it. They've known of mine and many other cases for plenty of time before covid, so they could have sorted it out. Even if there were 300 cases (as someone said earlier), it's a drop in the ocean for a company their size.


I see people are still having issues with BT over this. I originally managed to get the 100mb fibre one deal for £9.99. Got told it would be cancelled and then received a call saying they’d honour it. Had it all explained to me on the phone that due to their error they will give me a 24 month deal as opposed to the original 18 months to make up for their error etc. All my kit delivered engineer turned up, excellent internet speeds. No issue. Got my first bill and it was £35.99 a month, not the £9.99 previously agreed. Was passed from pillar to post and this went on for months. I appreciate the current covid 19 situation probably means they are operating on less staff but this must have gone on for 5 weeks. I then received a text out of the blue saying that my complaint had closed despite no further correspondence on the matter. I was then messed about for another week before receiving a call from the complaints handler who stated there was never any such deal etc etc that’s why nobody has helped me. They had listened to my original call with their sales person and informed me that I had been completely mis sold the product. I was offered to either cancel the entire package (obviously didn’t want to do this as everything is working properly) or they would charge me £35.99 each month but credit my account with 24 months x £26 (difference between £35.99 and £9.99) I have received the £624 credit and was happy with that outcome. From reading these comments it seems to be the luck of the draw who you deal with and the outcome.


Shocking treatment!! Would it be worth the hassle to reply to the national newspaper about the broken promise?


So, after 2 weeks they didn't send me an email, they didn't call me - they just sent me an information that my contract is changed to Fibre 1 50mb for £19.99. Also they credited my account by £162 (I paid £270 since signing contract). Tbh I am happy with price for broadband (I paid £39.49 before), but I'm totally unhappy how they treated me - they just cancelled my contract, gave me new contract (Contract I signed from "deal" was for 18 months, this one is for 24m). They didn't ask me if I'm okay with that...


Not yet :(

Free Stadia Premiere Edition with selected BT Fibre Broadband packages - from £39.99 month
214° Expired
Posted 17th JanPosted 17th Jan
Free Stadia Premiere Edition with selected BT Fibre Broadband packages - from £39.99 month
Get Stadia Premiere Edition worth £119 with selected fibre broadband packages and bring home the future of gaming. You’ll get a Chromecast Ultra, Stadia controller and Stadia Pro… Read more

Is BT the same as other broadband suppliers that if they increase their prices you have the right to leave?


Set for install next week , superhub due early next week but not seen anything in my documentation about the stadia delivery windows anyone who ordered in the last few weeks know the timeframes ? ignore me , read i need the redemption code sorry


Even though it doesnt offer 4k60 hdr on all games it wouldn't matter as steam statistics shows the majority of gamers dont use 4k hdr displays. So its great to know that stadia does play on the bandwidth it stated and the Input is impressive. Though remember the 4k only comes with the subscription so it's only google losing out of extra cash if games dont deliver. So from stream statistics of 1080p majority the main goal is for stadia to get game sales or free 2 play as hearing people use to the browser. To be fair on Google they say it's the tech that works but its delevelops need to optimised the port or develop new for stadia which can be seen with other new consoles for over a year


Love my stadia and had flawless excellent 4k hdr stream with 40mbps. I've got 12 games and already 6 I'm planning on buying on stadia. So in my mind stadia isnt dead and it's my next step up from being digital since steam launch. If cloud gaming fails I will have no choice to back away from gaming because of my limited time as wasting so much on installs and updates


For those who don’t want stadia, go through top cashback and it will give the £100 MasterCard gift card instead

Free Amazon Echo if you renew contract with BT
-218° Expired
Posted 10th JanPosted 10th JanLocalLocal
Free Amazon Echo if you renew contract with BT
Not sure if posted already and if account specific, but if you're due to upgrade/renew/cancel with BT, then they're trying to entice you to renew your BT contract by chucking in a … Read more

I know this has expired but did anyone actually get the Alexa. I had email confirming I would get mine once the cooling off period had ended. Got email today saying that it was error and I am getting a £10 credit on bill instead!! (fierce)


Yes managed to get this deal. A bit miffed that weekend calls are no longer included, the 2 year lock-in and the annual price increase, but still a good deal. Not quite ready yet to make the leap from the Openreach network to the much faster CityFibre network until other ISPs, other than Vodafone come on board.


Just claimed my Alexa, so all in all, reduced monthly bill from £25 to £17 and free Alexa Echo... I'd like to take that as a win...!




Any response from BT?

Black Friday Sale at BT - Superfast Fibre (up to 50Mb Speed) £28.99 a month - £9.99 fee + £120 Reward Card (24month - £705.65) @ BT
-179° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
Black Friday Sale at BT - Superfast Fibre (up to 50Mb Speed) £28.99 a month - £9.99 fee + £120 Reward Card (24month - £705.65) @ BT
Good deal direct from BT on their Broadband, especially the Superfast Fibre which offers a monthly price of £28.99 which includes line rental, broadband speeds up to 50Mb, plus you… Read more

Maybe a tech freebie for black friday to cyber monday ?


