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FREE Freshpikt Peanut Butter Smooth 340g @ Budgens (Colnbrook) (BBE - April 2020)
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Posted 30th JulPosted 30th JulLocalLocal
Hey Guys; Just in Budgens in Colnbrook and found this. Admittedly out of date but peanut butter realistically lasts ages past it’s sell by date. :) Assuming stock left in the b… Read more
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Wish i lived near there I would grab a couple for my dog (lol)


nice to get something free but caution advised - gasteroenteritis is not fun at all folks!


Budgens is a franchised brand, this is completely down to the franchisee. All credit to the owner of the store. Heat added.


Looking at the prices of the other items in this shop they can afford to give it away!


All this whinge for nothing...it’s free so get a jar and enjoy it. If you plan to keep it for “ages” just don’t bother and move on. Cheers for the deal!

Cathedral city mature cheddar, 350g - £2.89 @ Budgens
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Posted 14th Dec 2019Posted 14th Dec 2019
Cathedral city mature cheddar, 350g - £2.89 @ Budgens£2.89£5.9952%
Cathedral city extra mature cheddar for less than half price at budgens

Just what I was about to say


How is this hot!?


Still is


I didn't know Budgens were still around - my only memory of them is how overpriced they were compared to every other supermarket


Was on offer at tesco this week £3 for a 550g block

Walkers Variety Snacks 36pk, in store only £4 @ Budgens & Londis
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Posted 20th Jan 2019Posted 20th Jan 2019LocalLocal
Walkers Variety Snacks 36pk, in store only £4 @ Budgens & Londis£4
Available in store only from any Budgens or Londis. 1 x 12pk x 22g Monster Munch Variety 1 x 12pk x 16.5g Wotsits Cheese 1 x 12pk x 16g Quavers Cheese

Good deal for a local shop as huge saving. Voted hot


Yep, just bought one from the Iceland Warehouse, it was priced at £3.99 for me. Sorry OP, not voted for that reason. (Don't like cold votes and I wouldn't like to give to others).


think they are slightly cheaper in iceland about 3.85 mark? bought a box this week but cant remember exact price

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Posted 15th Dec 2018Posted 15th Dec 2018



Nice for budgens to have a decent offer for once

Onken Mango/Papaya and Passionfruit Bio, Natural Smooth, Strawberry Yoghurts 82p @ Budgens
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Posted 12th Feb 2018Posted 12th Feb 2018
Onken Mango/Papaya and Passionfruit Bio, Natural Smooth, Strawberry Yoghurts 82p @ Budgens£0.82
On offer until Wednesday 14/02/2018.
Häagen-Dazs ice cream reduce 50% from £5.50 to £2.75 at Budgens
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Posted 25th Jan 2018Posted 25th Jan 2018LocalLocal
Häagen-Dazs ice cream reduce 50% from £5.50 to £2.75 at Budgens£2.75
Häagen-Dazs ice cream reduce half price 2.75£ and also magnum a 1.99£ at Budgens Cambridge. For ice cream lovers (nerd)

£2.50 at Tesco.

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Free Heineken and Kronenburg @ Budgens and Londis vía Checkoutsmart
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Posted 24th Dec 2017Posted 24th Dec 2017
Free Heineken and Kronenburg @ Budgens and Londis vía Checkoutsmart
Heineken 4*330 ml and Kronenburg 660 ml free via Checkoutsmart details below Enjoy while it lasts -:)
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Thats a good tip - emailing them now about it - thanks a lot.


Tip: In instances when they underpay - ie it says "Free" but their reward doesn't cover the receipted cost - I always email them at the help@ email address they give and highlighting the error they need to correct. eg It was £2.69 at my Budgen and CoS immediately increased my £2.45 award to that correct amount once it had been raised with them by such an email - ie excellent customer service response though silly problem arose in first place. PS Occasionally they "overpay" and of course then I don't find the time to email them - ie that's the compensation for the times I have to spend time on their initial "underpay".


