Bucket BBQ £3.74 and £6.24 (was £14.99 and £24) at Sainsburys

Bucket BBQ £3.74 and £6.24 (was £14.99 and £24) at Sainsburys

Found 19th Aug 2010
Bought one of these from my local store. At this price it would be rude not too. Blue and Purple available or the larger steel version

Product Overview

Designed like a bucket, this handy barbeque is ideal for trips to the beach or countryside, for delicious meals wherever you are. Inside, there's a separate charcoal basket that can be easily emptied, while two metal grills give you two cooking levels - ideal for separating meat and vegetables.

This great BBQ stands on metal legs, so it won't scorch the ground.
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nice as a plant pot
brought one of these last year when they were reduced, works well and better than disposable bbqs!
Brought one of Tesco when they were £12 and another at £6.

Great bit of kit and they were well used this summer. Especially handy for the beach.
These are great for camping, friend got one earlier in the year much better than a disposable BBQ
Fantastic bit of kit. Have just picked two of the larger ones up from local Sainsburys. The reviews on the Sainsburys website are really good and these are from people who paid a lot more than £6.74. These are really well made. They're made from galvanised steel. They feel solid and they are far better than I expected.

I dropped one round to a family member and asked them what they thought I'd paid. They thought £40. I agree .... at £25 these were a good price, but at £6.74 they are an absolute bargain. Will be using on the beach in Devon next week (assuming the sun shines!!!).

Heat and Rep added.
great for carrying coal about, great bbq, with legs is a bonus. Overall great find thanks for sharing!
got the last small one in my local this morning - you beat me to posting.
But im still on the lookout for a larger garden bbq.

There were lots of other items with 75% off also - picnic dishes and planting equipment.
Great spot, I have been keeping an eye out for these to be reduced in store they were full price last time I looked earlier this week. Stuff like this goes as soon as its reduced so I ordered 4 off the website just in case, one for us and one each for both my sisters and a friend. They do the festivals and camp a fair bit so sure it will come in handy.

Some other decent stuff reduced as well.

I have had a gfew decent out door bargains this week I got two really nice sun Loungers for £17 from B&Q that were originally over £100, plus a big outdoor beanbag for £24.99 which was half price.

I hope Sainsburys reduce teh charcoal to nothing like they did last year. I got a trolley load I am still using 49p for the big 4 pack ready burn bags, I bought as much as could carry last time !
Good post, just picked one up and theres loads left on the shelf at Sainsbury's in Swadlincote.

Heat added!
Bargain! Many Thanks:D
Used mine this week in Devon. Really easy to use and clean. Very impressed.
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