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Free speed upgrade for existing BT infinity 1 customers (check emails for speed boost info)
LocalLocalFound 18th MarFound 18th Mar
Recieved an email from BT that they are rolling out another free speed boost to existing Infinity 1 customers. Roughly 18 months since the last time they did this. Usual only if yo… Read more
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I can assure you 2 months ago BT U.K. staff would not send Wi-fi Discs for a mate on Plus, a new recontract with the newest router and new 18m term at £55pm. Again not the case i logged the complaint in full, online and India called the customer back saying they had done everything correctly and there was nothing they could do. Whats confusing about BT Openreach network crumbling so they ask you to pay more a month incase they need to send you a 4G router that doesn’t even work in conjunction with the BT Home Hub, to assume everyone knows how to set up Wi-fi to a temporary 4G router because BT post it out... those most likely to buy Plus the vulnerable will assume plug it into the HH and done will be very disappointed when they find out they have to set up new Wi-fi networks when a bit of planning and coding (not marketing) would mean plug 4G router into HH and its working again until BT sort Openreach problem - that’s not what BT done, it marketed - it’s not developed a robust router with 4G fallback or integration between a temporary 4G Mifi router and the BT Home Hub. It’s a mess because it’s marketing led not technology led. Again no annual inflation rise isn’t exclusive to BT or BT Plus customers, it certainly wasn’t the first to do this, and it’s just more marketing as well, anyone in their minimum term of 12/18 months will get a price increase in their minimum term. BT brings nothing new to the table but marketing bumf in all regards of this spangly BT Plus product, it’s another much publicised rebrand of BT Broadband, BT Total Broadband, BT Yahoo Broadband, BT Everywhere Broadband. Nonsense company with nothing but nonsense from customer services all the way upto executive level. Roll on Duetche Telekom takeover! PLEASE!! It might be able to do something with its no nonsense German attitude approach that BT hasn’t managed in decades since it went private. Shambolic company.


I'm really not sure why you keep posting when you are not up to date with providers packages. I recommend you fill your knowledge gaps so save yourself posting incorrect information. A BT Wi-Fi disc is included free of charge with the SmartHub2 on the complete Wi-Fi package. Up to an additional 2 Wi-Fi discs can then also be sent free IF there are still Wi-Fi blackspots in the property. Again, incorrect information, I assume you haven't been a BT Consumer customer for a while. Only a UK/Ireland based advisor will call you back about anything (including complaints) if you are on BTPlus. Again, no price increases in 2019, and from 2020 prices will increase by the rate of inflation only (the Consumer Price Index rate published in January of that year). BT Consumer are the first UK provider to set their price increases this way. Again. you are confusing BT Consumer with Openreach. This is getting boring now, I'm sure you will respond with even more incorrect info, but luckily I won't see it as I have now used the function to ignore you. I'm sure when HUKD'ers read all the comments (well the ones that haven't been deleted by mods) then they have enough info to make up their own minds. Farewell my friend.


Incorrect as BT wouldn’t issue them free so maybe train staff. Customer left. If you lodge a full comprehensive detailed complaint online as too much information bamboozles BT staff OFFSHORE call you back. A 18 month Plus contract extends into 2020 and BT state they will up prices. They even state what month as I posted in the BT website screenshots. So over £100 a month just incase their crumbing network fails - that’s for the business to pay for investment over decades, the Openreach customers already have so where is it ? Where is Openreach ? 20 megs by the end of 2020 ?? Hello 5G launches this year (excited) Without data ? I have 3 sims, o2/Sky 1GB, Three Unlimited £10, and EE 25GB £6 - if any of my sims fail to even have signal I don’t even know as between a dual sim second phone and Wi-fi calling & diverts calls arrive. I don’t need to wait on no sim or 4G Plus delivery or calling BT (if you can), at a fifth of the price with multiple immediate coverage and fallback I’m already here, Be There ? pffft!


