Bud Ice - 24x330ml - £7.79+VAT

Bud Ice - 24x330ml - £7.79+VAT

Found 5th Jul 2008
Misprint in the current Makro Mail means that they are selling 24 330ml bottles of Bud Ice for £7.79 +VAT = £9.15 a case - or 38p per bottle. The description quite clearly states the above, whilst the picture is of a case of 15 x 300ml bottles. The shelves in Makro also show that the larger case at about £14 a case. Anyway I went in and argued the toss with them - and they gave me them as shown in the mail. Definately worth a go - if you are a member.

First posting so hope its done right.......


didnt the flier have it as "prices correct at time going to print, but are subject to change" or a disclaimer to that effect

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No idea - didn't look, but they honoured the price in the flyer for me - as they have done on other goods in the past as well. At that price I took what I could.

Did they let you have the 24 cases for £7.79 plus vat?
How many did they let you take?

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I could of cleared the shelves - they agreed to honour the price that was printed. I took four cases of 24x330ml @£7.79+VAT, hence the reason for posting - thought it was a bit of a bargain myself.

I went yesterday and bought 6 cases of the 15 bottles, I had noticed the printing error but did not kick up a fuss as I was let in on a friends card.
Still a good deal at this price as this, fosters ice and miller are my favourites (bottled lager man only).
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