BT internet radio £50 off (£99.99)

BT internet radio £50 off (£99.99)

Found 19th Sep 2007
A £50 off in this internet radio which according to the reviews everywhere it makes wonders.

Free delivery in this order (over £99.98)
- gsamsa


Pretty much the same radio is available in Bush TR2015WiFi (90 quid from Argos) and Logik IR100 (40 quid from PCWorld/Currys). Same Reciva technology.
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Welcome to the forums gsamsa and thanks for trying ;-)

I got the bush internet radio. Love it. If you have unlimited or large bandwidth I highly recommend internet radio's

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splender]:thumbsup: All the wonderful …]:thumbsup: All the wonderful things that you can do with the Logik internet radio!

... and all for just £39.99 :thumbsup:
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