Yet again incorrect information, you should really do your research before you post. With Complete Wi-Fi you get the SmartHub 2 + (up to 3) free Wi-Fi discs. The Wi-Fi discs remain the property of BT and are replaced free of charge IF they go faulty. BT Consumer do NOT send their complaints offshore. BT Plus guarantees that your calls are routed to a UK/Ireland call centre. Nothing wrong with a mobile data connection, but what happens if their 4G network goes down, where is the back-up? As a member of HUKD you are fully aware of the offers that become available. I have BT Plus with all the benefits, SFF2, BTTV, BTSport and 40Gb mobile sim all for £29.99 per month, appreciate that was a 'value' team deal, but especially on this website no one pays full asking price anymore. There are no BT Broadband price rises in 2019.

seaniboy Relish is rebranding as Three Broadband 1st April. Broadband isn’t exclusive to BT Openreach, neither does all its exchanges have broadband. You can’t exclude a technology because it suits you, like for like unlimited broadband is that, unlimited data. Same as Virgin Media using a different technology to deliver it can’t be excluded because somehow you insist the BT Openreach wire network has to be involved to ‘qualify’ as broadband. Many people in this country have higher speeds on Three, Vodafone & o2 than a BT Boredband connection at home. Taking your Three Broadband anywhere is a ‘benefit’ not Wi-fi plenty of providers of Wi-fi and partners, certainly not ‘unlimited data when our wired network fails you’. Call centres are call centres worldwide, BT & EEs are hardly a quantity of excellence minds. Especially when BT send their complaints to a offshore call centre who have no interest in resolving your complaint with fairness. Credit for employment of Brits but well why can’t a Brit deal with a complaint then ? Hypocrisy. Who needs a mobile boost when your sim is permanently unlimited data ?? fastest 4G ? Slowest regionally here - Voda/Three top spot, o2 second and EE three times slower than o2 (under 10 meg) on a EE Max plan. Complete Wi-fi ? Well really that’s nothing some homeplugs and repeaters can’t handle, the less frequency roaming about your home the better your chances of a healthier body. If something has a Ethernet use it with homeplugs. When they Wi-fi Discs go faulty BT make you pay for a replacements, might aswell buy your own and have consumer rights protections on a better Wi-fi system than cheap BT tat. Cheaper too. Three Unlimited sim, annual cost April 2018-19 £90, Huawei B612 Router £100, TP Link Homeplugs £10, £200 for financial year. £3pm Sky sim. £236 all in telecommunication until April 2019. BT Plus 80GB sim and Fibre: £94.99 per month, £9.99 set up “fee”, 18 months £1,719.81 (shock) Now tell me again unlimited mobile broadband isn’t good and it’s all these ‘wonderful‘ BT ‘benefits’ are for consumers and not just a marketing broadband packages for BTs revenue & profits. £1,483.81 extra cost is a lot of money for a lesser BT product marketed as this ‘superb’ thing when it’s absolutely not even any good at all. Price gouge. Marketing. At the end of 2019 financial year im £10 per month Three, with BT I would pay £98.99 and the annual price rise... (excited)

BT 293MB Superfast Fibre 2 Broadband - £29.99pm x 12 Months = £359.88
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Just spotted on Bat's web.

OP - what the hell is 'Bats web'???


Unless you have FTTP available, your speeds will vary due to cable conditions and length to the cabinet


It's showing as £39.99, but when you get to the checkout page it says 74MBps. I'm thinking it's a glitch on their website.


I'm getting different prices showing and slower speeds. :S


135meg for £55. No thanks 🤡

BT Superfast Fibre 50Mbps £29.99/m £9.99 setup FREE £80 Reward Card & £179 Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 AND possibly another £120 TCB
Refreshed 12th MarRefreshed 12th Mar
Superfast fibre broadband 50Mbps including line rental, at potentially under £10 / month with TCB and flogging the Galaxy tablet. Unlimited monthly usage Smart Hub – more power… Read more
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Is it new customers only? My contract is just about to run out with BT, can I get this deal?


I contacted BT. You’re correct. Thanks. Alright , yes we confirm that we have extended it for 3 more days , you can place the order as soon as possible to get the tech gifts


Is this deal still available? To get the Samsung tablet too?


They have extended it, see the clock countdown at the reward card box.


But when you click the link it offers the gadget but at the top of BT page it says. Deal ends 21 March.

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SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 Broadband £730 + £140 TCB + £120 Mastercard  + Free Amazon Echo, Fitbit Charge 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 @ BT
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
TOPCAHBACK £140 FREE TECH WORTH £179 ( Amazon Echo, Fitbit Charge 3 or Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1) £120 MASTER CARD. HAPPY DAYS SO TOTAL £730 -140-120-179=291 most probable they are… Read more
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Not sure why this has been expired, the offers stated are still available and the headline price of £730 for an 18 month contract (without applying the offers) is still relevant.


