Bucks Fizz £1.99 in Marks & Spencer

Bucks Fizz £1.99 in Marks & Spencer

Found 18th May 2013
Saw this in my local M&S dont know if deal is local?
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I don't know if I should buy this. I'm still making my mind up
Eurovision connection by any chance...i'll let you "make up your mind" about that one lol.
If we submitted a bottle of Bucks Fizz as our Eurovision entry, we would probably get more votes than Bonnie Tyler will
I think we're gonna win tonight...but then again I do live in the land of make believe...
25% off if you buy 6 Bings the price down to £1.49
Are they not just running for fun?
saw this in my marks in queen st cardiff £1.99p:) yesterday:)
3 for 2 in harrogate m&s
£3.98 for 3
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