BT Call protect is free with a BT landline - Stop all nusiance calls with a touch of a button

BT Call protect is free with a BT landline - Stop all nusiance calls with a touch of a button

Found 27th Feb
A BT line is needed for this - but it allows you to block all unwanted calls, even when they spoof/change their numbers, FREE OF CHARGE. You choose the numbers, or types of numbers, you want to block.

BT Call Protect helps to prevent unwanted nuisance calls. By managing your settings, you can decide which calls you want to send to a junk voicemail.

Customers with this service can send calls to their junk voicemail by setting the preferences below:

BT Blacklist - We've identified a list of nuisance callers. Calls from these numbers will be sent to your junk voicemail. Our blacklist will significantly cut the amount of unwanted calls you get. We’ll turn it on by default when you get BT Call Protect

Personal Blacklist - You can add the last call you answered from your home phone, or any other phone number at…ect > to your own blacklist. This means that any future calls from those numbers also go to your junk voicemail. This feature will also be automatically switched on, but won’t have any numbers until you add some

Individual Call Types - You can choose to send all calls from certain categories to your junk voicemail. The three call types are:

✓ International numbers

✓ Withheld numbers

✓ Unrecognised numbers (shown as 'unavailable' on caller display or on 1471)

If you don't already have BT Call Protect you can order it online at:…ne/ >

Once you've got it, you can manage all your settings online via…ect > or from your home phone by dialling 1572, which is free.
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Not a deal but heat and thanks for spoon feeding me the thing I’ve been too lazy to do for the last year. It took me about 4 minutes including looking up my phone number.
Also free with Sky I signed up last week
Have both on separate lines. Sky system is just miles better than the bt one.
Can't stop a withheld number!!
I am with Sky, but thanks to other users on here, I now know they offer the same service.

Thank you, Op for posting this.
Also with Plusnet…ect
But not with John-Lewis Broadband :-(
Or just unplug your landline phone, problem solved
I don't really get annoying calls on landline anymore, its mostly on mobile now...
Musicrab1 h, 19 m ago

Also with …Also with Plusnet not with John-Lewis Broadband :-(

I joined Plusnet a few weeks ago and have only given my new home phone number out to my work, school, college, dentist and doctors. A few days ago I received a call from a company trying to sell me a product, so I called Plusnet to ask why this had happened and they told me about this nuisance call service - I have now signed up to it. I really don't want to receive a load of marketing calls etc, again. I had to change my last number as my phone was ringing several times a day, even up to 9 pm, from PPI companies, etc, which was a right pain.
Call Safe available free on Talk Talk. Haven't had a single spam call in over 3 weeks since joining
antdav16 h, 27 m ago

Also free with Sky I signed up last week

I am with Sky. Should I get an equipment for this from them?
Fanatastic, finally I can prevent these ******* cold callers.
says I don't have a BT line
You can't really prevent them, especially when they reuse numbers and so fourth, we had 100's of calls for a Mr Ward and in the end we pulled the plug.

My parents tried this service, it did work, as it pretty much stopped all calls going through including mine!
limits you to 100 blocked numbers, already hit that after only a few months so unless you delete some, new ones will get through
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