I'd singed up to this by coincidence yesterday, they pay to get out of other contracts up to £300 so that's worth a mention. My TCB has tracked anyway so hopefully goes to pay stage


TCB is rubbish never pays that's my experience unfortunately.


Thanks for posting, Ive never had a problem with TCB btw


I was paying 20/month (rental and fibre) with Sky for normal fibre they upgraded it to super fibre and I told them to cancel when they said it was now going to be £41/month. They have now renewed it for £20/month again for 12 months. I am getting 72MB actual. I know its not as fast as this deal but for £20/month I am happy. Pity my Sky TV contract does not expire until Nov they have just put that up by £2.5. All in for Sky Entertainment/HD and broadband its costing me £47/month.


No echo on standard broadband unlimited, sadly can't get fibre yet.


There's nothing to say that it is the latest generation Echo, and you probably would'nt get near the £90,maybe £70.But thats better than a kick in the teeth.I had the tv on last week and during the adverts the programme was doing a competition and said win a new iphone,When i looked up from my phone it was a `Iphone 6, Hense the reason to question if the Echo is the newest version.


Sell the echo on and use that to pay off the contract then..(y)


This is on top of loaded cards


Ah well the OP shouldn’t have been so lazy then......worst description ever (y) 🏻

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BT Superfast Fibre Unlimited usage / UK weekend calls 18mth £35.99 p/m - £9.99 p&p - £657.81 -  1 year free Amazon Prime / £90 reward card
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
£35.99 per month on 18 month contract. £647.82 in total. Plus £FREE Amazon Prime £9.99 shipping Minus £125 Quidco £90 Reward Card Total after rewards £442.81 Monthly free in e… Read more

Just renewed my BT BB Contract via retention's ended up with unlimited Fibre BB, BT Sport, Entertainment Max , HD and weekend calls for 29.99 that includes line rental. Paid up front for line rental saver so reduces it to £27.50 happy with that.


I think I’ve had it around 6 months now. Not bad tbh, I’m not a gamer or anything though just use it for the iPhones and TVs


Strange that. I was wondering if I'd selected the wrong option. I guess it only makes £17 difference over the 18 months as you pay £6 more per month with Quidco, but get £125 back.


hot if you need to change your provider and can't take Vodafone, otherwise I feel that Vodafone is a slightly better deal because you don't need to hope for cashback to track.


It's still £29.99pm if you go through an affiliate link:

BT BROADBAND SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 (+£185 Topcashback + Amazon PRIME + £110 BT Reward Card) (£729.81 for 18 months with £374.99 worth of deals)
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Although there is already a similar deal posted for this BT package, this offer is different from Topcashback so I felt it right to post this one as I felt it was a slightly better… Read more

You're quite right. I would have put it in the op title though. I still reckon that the Sky offer of 80mb broadband, anytime calls and line rental for £27pm is better though. Sorry to p*ss on your chips.


The monthly cost is in the description (£39.99) I don't see the point in calculating monthly cost after rewards, as they aren't paid monthly


So how much is it a month before and after the rewards? I really can't be arsed to work it out.


Post was checked by a moderator There is a similar deal but that offers less rewards from a different source


Already posted.

BT Broadband SUPERFAST FIBRE 2 (+£110 Amazon + Amazon PRIME + £110 BT Reward Card) £729.81 (£509.81/ £28.32pm with REWARDS)
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
to get this deal you need to be a NEW CUSTOMER and go via VOUCHERCODES you could potentially get:- SUPERFAST 2 with up to 67MBps fo… Read more


No, that is only their minimum speed gurantee, if it goes below that they give you £20. Here you are.

Thoughtful Well I found this on their site: "Be one of the first to get Ultrafast Fibre Plus with a 100Mb speed guarantee – the broadband that’s always there when you need it" But I cannot find any reference to anything faster, unless of course you are referring to commercial offerings to business? Perhaps a link would be an idea?


contact voucher codes 19. Amazon Prime: 12 Months Amazon Prime offer ends 24 January 2019. Available to new and existing customers who buy a BT Fibre Broadband product (excluding Superfast Fibre Plus). We'll email you within 28 days of your Fibre Broadband being installed to let you know how to claim your unique code to add Prime to your Amazon account. You will then have 28 days to claim your unique code. Once you have your code, you'll then have a year to add Prime to your Amazon account or extend your membership for 12 months. 20. is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon Prime Membership Codes must be redeemed on by accepting the Amazon Prime terms and providing a valid payment method. Your Amazon Prime membership automatically renews for the fee in effect at the time of renewal.


