BT Digital Baby Monitor Plus - £41.99 inc delivery

BT Digital Baby Monitor Plus - £41.99 inc delivery

Found 27th Sep 2007
Down from £70 - this seems like very good value. The only downsides (from the amazon reviews) seem to be battery life and brightness of leds on the charging unit (which can be DIYed). Features:
* Digital sound clarity and security
* Intercom (parent can remotely talk to baby)
* Temperature Monitor with alarm
* Lullabies - 5 tunes
* LCD on parent & baby unit
* Easy-to-use menu facility in parent unit
* Nightlight (can be remotely activated)
* Adjustable volume on parent & baby units
* Microphone sensitivity
* Portable parent unit (range to 300 metres)
* Paging Facility
* Sound sensitive lights
* Travel pack (protects baby monitor on journeys)
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This seems to be very good value as most retailers are still selling it for £60-£70. Text from an ebay seller (£37+p&p):

Junior Pregnancy & Baby Editors Choice Sept 2004 "One of only two fully digital monitors in the UK, it has excellent sound quality that picks up the slightest snuffle..."

Genuine Digital technology means crystal-clear sound quality and no interference. The Baby Monitor PLUS has extra features in addition to the BT Digital Audio Baby Monitor, including an LCD, 5 lullabies and a temperature monitor. A range of up to 300 metres (in ideal conditions) and an Intercom feature means that a constant link is maintained between parent and baby.

Digital sound quality lets you hear every breath, gurgle, snuffle or cry with complete clarity. With 120 channels autoselect, you can also rest assured that it will be your baby you hear not your neighbours, unlike Analogue baby monitors. Our baby monitors will also alert you if the link is lost between the units (whether it is out of range or in the event of a power cut).

Nursery Temperature monitor
With the baby's room temperature displayed on both the Baby unit and Parent unit LCD, you can check the temperature is comfortable and an alert will let you know if the room gets too hot or cold. MUST NOT BE USED TO TAKE BABY'S TEMP.

5 Lullabies
Select and play one of the 5 favourite lullabies to soothe your baby back to sleep: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Rockabye Baby, Mocking Bird, Brahm's lullaby and Golden Slumbers.

Sound Sensitive Lights
So you can turn the Parent unit volume down and still know when your baby stirs.

Star lights give a soft comforting nightlight.

Portable parent unit- up to 300m range (in ideal conditions)
Allows you to take the Parent unit up to 300m outdoors and 50m indoors (in ideal conditions)- giving you the freedom to move around with the confidence that you can still hear your baby.

Travel Pack
The Baby monitor comes in its own handy travel pack, for use when travelling away from home.

Easy to use menu system on Parent Unit
Allows you to remotely turn on the nightlight, turn on/off the lullabies, and also set the temperature min. and max. levels via the Parent unit.

Backlit LCD on both Parent & Baby unit
Allows you to soothe your baby from the Parent unit, or to talk back to someone at the Baby unit.

Sound sensitivity levels
Allows you to change the sensitivity of the Baby unit microphone to suit your baby. From low sensitivity (hearing only when your baby cries) to high (hearing every sound).

Adjustable Volume
Allows you to increase the volume of the Parent unit and also the volume of the Baby unit (for Lullabies or Talkback facility).

Paging facility
Allows you to find the parent unit if away from the charger and also alerts the Parent unit that the someone in the nursery is trying to intercom (if the Parent unit volume is set to off).

Belt clip
Adjustable belt clip means you can keep the Parent unit wherever you go.

Battery life
The parent unit can be used for up to 24 hours before requiring recharging in the charger (and can still be used whilst recharging). The Baby unit can also be used with AA alkaline batteries (not included).
Also a BT Digital Baby Monitor at £25 (half price) ]here
This is a great price just beware the batteries are an issue with this model, supreme sound quality (I read on a review somewhere otherwise great)

Thanks for posting...

I just bought the latest BT model for £59.99 got a few more features and down from £70 ]http//ww…htm
I have the baby monitor plus & its fab. I have to have it on volume 2 (out of 5) cos if my little one coughs or even makes the slightest noise it picks it up! The lullabys is a great feature, we have played our lo brahms every night since hes been in his room & he kinda knows now that its bed time! (hes 9mths)
The battery life is a bit poor but my lo goes down at 7pm & it lasts about 5/6 hrs b4 it starts beeping to be charged up - it stays on the charger overnight anyway so the battery life has never been a problem to us.
Great price & highly recommended!
We have this monitor and the battery life can be sorted by just replacing the supplied AA's with some higher quality rechargeable AA's in the parent unit. It is a very good monitor and has worked excellently for our 2 kids.
I've got it and have put the higher power rechargeables too - if we're away for a night, then you don't need the power leads, and that's good enough really.

We did have to replace the power/charger for the base unit after 18 months (which isn't too bad really) which cost £17.99 delivered from BT. I think it's great, and a real bargain at £42.
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