Is not strange that the offer finishes Thursday night? Maybe further reduction in the price for the black friday weekend and cyber Monday? What do you think? Worthy to wait for it?


Hi I was paying £21.99 superfast 1 18 month contract


How much were you currently paying and on what plan?


I have taken the £21.99 superfast 2 fibre with doorbell as I don't currently have one. He also assured me if a better deal comes up I do have 14 days cooling off period. The way he was talking BT might be ramping up their offers closer to Black Friday watch this space. I had 4 months left on current contract so in effect signed up for 20 months.

BT Goes Live with Black Friday Broadband and TV packages
-211° Expired
Posted 22nd Nov 2019Posted 22nd Nov 2019
BT Goes Live with Black Friday Broadband and TV packages
Half price BT Sport and Amazon Prime Video on us for six months Up to a £125 Reward Card when you join online and if you go via QuidCo and TopCashBack more reductions via Cashback … Read more

Cheers. I'm looking after broadband and bt sports. No servers in my area so best speed is 17mb no matter which fibre option according to their site. They re offering halo 1 for 38.99 pm but think/hope that includes sports. No cashback or rewards. Think I'll have to go through the cat an mouse game on the phone a few times before settling. Pretty sure new customers are getting better offers than me. I'll let you know.


Fortunately got the £85 payout. I got £125 MasterCard (This only got sorted this month after many emails saying they hadn’t sent the card and many advisors. Very frustrating. Activated card and just bought £125 Amazon Credit to save me forgetting and/or having part of the money left on card) I pay £28.99 a month for Fibre (Get around 42mb In my area) with weekends for house phone (never really use phone) They have changed to 2 year contracts now. However works out at £20 a month when ya take Cashback and Visa card off. Also got new router. This week it’s the energy and mobile to sort. Let me know how you get on (y) 🏻


Did they avoid the cashback and what deal did you get. My bb and sport are up so looking at deals


Just done this deal from TopCashBack and just got a text saying "Hello, BT here. This is in regards to your order with us, due to a technical issue the order stands cancelled, do not worry we will be re-issuing the order after 48 hours and update you with the status. Please don't reply to this text - we won't see it. Thanks." This sounds like a scam from BT so they don't have to pay out the cashback as the initial order won't track with them reissuing a new order. If they do this I shall cancel and never return to BT again. What a sly thing to do!


I cancelled my sky BB as it was going up to £41 a month, i have til 30th nov to find another supplier (lol) Maybe sky will offer me summit....maybe summit will come up next week

Renew your broadband and get a free Ring Video Doorbell @ BT (Select customers)
267° Expired
Posted 20th Nov 2019Posted 20th Nov 2019
Renew your broadband and get a free Ring Video Doorbell @ BT (Select customers)
Maybe account specific but as my Broadband was due to expire on 21st Feb'20 I received an email from BT offering chance to renew at same price (£21.99 per month for Superfast 1 for… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

0800 800 030 Just keep saying you are not happy with deal. Eventually they put me through to Retention Team.


I clicked on renew broadband and I was offered BT sport for free for 18 months and everything stays the same. I called BT and told them what can they offer my they said same package for £19.99 but no BT sport. I told them I got it when I renewed online. They wanted to see screenshot and I gave it to them, then she said I should do it online and I did it but my offer got cancelled and now I'm back to square one. She said they will hand it to back office and they will contact me within 10 days


My broadband was £19.99 and the contract was due to end in march this year, I got a letter through the door saying if renew I could get a free ring doorbell and would keep my current loyalty discount at £19.99 for another 18 months. On the letter I got there was a link on it, once I put the link in it took me to the offer on the bt website.. When I go home I will see if I still have the letter but I doubt I will have it.


Which number did you call


On the phone or chat. Which number did you call? What were you on before, sorry for all the questions

BT Superfast broadband with free xbox or TV from £35.99 a month 24 months + £9.99
-282° Expired
Posted 11th Nov 2019Posted 11th Nov 2019
BT Superfast broadband with free xbox or TV from £35.99 a month 24 months + £9.99
BT Superfast broadband with free xbox or TV from £35.99 a month

Is it possible to cancel the bt sport app after a month or two and still get the xbox or tv?


35.99 plus bt sport = 45.99?


To be fair, the old man's pants are pretty good...


Expensive though.


The school uniforms good

Free Xbox One S digital edition or 43" LG 4K smart TV with BT Fibre and Sport from £45.99 per month (2 years) + £9.99 fee @ BT
-74° Expired
Posted 4th Nov 2019Posted 4th Nov 2019
Free Xbox One S digital edition or 43" LG 4K smart TV with BT Fibre and Sport from £45.99 per month (2 years) + £9.99 fee @ BT
Get an LG 43” 4K ready Smart TV or an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition on us when you add BT Sport to selected Superfast Fibre packages. Offer ends 14 November.

Out of interest, anyone know the model or specs for the TV.


Or they could offer a competitive price like other companies and then you would stay with them


It's expensive for companies to get you online. From the cost of equipment, installation and all the bits in between if they had to shell all that out for you to just cancel even 12 months later it wouldn't be worth it, hence contracts. Just think about how much money it takes to keep a company like BT running, they need guaranteed revenue


This is an awful deal.


