bud ice 15 pack 300ml bottles was £10 now only £5

bud ice 15 pack 300ml bottles was £10 now only £5

Found 25th Oct 2008Made hot 25th Oct 2008
15 bud ice (300ml). instore asda down to 5 quid.
this was in aberdeen (down the beach) and i never got a chance to ask anyone if it was nationwide as i was in a rush to watch the foortball.

it's worth a phonecall to your local branch as this is a stonker of a deal if like me your not really too fussed about bud ice.


just rang my local store asda bilton hull and they said dont do it gutted.thanks anyway heat added.

great find if i can find it

None at my local store gutted.

I'll get the canoe and the condoms.

Think I'll have a pop down to the beach then.

Aberdeen, Aberdeen,
Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Aberdeen

These are also cheap in Morrisons at the moment if you don't have an Asda nearby or if your local one doesnt stock them. £8 per box in Morrisons so it works out at 53p per bottle instead of the 33p at Asda .. still a bargain though

Just about to polish off the last bottles from previous purchase of these so a trip to the Beach Asda tomorrow will be on the cards. Voted hot although the beer is better cold:w00t:

All the Aberdeeners out in force!!

Not going to go though!


All the Aberdeeners out in force!!Not going to go though!

Aberdonians ;-)


Aberdonians ;-)

Ok, Deeners....happy?

None at all at ASDA Manchester Eastlands. Mustn't be nationwide.

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did anyone get any?

Alcohol deals are usually different in England than Scotland, I guess this on is a case in point.


did anyone get any?

Nah, not a bottle left sadly.
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