Bubble Wrap Roll Small Bubbles 300mm x 100m £3.11 Deliverred @ Amazon Dispatched from and sold by MG CORP

Bubble Wrap Roll Small Bubbles 300mm x 100m £3.11 Deliverred @ Amazon Dispatched from and sold by MG CORP

Found 13th Apr 2018
Seems like a cracking dealing to me, next cheapest I can find it is on ebay for £6.45!!

Europa's range of high quality Bubble wrap is manufactured from high strength polythene and is a cost effective method of protecting your fragile or delicate products in transit. Suitable for individually wrapping small items, used as a packing material inside boxes or for wrapping entire boxes.

  • 300mm Roll Width
  • 100m Roll Length
  • Small Bubble Diameter
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Cheers OP. Can't wait to test this out!

True story...


True story...


Seller at £3.12 also, more reviews if anyone's interested in that extra 1p
Bubble wrap was originally invented as a wallpaper, so at this price you'd be mad not to do out your living room in it.
Thanks. Bargain, and just what I needed.
Cheers OP. Can't wait to test this out!

Thanks - just ordered. Great deal.
Blue Plane
Heat added and ordered thanks
Thanks op ordered and heat given
Broc_Mudflap16 m ago

Blue Plane

Was literally thinking that when posting the deal
Just what I need! Thanks OP. Ordered the one with more reviews for the same price.
Thanks. Ordered. Also useful in the greenhouse to protect plants in the winter, and at this time of year to put over the top of seedlings on chilly nights.
Prefect. Ordered. Thanks OP.
fesfes9 h, 50 m ago

Was literally thinking that when posting the deal


Ordered some, voted cold, what's a pronoun?
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Beware the cheaper stuff tears the wrong way or not at all. Frustrating if you're using it for business and regularly as you'll need to use scissors or a knife whereas the proper Jiffy stuff tears straight across making it much quicker to take bits off. Still a good price though so heat
100 meters?
Is this a promo price or the usual price? I need some, but not just yet. So, will it be at this price in a few weeks?
maani1212 h, 20 m ago

Thanks op ordered and heat given

Would you please let us know how good it is?
It's gone up to £3.94 now!
4.44 now. Cold
Delivery man:Where do you want this bubble wrap
Just pop it in the corner
Another seller is doing them here - I just bought one
Thanks OP, It's still at 3.11!
*Sloman*5 h, 33 m ago

100 meters?

Only in the US. 100 metres here.
5 lots ordered Thanks
Heat from me. 3 bought, ideal for wrapping up breakables ready for a house move,
Yet another offer full of air that you don't want
Cant go wrong at that price
*Sloman*10 h, 51 m ago

100 meters?

That's what I thought.. Quite a lot :)))
Gone up to £4.94
Bought three, charged for three only one sent, had a feeling they might do that as it was on one order, anyway it arrived tightly wrapped via royal mail in cling film so squashed with no center support core. Supplier is shown as MG Corp its actually polybags
Mine didn't arrive, yet email said dispatched Sunday evening
Mines not arrived yet.
Ordered 10 and said dispatched Sunday.
Contacted them and was told Royal Mail in a blunt message.
I know the estimated dates show longer but why mark as dispatched if it’s not?
Anybody got theirs yet?
fiestasteve4419th Apr

Anybody got theirs yet?

Mine arrived within 3-4 days of ordering. Not the greatest quality as a bit in the thin side but for around £3 a large roll you can't complain too much and it does the job.
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