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Posted 29 November 2022

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, Pack of 3 Discs (Used: Like New) with 3 Year Warranty - £102.95 at checkout @ Amazon Warehouse

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Link: BT Whole Home Wi-Fi, Pack of 3 Discs, Mesh Wi-Fi for seamless, speedy (AC2600) connection, Wi-Fi everywhere in medium to large homes, App for complete control and 3 year warranty

Condition: Used - Like new: An item in perfect working condition, the packaging may bear some damage. The item fully functions, and all its essential accessories are complete.

If Deal link doesn't work,

Go to "New & Used From", Select "Used - Like New" sold by Amazon Warehouse and take it to the checkout to get 20% discount

  • Works with all UK broadband providers, AC2600 Dual-Band Wireless technology
  • Three discs create a complete Wi-Fi network for medium to larger homes with 3-5 bedrooms, removing Wi-Fi dead spots
  • Use the app to see who is online, pause the internet, schedule Wi-Fi access including bedtimes and create a guest network
  • Easy set up in minutes with step by step instructions in the whole home Wi-Fi app. System requirements – Wi-Fi devices: Works with any operating system; System requirements – App: Android version 4.4.2 and above and iOS version 8 and above
  • Intelligent Wi-Fi technology automatically connects you to the fast and strong signal as you move from room to room (Wi-Fi roaming and band steering)
  • Comes with 3-year manufacturer's warranty

Brand: BT
Frequency band class: Dual-Band
Wireless Type: 5 GHz Radio Frequency
Compatible devices: Laptop, Personal Computer, Tablet, Smart-TV
Frequency: 5 GHz
Recommended uses for product: Home
Included components: 3 x Power Supply Units, Ethernet Cable, 3 x 11ac Dual-Band Wi Fi Discs, Quick Start Guide
Connectivity technology: Wi-Fi
Colour: White
Item weight: 3.75 Pounds
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Avatar
    As a budget / intro system, these are the best you can buy imo.
  2. Avatar
    Not WiFi 6 or 6E
  3. Avatar
    129 now still a good price
    Click on the new and used. There’s an option there to add them to your basket and get 20% off. Took me a while to find it too. Great price and ordered. 
  4. Avatar
    Do these have the same hardware/firmware as the black discs that you can get with BT Halo?
    For reference, I have the black discs (x3) and Smarthub 6 around my house since early 2021 and they've been brilliant. Before that, I had BT WH Premium and it was very temperamental and lots of random signal dropouts or discs showing red lights regularly.
    It's better oddly than the premium, however it is NOT compatible with ghe black ones (edited)
  5. Avatar
    Great kit at a great price. Have been using these for last 3 years , no complaints ....
  6. Avatar
    If I buy this will I still get 3 year warranty even though I am buying used and will be second owner?
  7. Avatar
    Parents often have issues with the Wifi downstairs. Should I pick some up for them and attempt to set up?
    These would do the job great
  8. Avatar
    These are superbly reliable. Peak speed is not as good as newer Wifi 6 or 6E units but range is great and throughput would be fine for the majority of people.
  9. Avatar
    How is latency/ping with this? Ideal for gaming?
  10. Avatar
    Great deal. Use these with the ethernet connection to my ps5. Works a charm. Never had any signal drop.
  11. Avatar
    I have the generation earlier than these and confirm reliability is very good. Decided to upgrade to the BT wifi 6 triple pack 6 months ago, worst decision ever, non stop reliability woes, sent them back and recommissioned the old devices. Reliability over speed any day!
  12. Avatar
    Solid bit of kit. Having an ethernet port on the back for laptops, TVs is particularly brilliant. Just a shame the BT App for it lacks so many features that the device's web config has, such as switching off 5G when configuring smart plugs, etc.
  13. Avatar
    I’ve got five of these I plan to sell on eBay for about £120!!
    What did you get for upgrade ?
  14. Avatar
    I just signed up with BT. 24 months for 31.99/ month. Also asked for the complete WiFi for an extra £5 per month. Service is due to start in a couple of weeks. Judging by the comments they're pretty good. Can't wait to test them out.
  15. Avatar
    The £120 price was reduced to £91 on checkout. Cheers.