BT Freestyle 650G Twin Telephone & Answering Machine DECT - Silver £34.99 @ Amazon

BT Freestyle 650G Twin Telephone & Answering Machine DECT - Silver £34.99 @ Amazon

Found 15th Dec 2009
* Enviromentally friendly power supply
* Large buttons for ease of use
* Name and number directory - 30
* GAP compatible
* Call timer
* Digital security
* Handset ringer volume control
* Range - up to 300m
* Talk time - up to 10 hours
* Caller display (network limitations apply)
* Preparatory dialling
* Base volume control
* LCD display on handset
* Display language options - 7
* Auto standby
* Recall button
* Battery low indicator
* Pause
* Menu-driven display
* Call indicator light
* Redial entries - 5
* Keypad lock
* Earpiece volume control


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the BT Freestyle 750 is £69.99 @ argos…gos

I don't want to dampen this deal because the price is pretty good, but we got these phones installed in our house a few months back and I feel as though we have taken a 'step back' technology-wise..... the menu system isn't great or intuitive, for example adding or deleting contact entries is cumbersome. Just my opinion of course, but there are better handsets out there for the money.
Like I said, just my opinion but the actual price is a good find by the OP

We got these for my 70 year-old mother...not that easy to set up (which we obviously did for her), but she finds it very easy to use:

- the call is automatically answered when it is taken from the cradle and is hung-up when it is replaced in the cradle. Not all cordless phones do this...
- The big buttons really help with her dialling too.
- Playback and deleting of messages is very easy too.

A pretty good phone for older people, where usability is more important than features.
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