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BT Everyday Cordless phone £5 at Asda Ayr

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Bit of a bargain, not a clearance line so could be national !

Worth a punt for a Pearl Diver


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    Can this be added to virgin media hub 4? I haven't had a landline for donkey years so a bit out of touch with landline phones, but I've recently signed up to a contract with virgin media with phone line, it was cheaper than without and I've heard phone needs to be connected to the hub.
    Yes, the hub 4 I got has an ADSL connector at the back for the phone line
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    Great price particularly with the call blocking feature, one thing to add - with BT switching the lines over to Digital lines normal phones may not work properly, when my line was switched over BT gave me a Voip phone. (edited)
    The routers / hubs will act as VOIP to "normal" phone converters.
    So as long as you don't want to use your own router, and you're fine to have your phones plugged in by the router then they'll still work.
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    Ayrshire has its own language. Pearl diver You mean sky diver? (edited)
    I've always been a skiver
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    Wow great deal!
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    Hotter than a Flamedeer. Good find 🔥
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    Great bargain.Och aye the noo!
    May be national just in Scotland though
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    Great price, a lady godiver
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    I bought one of these a couple of years ago from Lidl for similar price. Good set but no speaker phone.
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    Also in the Pudsey store, but was only 1 left.
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    Still a load in Asda Girvan
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    Two left in Spennymoor ASDA as of half an hour ago.
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    3 or 4 left at Wigan still priced at £38 on the shelf, had one price checked to be sure, definitely £5. I'm a happy chap. I'd say it was never worth £38 though!!
    Thas good you got a bargain, same phone was £25 when I was in Tesco a little later, I impulsively grabbed a few but plenty left in both stores I was in that day when I posted the deal