BT Graphite 1500 Trio w/Answerphone, £23.98 delivered @ Telephones Online
BT Graphite 1500 Trio w/Answerphone, £23.98 delivered  @ Telephones Online

BT Graphite 1500 Trio w/Answerphone, £23.98 delivered @ Telephones Online

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This is an amazing price for a triple cordless phone set with answer phone, seem to retail for about £40 in other online stores. Cost is £19.99 plus £3.99 delivery. Delivery is free if your order goes over £50.


EDIT: Working Link here...



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Link isnt working for me

click on your text here link on my post sorry i am totally new to this but i clicked takes you straight to themoO

These are refurbished "Grade A", and the ones in the clearance section "Grade B". This should be mentioned in the post.

£19.99 delivered grade A from bt outlet on ebay ,and quidco
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Been looking for a good deal on some replacement phones, thanks to buzby99 for showing the cheaper price, and the OP for the post.

Oddly enough, it appears that Telephones Online run the BT Outlet on eBay too - so you're actually paying more by going via the site and having to pay delivery.

EDIT: Seeing the complaints below, maybe I should have waited... hopefully I get lucky and everything works well for me.
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not voting either way as price is good, but worth noting these are used and the level of refurbishing is limited - a phone I recently got from them had the previous owner's call logs and their phone directory all intact.

Cant get link to work.Have seen a number of deals for these phones but as others have said these are refurbs by the looks of them and sadly even brand new these phones have very poor reviews.So i would suggest a poor phone thats refurbed is going to be cheap anyway just to get shot of them.Hot if it was a half decent phone but sadly not for me.However a good first attempt so i wont vote you cold as it was the right spirit,better luck next go.

I had a set of BT DECT phones... the battery life was terrible, very limited range, and the volume on the handsets quickly dropped down to unusable levels. I considered buying this model as a replacement, but checking review sites suggested that it suffers from similar problems.

In the end I held out until I saw a good offer on a set of Panasonic DECT phones, which are excellent.

Don't purchase any phones from telephonesonline.co.uk. It is a rubbish company which sells used & refurbished handsets. I had ordered couple of BT phones, (one for me & the other for my friend). Both of them stopped working after some time, and customer service of this shop was of no help. Even after repeated calls, they didn't take any action.

Don't waste your money on this trash, and better pay little extra for peace of mind.

BT phones use a lot of electricity. Think of it, plug in all day and burning a hole in your pocket!

Wouldn't buy anything from this retailer - the stuff is refurbed and is that for a reason, often the faults haven't been rectified. Voting cold for that reason.

yeah good price, but the refurb issue is a problem, I bought a set of phones like this from bt outlet on fleabay, and have had issues with them ever since.
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