If you still have your old BT router that should work with your Plusnet service

Bt broadband 50mb £29.99 , £9.99 setup costs Free £90 reward card and free amazon prime possible cashback £549.81 18m contract
Found 14th JanFound 14th Jan
£29.99 a month, get £90 reward card and amazon prime for 12 months Possible £120 cashback via quidco aswell but it needs checking. Posting as I'm after renewing broadband aswell… Read more

I signed up to BT mobile the other day 12gb £19 includes £70 cash back voucher. Plus allows you to watch bt sport on phone or iPad. Couple days later I signed up for bt broadband. Via uswitch £30 a month 50mb unlimited fibre. £40 m&s voucher, £90 cash back voucher, free £80 amazon prime for a year. Taking broadband also makes your sim £5 cheaper a month. If your in contract, bt will refund termination fee up to £300 (I had two months contract on TalkTalk left, £55 get out fee. Bt add as credit to your bill) Once that’s ordered log onto my bt account and upgrade your sim. £15 for 20gb instead of 12gb, you can also add a second sim with £20gb on for £12 more for a family member. £27 for two 20gb sim only plans with bt sport! After the £280 in vouchers it’s equivalent to £33 a month for fibre, 2 mobiles, bt sport and amazon prime. Smashing.


Has anyone taken this deal and received the Amazon prime and £90?


Offered £32 per month, fibre1 (think that's the 50mb) with basic TV plus bt sport's and a £50 debit card. 18 month contract. Take it or give virgin a pop with pretty much the same deal. Decisions!!


Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan


I'm with Bt, and was paying around this until my deal ended and it jumped double in price

BT SUPERFAST FIBRE PLUS + COMPLETE WI-FI £55.99pm for £38.54 per month Total £1,007.82
Found 12th JanFound 12th Jan
So you can get the top spec BT superfast fibre and complete wifi by choosing the Superfast Fibre 2 deal and then adding Complete Wifi (which means you also get the Super Hub2) adde… Read more

Next price increase for BT broadband /line rental customers likely March 2020, BT announced recently prices frozen until then although BT TV / BT Sport customers not given the same price freeze and their customer package prices will not be linked to CPI so will be no surprise to see prices rise this year if you are a BT TV / BT Sport customer.


because they're not going to increase prices, lol


Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan :)




Thought so, silly me (lol) (lol) (lol)

BT fibre broadband 36Mb with free Amazon Prime for 12 months - from £29.99p/m - 18mths + £9.99/ £359.88 total
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Take out various BT broadband packages & receive free Amazon Prime membership Take the faster 50MB broadband & get Prime membership & £90 reward card. This is £35.99 … Read more
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Do not forget new contracts with BT started friday 11th Jan so you can no longer leave BT early due to price rises.Luckily i signed up 10th Jan :)


Vodafone were great till about 3 months ago and seem to be having issues with speed and dns again.


I’ve had Vodafone for over a year and in my area at least, it’s been great. I get sync speed of 76mbs, and download speeds of around 73mbs. The only exception it went down for almost two weeks and had to wait for OpenReach to fix the line, a problem that just wouldn’t happen on Virgin Media. VM’s service was exceptional. I’ve also had Sky ADSL and was getting 20mbs sync speed and 17mbs download.


BT (Bl@@dy terrible,) company, avoid like the plague!


And they are quick for online chat about problems

BT BROADBAND 15GB AND PHONE LINE £9.95 p/m For ppl on benefits eg ESA JSA
Found 10th JanFound 10th Jan
BT Basic is a simple, low-cost phone service that is easy to understand and helps you keep in touch if you are on specific low income Government benefits. Like universal credit or … Read more
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Unlimited 4G cellular data is achievable with 3 network for £10/m on 12m contract, even includes unlim txt & total 600mins to any UK landline or mobile. Optionally use smartphone's hotspot to provide wifi to other devices. Obviously stuffed if 3 signal is questionable where required, or if user doesn't have a 3 or unlocked phone kicking around a drawer.


