BT8600 Handset with Answering Machine Tesco instore £15 - Osterley

BT8600 Handset with Answering Machine Tesco instore £15 - Osterley

LocalFound 24th Feb 2018
Shows clearance at £30 but scans at £15. Bought all three they had at Tesco Osterley
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We've got some of these and I would say by far the best feature is the call blocking. We never get nuisance calls any more. It just cuts them out. Occasionally you have to clear the calls list but that's about it. I would recommend.
33321927-drjIk.jpgHere's receipt
Triple sets were available last week for £20-25. Worth checking those out first
Just picked up 2 pack for £20 marked at £79.99.

also had 1pack at £15 marked at £59.99.

no 3pack or quad pack at Southbury in Enfield.
cracking sets these... have the triple, but as above its the call blocking feature-set that's really the massive deal

been posted before , but cracking deal all the same
"Block up to 100% nuisance calls"

Well, obviously.
The whole BT range of these came on offer last Wed and they are now very hard to find. Tesco OP searched a 30 mile radius in Essex for me and nothing. He said most stores only keep 4 models of each version and they had received hundreds of calls from deal site hunters.
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