Budget Lenovo B smartphone only £29.99 @ o2

Budget Lenovo B smartphone only £29.99 @ o2

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Found 22nd Dec 2016
Budget smartphone for £30 with 8gb memory, Argos sells for £50, locked to o2 but should be able to be unlocked.( Not 100% sure) you do not need to buy a top up, just select a tariff
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Thanks, OP can you give more info/link to how to unlock? I've done a quick search on eBay & can't find anything. Thanks.
Can't go wrong for £30. Would buy myself if I hadn't just got one of the Alcatel Idol 3's from them for the same price
How to unlock?
Doesn't work with a Tesco Mobile SIM. Good luck trying to get it unlocked - I couldn't find anywhere that could unlock it.
Yeah, I bought one of these from o2. Thought that a Tesco SIM would work in it (as Tesco use the o2 network) but no joy. Definitely locked to o2 and I can't find anywhere which can unlock it.
Cannot be unlocked
can it not be unlocked by O2 or one of the online outfits that charge a fee ?
OK, keep us posted but I think you'll be out of luck.

can it not be unlocked by O2 or one of the online outfits that charge a … can it not be unlocked by O2 or one of the online outfits that charge a fee ?

o2 will unlock it but only after 12 months!
Please let me know if anyone get unlocked & where as I have one of this phone
Would buy if can be unlocked
Really needed a new phone and the pockets were pretty empty so thanks for posting this deal...Was hoping to get away from O2 but it'll certainly meet my (pretty low use) needs- Cheers!
Glad I read the comments on here first now. I was just about to order one to use with my Tesco Mobile sim (_;)
Any success with unlocking??
Just got this, absolute bargain! Lovely screen which is a good size, fast and very responsive no lagging either. My previous one was the Xperia E4 which broke and cost me £130... This was £30 and everything seems better, also the keyboard seems a lot better than any I've had before because I would always have issues selecting the correct letter... This does not do it all cracking phone for £30. And it's 4G

Edit.. I take it back about the screen it's actually really bad... I can tell why it's so cheap now. You have to hold it in a weird angle or the screen goes dark.. looking at it from top view you can't see anything.. you have to hold it kind of flat.. for sideways when watching stuff you can't hold it central or the screen goes dark for your left eye so you have to hold on a slant. It's ok I guess to keep you going but the screen is bad.
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Does the ID Mobile SIM work in this?

Does the ID Mobile SIM work in this?

O2 only. Partner SIMs which use the O2 network (Tesco etc) won't work either.
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I just bought one, works perfectly with my giffgaff sim.
I can also confirm this works on Giffgaff. Good phone for £30.
Yup, ordered a giffgaff SIM and it works! Doesn't work with Tesco though.
You can get it unlocked on EBay for £0.99 to £1.99, just type in Lenovo b unlocking and loads of unlocking sellers come up, just put in a different sim other than 02 and input the code that they email you, done mine last week and now takes any sim card from any carrier.
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