Not that I am aware of. BT are the only provider legal required to offer a basic service due to regulations created by ofcom. The post office however do offer the cheapest unlimited ADSL broadband package costing only £15.90 which also includes line rental which is worth the extra £6 over this deal if you are worried about data limits.


It is a good deal, and let's be honest people who work claim Universal Credit as well especially those who work and have kids / sick relatives to care for. Yes there are EE sims and that, but factor in whether a 3G/4G signal is any good in an area or even a block of flats for that matter! As for the argument about libraries, North Somerset has closed most of theirs and the computers at the main one in my town are always busy and their Wi-fi is SH173 with a capital S!




Somebody at DWP told you that ?

Complete fibre broadband 50Mb, line rental & Freeview TV with BT sport £29.99 p/m - £9.99 upfront Also £100 cashback & £50 Marks voucher
Found 7th JanFound 7th Jan
Total package of TV, fibre broadband , line rental & BT sport for £32.77 Also £100 BT reward card & £50 Marks & Spencer voucher To get the total price of £32.77 p… Read more
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Nope. Presented a timeline of all my issues and asked to be let out early and they agreed.


So no termination fee from Vodafone? Well done.I got my £100 BT Mastercard less than a week after going live..Impressed. £115 TCB also showing. BT smart hub for me has better wi-fi performance than the Fritz!box 3490 from Zen. No longer have dead spot in my house. Full wi-fi coverage.


Thanks. Interesting change of tact, no more annual get out clause essentially. Pricing up new broadband at the minute as Vodafone as agreed to let me out of my contract early and I was thinking of going back to BT.



no package is showing at £200 + £100 cc for me?

BT Broadband £29.99 (£100 Mastercard Free , Roughly £25 will be monthly cost after £100 Mastercard. Quidco will be  Bonus) , £9.99 Postage
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
Roughly £25 will be monthly cost after £100 Mastercard. Plus Quidco will be Bonus Get a broadband deal worth over £220 in our January Sale. Magic. We’ve got great broadband … Read more
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Was a £125 mastercard a week ago so if you are not in a hurry might be worth holding off till next "deal" goes active. No idea what the BT modem /router is like these specs are listed when you go to sign up.


Yep, a pretty good deal. Was just looking to see if it was already posted or not. Most that take and get quidco will drop the price nicely again to around £18.60 a month, once factoring in the Mastercard prepay card you get sent too.




Yep, I switched last night. Have to stump up £48 to leave TalkTalk, but the £95 cashback via Quidco will cover it.


Any one who goes with BT (bl@@dy terrible) company, needs their heads examining!

BT fiber broadband  67mbps + weekend calls for £39.99 x 18 + £9.99  +  £120 reward mastercard + quidco
Found 25th Dec 2018Found 25th Dec 2018
Original price is £39.99 a month + 9.99 fee one off. 18 month contract. New line cost is £0!! so if you do not have a BT fiber line then its FREE. So for those switching from say v… Read more

Oh, like fibre, then?


fibre optic network.... terminated with normal copper wires :)


What is this 'fiber' of which you speak??


How about TV for this do I get bt sports through this service? Currently being ripped off with virgin my thought's were to get two humax boxes with freeview HD if the broadband came with bt sports that I could beam to TV I'm in

BT Broadband Fibre January Sale. 50mb £29.99 £100 reward card plus TCB at BT
Found 21st Dec 2018Found 21st Dec 2018
New deals from BT Broadband. Unsure if TCB also.but seems a good deal 18 Month term
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Yes i have done this a few times now myself. No issues.


Do bt still charge a broadband disconnection fee at the end of the contract if you switch providers? It used to be around £40 iirc even if you were out of contract


Is it possible to get out of this contract early as mentioned on another BT deal based on them upping there prices next year?


Already posted but went cold


Free new line/reconnection of line whichever the case may be as a TY for choosing BT (y) I ordered last week property that currently has Virgin, Free line was offered during order stage, that order now cancelled will order again as this offer is superior to last weeks offer by 25.00 even though Quidco were offering 140.00 cashback for Superfast essentials as a flash sale during last week.