Rope u in for this tv deal.

BTSuperfast Fibre Unlimited 50mb including line rental £28.99 / 18m + £9.99 + £40 Reward Card + £100 M&S Voucher
64° Expired
Posted 7th Oct 2019Posted 7th Oct 2019
BTSuperfast Fibre Unlimited 50mb including line rental £28.99 / 18m + £9.99 + £40 Reward Card + £100 M&S Voucher
Stay Fast Guarantee – get the speeds we promise you, or £20 back Unlimited monthly usage BT Smart Hub Free access to over 5 million UK wi-fi hotspots Smart Hub – more powerf… Read more
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Has anyone had the m and s voucher yet? I've had the mastercard a few weeks ago. Both claimed through the links.


Did you claim it via the link in the terms and conditions


It was compare the market


@scottishpunter I am trying to claim £100 M&S voucher and BT are saying its through third party so i need to contact them. do you know which third party advertised this deal?


Yeah £79 or £79.99. Are these good deals or do you spot others? I have a friend who made need broadband. Right now she has a 40GB data plan from GiffGaff for £20/month with no contract and uses her phone as a hotspot at home, which is working but data inside her apt. drops badly. Outside it's like 50mbs but inside it is down to 6mbs. Trying to figure out if we need to get a signal booster or what, or just go with a broadband account. She doesn't do netflix or anything, and frankly doesn't need Amazon prime :)

BT Ultrafast Fibre (FTTP) - 150Mbps £39.99 pm (£34.43/m after redeeming £100 MasterCard Giftcard) (18 Month Contract)
-197° Expired
Posted 19th Sep 2019Posted 19th Sep 2019
Only 5.2% of the UK can Get Openreach FTTP. Our best connection – made for streaming, downloading and gaming on multiple devices 100Mb speed guarantee or you can claim £20 BT S… Read more

I’m getting 25 up on my VM 200 package but it seems I’m very lucky


Has BT sport been dropped. I thought it was a free bundle when you join BT Broadband/Fibre?


It’s guaranteed 100mbps so no idea why if your unhappy you haven’t called them. Also believe if your service itself I.e upgrade from the lower speed to faster speed wasn’t completed properly you can get £5 a day compo.


Go read their own terms and conditions.... You must be the lucky one.


Not in my tests, my upload is a solid 37meg (tested for many hours continously streaming at 4k etc, and downloads always hit 390meg

Add a 2GB, 6GB or 20GB SIM to selected Broadband packages & get a Samsung Galaxy A10 + GiftCard upto £120 from £29.99 / 24m + £29.99 upfront
-88° Expired
Posted 2nd Sep 2019Posted 2nd Sep 2019
Add a 2GB, 6GB or 20GB SIM to selected Broadband packages & get a Samsung Galaxy A10 + GiftCard upto £120 from £29.99 / 24m + £29.99 upfront
Get a Samsung Galaxy A10 on us Add a 2GB, 6GB or 20GB SIM to selected Superfast Fibre packages and we’ll throw in a Samsung Galaxy A10 worth £139. You can get a Gift Card worth up … Read more
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Go through voucher codes and u get £100 Amazon voucher £120 bt card for BroadBand and £50 bt card for sim deal with free Samsung Phone


When you click through it says it is only a 12 month contract for the sim...


There's also £95 or more cashback from topcashback at the moment, which stacks with the reward cards. I've just gone for this with a 6gb sim as I was on sim only with ee anyway (£8.50 p/m with 4gb data). Assuming I get the cashback, both reward cards and can sell the A10 for approx £100, it would mean it will work out to be about £30 p/m for mobile with more data and broadband.


The two year minimum term kills it

BT sports app, mobile and online player 4k £5 a month for existing broadband customers = £120 for 24 months
322° Expired
Posted 10th Aug 2019Posted 10th Aug 2019
BT sports app, mobile and online player 4k £5 a month for existing broadband customers = £120 for 24 months
It's a 24 month contract. Your current broadband contract will be restarted for another 24 months at the price you are currently paying. Any offers or special deals you have in pla… Read more

On bt mobile (offically not sideloading) it mobile devices only. This offer allow u to cast, install on apple tv etc..


Damn! I could see the £5 deal last week but now I get some error - link worked via iPhone. £5 deal activated. iPhone and Apple TV working nicely!


I will post this in case its of help/use to anyone else. Currently I am paying £21.99 for Superfast Fibre 1 unlimited. I have just Chatted to BT. I asked if the BT sport deal could be extended to BT Sport on SKY for the same price, it could not. I asked then could I extend my current deal for another 18 months, they confirmed yes I could. I asked what else could be offered as they couldnt help me with a deal for BT Sport on Sky. They readily agreed to offer me £19.99 for Fibre 1 unlimited for 18 months. If I got it I am sure many others can too


just tried to cancel my sky sports renewal which i took out last week. Unfortunately there is no cooling off period with sports so can't get out of it without a hefty fee.


I watch through the app on my Samsung TV definitely in HD, also the app is being upgraded to 4K later in the year but I think they is a £5 extra charge to view 4K.