For the Kronenbourg also they paid me £2.45 whereas I paid £2.59 - which means it wasn't 100% free - as I had to pay 14p for the bottle :)


Folks at my family combined we have 3 accounts and it paid out on all 3 of them - making it a very very good deal for us :) Had never shopped at Budgen's before so took a chance with the store locator and luckily the one showing near-ish to me actually existed. Both Londis and Budgen's are part of the same group - the Booker group - which might end up being owned by Tesco pretty soon now that they have the greenlight from the competition watchdog.


Just had all my claims approved - they approved at the lower price point as per their systems which is £3.00 for the 0% non alcohol version, odd that Budgens I bought from were selling it for £4.50 - even though I feel its a bargain coz I effectively paid £1.50 for 4*330 ml of normal Heineken - whereas the Kronenbourg of-course came totally free.

Walkers 30 variety box £3 at Budgens, Bluntisham
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Posted 5th Oct 2017Posted 5th Oct 2017LocalLocal
Walkers 30 variety box £3 at Budgens, Bluntisham£3
Offer for the Bluntisham (Cambridge) branch but as it was advertised in the current Budgens flier, it's probably national. Offer valid until 01/11/17
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Bluntisham is on the edge of the Fens. News probably hasn't reached there yet that they are infact closed!


Also this price in two Premiers near me.


Budgens are still going? They went into administration earlier this year and closed a load of stores, including my local


if national good price

Andrex Gentle Clean 18 pack for just £5! Found @ Budgens (Bidford on Avon)
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Posted 29th Jul 2017Posted 29th Jul 2017LocalLocal
Andrex Gentle Clean 18 pack for just £5! Found @ Budgens (Bidford on Avon)£5
Pick up an 18 pack of Andrex Gentle Clean toilet rolls, and you won't run out again for a while! Just £5 when you swipe your Reward Card at the till. Offer available at Warner’s Bu… Read more

Shrinkflation Used to be 221 sheets per roll but now they reduced it to 200, just saying. Costco bog roll is 3 ply 240 sheets per roll and works out under 30p per roll.


Yay, Bidford!

Budgens - Sherwood, Nottingham. Liquidation sale. Items from £1.
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Posted 15th Feb 2017Posted 15th Feb 2017
Budgens - Sherwood, Nottingham. Liquidation sale. Items from £1.£1
Groceries 30% off Toiletries 50% off Paper goods 20% off Beers, wines and spirits 30% off They've got some random £1 sections round the shop like stationary etc and these have m… Read more
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Takeover of Bookers by Tesco has yet to pass Competition Commission so it's not Tesco shutting these stores.​


The budgens near me in Paisley that switched from co-op is so expensive that its a lot less busy, hence why prob closing it down too i believe


Like all Budgen's then...


​As far as I'm aware they're ran as a franchise so not necessarily. This particular store was previously a Co op and Budgens have been subsidised by them for the last 8 months. Shockingly overpriced and not right for the area so I suspect this would have happened when the assistance ceased anyway.


Tesco starting to close them down. Excellent.

16 x 2 finger Kitkats at Budgens - £1.00
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Posted 26th Jan 2017Posted 26th Jan 2017
16 x 2 finger Kitkats at Budgens - £1.00£1
Found this deal at Budgens in Shepperton today. Great price for 16 x 2 finger Kitkats. Assuming it's national as if didn't say "local deal" but can't be sure.

Corner shop


Yep never heard of it sounds like something growing on your foot !!


Heat from me. [img]https://i1.wp.com/www.thesun.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/nintchdbpict000272141180.jpg?crop=1026px%2C823px%2C3092px%2C2061px&resize=300%2C192&ssl=1[/img]


Heated, that's a lot of finger action for little money!


It's a newsagents/supermarket

Regina Soft and Gentle 9 Rolls for £1.95 @ Budgens
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Posted 24th Jan 2017Posted 24th Jan 2017
Regina Soft and Gentle 9 Rolls for £1.95 @ Budgens£1.95
22p per roll for a decent quality Loo paper has got to be a bargain.
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I bought a load of these after seeing this deal in Poundstretcher https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/regina-soft-gentle-toilet-rolls-24-for-5-99-48-for-10-poundstretcher-25p-20p-per-2599278 Not a bad deal but this two ply version is not half as strong as the three ply versions Regina produce.


