BT Internet Radio £99 delivered + 4% quidco

BT Internet Radio £99 delivered + 4% quidco

Found 31st Aug 2007
£50 off - free delivery - 4% quidco
BT Internet Radio allows you to enjoy your favorite music from around the world. You can listen to over five thousand Internet radio stations from different countries, with different styles of music. You can also play music that you have stored on your computer. It's easy to use, portable and stylish with built in stereo speakers.

Place the radio anywhere within your house and it will communicate wirelessly with your broadband connection. Use it to listen to live radio, or to on-demand repeat content featured by many Internet radio stations. Never miss a radio show again.

Now you can listen to the world from the comfort of your own living room, kitchen or bedroom.

In addition, the BT Internet Radio can also play music stored on your computer, it will access playlists and stream your MP3's to where you want it. Enjoy great sounds anywhere in the home, make your wireless access work for you.

Web User Magazine Review - The UK's No 1 Internet Magazine - 28th July 2007 by Andy Shaw -


Features 5/5

Performance 4/5

Ease of use 4/5

Value for money 5/5
* Overall 5/5

This is more expensive but infinitely more sophisticated than a DAB radio. The extra functionality means you can do more with your radio, while the breadth of stations offers something for everyone, including those who are after a truly international service. The added option of streaming your digital music makes it a viable proposition as an all-round audio device for any room in the home.*


Not a bad price for the BT version. However you can get an almost identical model from Logik IR 100 from PC World for only £49.99! Visit their website or pick it up in-store (I think its the same price for either).

The IR100 got a "hum" issue, so beware. There is also Bush radio (same Reciva thingy) for 90 quid.

Still around.. thanks to zippy22 for the pointer
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