BT Internet Radio - £89.99

BT Internet Radio - £89.99

Found 14th Nov 2006
This is YAG (yet another gadget) As you probably know, there are many similar products now hit the market and most of these products are somehow connected to company called Reciva. These internet radios are:

1. Acoustic Energy WiFi Radio - retails normally at 160 quid
2. Magicbox IMP - similar design as above but cheaper - retails at roughly 120 quid.
3. Logik IR100 - cheapest of them all - 100 quid from PCWorld/Currys/Dixons and you might find some useful vouchers to bring price even lower.
4. Bush TR2015WiFi - available from Argos and some other shops I never heard of before. Retails at 120 quid (although this week you can get 10 quid voucher from Argos if you buy this toy).
5. Morphy Richards Internet Radio - never seen one in flesh, just press-releases.
6. BT Internet Radio - this is the newest addition (was added to Reciva database today :)) to their range and so far (to my taste, anyway) it is prettiest of them all. 120 quid from BT Shop.

There are some other radios available (Roku, Allnet Allsound (one ugly radio), Terratec iRadio, etc) but these are not connected to Reciva (which might be a good thing after all - who knows how long they'll stay in business?).

Anyway, I know that no one will read stuff above, so let's get to the deal. This radio is on special offer from BT Shop for 119.99 delivered. The offer is not-so-special as they would want us to believe, as Dabs got it for tenner more (plus delivery) but still not bad.

It got 802.11b/g WiFi (WEP/WPA); plays Real audio, WMA, MP3, AAC, AIFF & WAV; PC and MAC compatible. Can play your music collection from PC (or, possibly from NAS, not sure if it works).
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2 different prices :-s... £119.99 and £199.99!
Thanks, fixed now It is 120 quid of course.
[SIZE=2]Now only £89.99 :santa: [/SIZE]
OOOps I didn't see this post, I've posted the above as a new deal ^^^
Nice deal I forgot all about the BT calendar :santa:
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