These are like tracing paper, suggest avoiding


Anyone in Norwich, QD have 12 for £2


Soft and Gentle Rolls for your Regina. Heat added

Tubes of Smarties, Buttons, fruit gums etc - 50p instore @ Budgens
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Posted 19th Jan 2017Posted 19th Jan 2017
Tubes of Smarties, Buttons, fruit gums etc - 50p instore @ Budgens£0.50
Went to Budgens today and they have a lot of tubes of smarties, munchies, chocolate buttons, fruit gums on sale for 50p
Ciroc Vodka 70cl (instore Budgens) - £22
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Posted 3rd Jan 2017Posted 3rd Jan 2017
Ciroc Vodka 70cl (instore Budgens) - £22£22
Ciroc Vodka on sale 22.00 70cl (blue bottle) in store Budgens) Upper Street Angel.
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V Vodka is vodka i am not picky lol


voted hot it's a good deal compared to normal price. however I personally prefer Russian standard over this. the red one is nice and I would drink that but not this. the nicest vodka i ever had was black cow vodka. really creamy.

Treviso Prosecco - £5.99 instore @ Budgens
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Posted 17th Dec 2016Posted 17th Dec 2016
Treviso Prosecco - £5.99 instore @ Budgens£5.99
Have this in my local budgens,would of thought nationwide, tastes great, great deal for christmas
Jim Beam 70cl-Budgens-£14.50
Posted 22nd Oct 2015Posted 22nd Oct 2015
Jim Beam 70cl-Budgens-£14.50£14.50
Popped in to my local Budgens (Nailsea) to get fuel and I noticed Jim Beam behind the counter at a great price I cant find it on their website so I dont know if this is nationwide … Read more
Muller Corner / Muller Light / Muller Rice 37p @ Budgens
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Posted 15th Jun 2015Posted 15th Jun 2015
Muller Corner / Muller Light / Muller Rice 37p @ Budgens£0.37
Was in my local Budgens today and saw the Muller Corner (Singles), Muller Light (Singles) and Muller Rice Pot (Singles) were all half price. Dates were in July so normal stock The… Read more

Have some heat for the deal op- tho' no Budgens near me and am quietly jealous of all those 02 goodies you must get:)

Villa Maria wine £6.22 @ Budgens instore
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Posted 6th Mar 2015Posted 6th Mar 2015
Villa Maria wine £6.22 @ Budgens instore£6.22
Seen this NewZealand wine (Villa Maria Sauvignon blanc ) selling in my local budgens for 6.22, great price , great wine..

Excellent wine , thanks OP


one of the best wine


Just bought six bottles, only on promo for the weekend.

Cumberland Sausages Scanning £0.00 @ Budgens Stores
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Posted 15th Jan 2015Posted 15th Jan 2015
Cumberland Sausages Scanning £0.00 @ Budgens Stores
Just picked up a few bits and bobs from local Budgens and noticed these scanned through at 0 pence. Maybe the same for other types but I was home by the time I noticed and unable … Read more

A sausage that doesn't cost a sausage. Well i never.


Lovely, free sausage for everyone lol!


'I never noticed they were free until I got home' X)


sounds like bible :)


Sounds like libel.

96.9p per litre Petrol in North Norfolk (When you spend £50 in local Budgens supermarket)
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Posted 8th Jan 2015Posted 8th Jan 2015LocalLocal
96.9p per litre Petrol in North Norfolk (When you spend £50 in local Budgens supermarket)£0.96
A very area specific deal, but if you spend £50 at Budgens supermarket in Holt, Norfolk you can get petrol from the nearby BP Thurlow Nunn Garage for 96.9p per litre!
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Don't park there! The parking attendant is an absolutely **** , who will slap a ticket on your car for no good reason!!


Considering everything in Holt's Budgens store is about 30% more expensive than "real" supermarkets this really isn't much of a saving.


Is that 99p for a whole tank?! That's a crazy price!!