BT Iplayer £65.48 Delivered
BT Iplayer £65.48 Delivered

BT Iplayer £65.48 Delivered

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Thanks to Emmajk42 for the origonal BT advent calendar deals.

The BT iPlayer+ is much more than a FREEVIEW decoder.

Of course you can get over 30 free digital TV channels and 20 digital radio stations that are now available without subscription on Freeview. But with the BT iPlayer+ you also have a world of possibilities.

Top Up TV
The BT iPlayer+ now comes complete with the software needed to receive the extra channels available from Top Up TV. All you will need is a Top Up TV Starter Pack, which includes your first months subscription and your viewing card. Once you have these all you need to do is call Top Up TV to activate the card, then put the card into your iPlayer+ and after the card has received its activation signal you can get a lot more choice with the channels on offer from Top Up TV.
Seven Day Electronic Programme Guide
The iPlayer+ software comes complete with the seven day Electronic Programme Guide of FREEVIEW. This is a fabulous service that allows you to see the grid of programme information for up to 8 days ahead, and be able to add a reminder or a video recording timer with just one click. And unlike many other digital boxes, you can still have the programme playing in the background while you are scanning the EPG.
Answerphone on TV
We have added a whole range of communications features in the new iPlayer+. The first of these is the free answerphone service available from BT. Your iPlayer+ will connect to the service, and play back your messages via your TV. Not only will you be able to listen to them, but just like you do with your mobile phone, you can replay them, save them or delete them, using your remote control
Caller Log on TV
And to make it easier to see who has called you even if they didn't leave a message we've included a Call Log feature. Now, every call that comes into your landline, will be logged on your iPlayer+, and you can see that date and time of the call, and if it is from one of the contacts in your address book, it will also show their name.
Caller ID on TV
Isn't it infuriating that the phone always seems to ring just when you are sitting down to enjoy your favourite programme? Well now you can see who is calling and decide whether to answer or call them back later, because your iPlayer+ will display their number and if they are in your address book their name - on TV.
So, just like your mobile phone, you can see who's calling before you answer. The names and contact details of friends and family can be stored in your iPlayer+ address book, so that when any of them call you, their name and even a picture (stored on a connected disk) will be displayed.
SMS Text on TV
Recently BT developed a service that allows text (SMS) messages to be sent to landlines. The iPlayer+ has new software included in it, that will allow you to receive text messages, and see them on screen, store them, and reply to them direct from your TV. And if you are a BT telephone subscriber, you can send text messages to other landlines
Email on TV
Just like previous versions, the iPlayer+ lets you send and receive emails on your TV. Again you can use the built in address book to store email contact details. Digital photographs sent to your iPlayer email account can be viewed on TV.
Internet on TV
The internet browser built into the iPlayer+ will allow you to access certain internet content via your TV - although not all content is designed to be viewed on a TV screen. This is ideal if you are watching a TV programme and want to find out more information - maybe the biography of an actor, information on a wildlife subject, or the latest sports results.
Audio Description
Audio Description is a great new service for visually impaired users to increase enjoyment of television programmes by providing an audible description of the on screen action in between the programme dialogue.

This helps visually impaired TV users to follow programmes much more easily. For example, in a drama a particularly significant scene may not have any dialogue. The audio description track can tell viewers what is happening even if they cannot see the screen. Although the number of programmes carrying audio description is limited at the moment, all of the main broadcasters have made a commitment to increase the percentage. Currently, the iPlayer is the only device that can decode the audio description service, and it allows you to adjust the audio description independently of the programme volume. Visit iplayer.co.uk for the software upgrade.


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Here's a bigger pic of the offer


Thanks for the post jase71. Some of these are definitley worth posts of their own, as they might get lost in that other thread

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Yeah was getting a bit long on its own, this is a cracking freeview box with lots of features, for anyone buying it for the topup tv feature please be aware that topup tv have recently restructured their broadcasted channels for the launch of their topup tv anytime service so all the channels that were avaliable in the past are now only avaliable as a cut down service on topup tv.

nice find thanks

These are one of the best standalone FreeView set top boxes going and they've been around for quite a few years. Excellent features and this is a great price! Grab one quick if you can receive FreeView services, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks for this jase71

when we had freeview at our old place we had the iplayer+ it really is a great freeview box!

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Just a reminder this offer will end tonight at 12 so if your thinking about it there isnt long left....ps finally got a deal on the front page :santa:

It has a USB port amongst other things...
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