Bucks fizz Tesco Craigavon 99p instore @ Tesco

Bucks fizz Tesco Craigavon 99p instore @ Tesco

Found 7th Jan 2017
Bucks fizz at 99p a bottle in my local tescos (Tesco Craigavon). Not sure if Nationwide or not.

Looks like trying to clear Christmas stock.

Missus has stocked up so that's her happy!
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Saw this yesterday at our local Tesco store when looking for some booze deals. Is this a deal?
Yes it is M&S it's about £4, Asda £2, handy to have about
Found in St Neots on Wednesday. Just polished off the last of it a second ago. Quite nice.
This is generally £2. Was reduced to £1.50 in one of my local stores recently. Kinda weird that one metro store had this at £1.50, yet another one about 750m away had it at £2. Given those general prices, 99p is a good price. Picture it as 750ml of orange juice with a tiny hint of booze to keep you from thinking you are being TOO healthy
Also, the plastic "cork" in this bottle is quite handy to keep the fizz in cava, champs etc if you don't have a bottle stopper.
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