Bucket Black 14L - £1.29 @ Screwfix (Free C&C Only)

Bucket Black 14L - £1.29 @ Screwfix (Free C&C Only)

Found 12th May
Bucket Black 14L - £1.29 @ Screwfix (Free C&C Only)
Plenty available.
Your standard plastic bucket, nice and cheap. Useful for tons of tasks.
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I've got this on my bucket list!
I've got this on my bucket list!
little_red_devil9 m ago

30p cheaper in wickes …30p cheaper in wickes https://www.wickes.co.uk/Wickes-Durable-Plastic-General-Use-and-Builders-Bucket---14L/p/543007

Even hotter deal
89p in B&Q.

Dont worry about stuck... as every single branch I've been to have had bucket loads.

I'll just grab my coat
£1 in Wilko
£1 in asda sometimes
£1 in Homebase got one today
So cheap! The bucket manufacturers will go bust, and they'll need to be bailed out.
Hope they come in other colours...looks a little pail to me
Bear in mind this seems to have better handle attachment design as opposed to b&q stuff
It's a pound in Homebase.
Whys this hot when it's cheaper in many other places?
Need a new bucket...as I was only saying to my friend Liza the other day....
M-M10 h, 52 m ago

I've got this on my bucket list!

This pails in comparison to other bucket jokes
These buckets are superior to the ones that are available elsewhere for less.

The cheaper ones are thinner and will crack very easily.
These buckets are cheap, but don't expect it to last any longer than a few days, I bought 20 of these, all broke within 2 weeks, ended up getting the ones that cost 3 times as much, but over a year later, not one of the more expensive ones have yet to break.
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£1 at Homebase
Do they come in pink, would get one for the missus
crazy heat.
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