BT Superfast Broadband + BT Sports 18 months £35.99 p/m - £9.99 postage - £657.81
Found 21st Nov 2018Found 21st Nov 2018
BT Superfast Broadband + BT Sports 18 months £35.99 p/m - £9.99 postage - £657.81
Saw this add on today's Metro newspaper whilst going to work. I've had this offer for a few months, paying £35.49. I thought I did well to haggle and got a great deal. Now it's a… Read more

I wonder how much for the BT sports included?


a very warm welcome newbie.thanks for sharing your deal with us.looks like this is not going to well.this happens just keep posting great deals. :)


You shouldn't believe everything they say In the papers

BT superfast broadband, 50Mb & weekend calls. £19.99 a month - £9.99 one off delivery £229.83 - Via moneysaving expert
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
BT superfast broadband, 50Mb & weekend calls. £19.99 a month - £9.99 one off delivery £229.83 - Via moneysaving expert
11 Results sorted by Effective monthly cost 91202 Superfast Fibre + Weekend Calls 18 month contract Equiv £19.99/mth if line rental paid upfront New customers only B'band customer… Read more
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It’s the speed, not a download limit 50mb/s not 50mb total


Nothing near my house so...


But You can use bt hotspot. I even dont top up my phone becuse wherever I go there are bt hotspots for free.


If only it was that quick and easy for Erdély to be free eh (skeptical)


What a joke! Best deal that they could offer me to renew..Infinity 1 for £30 / month..And I said 'Yes', what an idiot! Currently broadband is broken, they didn't bother to send an engineer until Thursday, problem with broadband since last Thursday, they didn't put unlimited 4G data on my phone, although I had this promise from them. Can't wait for May 2019..Sayonara cu*ts! BTW - who wants £25 Amazon voucher for signing with BT..inbox me:) :D

BT Superfast Fibre 50mb £9.99 p&p cost , then £29 a month / 18mths + £220 in Mastercard / M&S Rewards @ BT Broadband
Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018Refreshed 22nd Nov 2018
Update 1
Rewards increased further - now £220 rewards (£120 MasterCard Reward Card + £100 Marks & Spencers voucher)
Nice offer that's went live for Black Friday at BT Broadband! £9.99 p&p cost , then £29 a month for 18 month contract. However you get £120 MasterCard reward & £100 Mar… Read more
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I got £320 in total in cashback. Not bad deal at all.


Make sure to check what you re entitled to... i received a 100 pounds BT Reward card, while i should have had 120...


I received a BT Reward Card that is to be activated via


hey guys. Happy to report M&S card arrived in post just now. I was a bit sceptical when I signed up. (thinking may or may not get M&S card). Having both, it makes this deal super hot. Thank you so much OP. @ adamderak


My dad got his m&s voucher today as well. He was double made up because I'd told him he probably wouldn't get it.

Get a Fitbit Charge 3 when you sign up for 18 months of BT Broadband - £29.99 p/m and £29.99 upfront - £569.81 @ BT
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Get a Fitbit Charge 3 when you sign up for 18 months of BT Broadband - £29.99 p/m and £29.99 upfront - £569.81 @ BT
£29.99 upfront and for 18 months after. Then £44.49 month by month. The upfront cost does go down if you decide to pay for a faster broadband package. I have BT because I have lim… Read more

Does any ISP/Comms company treat anyone like a human being? Not sure BT are any worse than anyone else.


Had 2 years with BT from 2013 to 2015 without issue, when I rejoined in 2017 there were issues with dropping connections. The customer service was abysmal. First they inferred that they wouldnt send out any more routers because i could sell them on - when 2 of them i had handed back to their engineer who admitted they were faulty. In the end used an older version of the router supplied by the engineer which lasted 2 weeks then had to use one that I had from 2015. Disconnection issues continued and was told that it was because the walls were too thick! Had to stay put for the 12 months of the contract and then despite telling me BT sport wouldnt effect my contract had to stay another 6 months extra because they wanted to charge me to leave. In the end because Virgin messed up and still havent connected me - I was paying £85 a month for 2 months because i was out of contract for a service that didnt work! Survived on using openzone which worked fine! Its amazing when you ring to cancel all of a sudden they are prepared to bend over backwards to help you. All big companies could save millions on silly marketing gimmicks if they just treated customers like human beings in the first place.


Me too.


It's their incentive to get people to switch, once they have you they just bank on people not going through the effort of leaving. No one cares about existing customers. The last customer service person I talked to told me to leave, come back in 6 months, then you get treated as a new customer.


I called them up to see if I could twist their arm. No dice. So I'm jumping ship.

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