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FairFX pre paid card. Free £35 with no purchase necessary. - An extra £15 over groupon - £500 top-up required
Found 10th OctFound 10th Oct
The Fair FX sterling* prepaid card, as its name suggests, allows you to load it in pounds. It converts it to other currencies when you spend overseas, and charges a relatively lo… Read more

You changed your status to normal from the busness and personal thefore introducing the 1.4% charge. The charge for your £19.99 spend at amazon was 28p as it clearly says. So what on earth are you banging on about? Basicslly you have no idea what you’re doing and its not a reason not to get this card. Absolute nonsense!


Hi I got a Account and used in amazon for £19.99 to purchased. I received £ 3.27 charge. What is the point ? they will charge and get money. This is look like cheat. Don't get this card.


By cutting and pasting the URL I got TCB cashback as well as the £35 - but only £9.97 not the advertised £21 for a £500 top-up.


Was the best way to withdraw without any charges through PayPal?


What countries?? You should be aware that in China, although you will see the Mastercard and Visa symbols everywhere, the vast majority only accept cards issued by a mainland Chinese bank; this also goes for the majority of the ATMs. The place I stay has a population of ~11 million, yet there are less than a dozen ATMs in the whole city (that I know of), that will take non Chinese bank cards.

FairFX pre paid card. Free £35 with no purchase necessary. Voucher is discounted of price straight away. If you have money then an extra tenner over the groupon deal! Must top up £500 then withdraw back out via cash machine! Fee 50p
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
The Fair FX sterling* prepaid card, as its name suggests, allows you to load it in pounds. It converts it to other currencies when you spend overseas, and charges a relatively lo… Read more

Tried to use my card in Nerja Spain this week and failed in 4 atms (telebanco, euro net, cajamar, cajares). Finally worked in unimar. Stated consult card issuer which is the last thing you need on holiday! Halifax clarity worked in all of them. I wont be using them again as far too unreliable.


"Fee-free spending in the UK: We've removed the 1.4% transaction when using an Everywhere Card to pay in shops, restaurants and online in the UK"


Yes, had £500.50 on the card, took £500 out and card is empty :)


Was the fee 50p?


Received my card yesterday, went to the bank today and Barclays machine would not recognise it (not sure if this is my local bank or just a general problem with Barclays), went across the road to HSBC and withdrew the £500 without any issue :) Thank you OP. Just thought i'd post incase others tried to withdraw at Barclays and had the same issue :)

FairFX currency card - FREE (Usually £9.95 fee) (Must load £50)
Found 22nd Jun 2016Found 22nd Jun 2016
FairFX currency card - FREE (Usually £9.95 fee) (Must load £50)
Through the Daily Mail and This Is Money, FairFX are offering one of their pre-loaded currency card to new customers for free, when loading with minimum of £50. Can be used to wi… Read more
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CS is poor


You can get the same benefit through MSE on this link - http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/credit-cards/prepaid-travel-cards.




So is weswap.


flex account from Nationwide let you withdraw any currency from any ATM at any country with 0 interest. their credit card let you pay at any shop in any country in any currency with 0 interest and with the best currency rate. Recommended.

Free Fair-Fx Currency Card *New Customers Only*
Found 3rd Sep 2013Found 3rd Sep 2013
Free Fair-Fx Currency Card *New Customers Only*
Free currency card, just requires you to pay the top-up for it. I use the US one to buy stuff from the US only without the silly international transaction fee charges being applie… Read more
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So I was right about charges then.


Just got my card and made a foreign purchase in USD. Got charged an authorisation commission of £1. What's the point? The whole reason I got this card was to avoid foreign transaction fees.


To be fair, taffyt did not mention cash withdrawls. And thanks to the original poster. I am applying for a new card as mine is up for renewal. Putting £50 quid on it I don't mind, but putting £150 on my old one to save the £6 fee is too much. Surely it would be better to just wave the £6 at the £50 mark. Never mind G


From NW Site; Cash fee 2.5% (minimum £3.00) of the amount withdrawn on each cash advance.


FREE* FairFX Currency Card & £5.00 EXTRA BONUS if you load > £500!
Found 20th Jun 2011Found 20th Jun 2011
FREE* FairFX Currency Card & £5.00 EXTRA BONUS if you load > £500!
The Cheapest Overall: FairFxNo spending or 'load' fees. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/redir/81c3261f http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/travel/cheap-travel-money FairFX Euro Curr… Read more

http://www.moneysupermarket.com/prepaidcards/results.aspx?cardEnquiryId=3594463 With the website above, not only you get to apply for the card for free, they even cashback £5 if you preload your EURO card £500 or more Better deal compared to Deal of the week: Travel Money Card Plus by www.postoffice.co.uk http://www.ft.com/personal-finance/deal-of-the-week According to www.ft.com FairFX’s prepaid card carries no foreign spending fee, and can be topped up by debit card - though it does have a £9.95 application fee. Escape Travel Money and Caxton also offer prepaid cards which can be topped up for free. Halifax has a Clarity credit card that allows currency to be withdrawn from overseas ATMs with no charge, with interest charged at a rate of 12.9 per cent, and no foreign exchange fee. Sainsbury’s Gold card charges no fees for overseas spending but costs £5 per month.


* Minimum amount deposit allowed is £50.00


A £5 bonus for £500 loaded? They are really pushing the boat out with this offer, aren't they?

BEAT RYANAIR CC Charges - Free Fairfx Prepaid Mastercard + £7.50 Quidco (or just get £7.50 for free)
Found 5th Jan 2010Found 5th Jan 2010
BEAT RYANAIR CC Charges - Free Fairfx Prepaid Mastercard + £7.50 Quidco (or just get £7.50 for free)
Hope I got this right - just waiting on my card. https://www.fairfx.com/wizard/start/card Already posted for currency but have noticed that the FairFX currency card is actually a… Read more
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Think you & i got the fairfx card about the same time if memory serves me well. Personally prefer Wizzair now. After paying the yearly subscription fee of approx £26 i have recently booked return flights to Prague, Warsaw & Skopje all for under £25 return ( + £10 booking fee ).


Very shortly, yes.


so does that mean fairfx prepaid mastercard will incur fees when booking with ryanair now?


As always - sneaky Ryanair. Not to be trusted and best avoided unless you absolutely have to fly with them.


That's exactly what i was about to say after finding this thread in my saved list. Damn rogues :(

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free fairfx card + £5 credit either usd or Euro card
Found 7th Apr 2009Found 7th Apr 2009
free fairfx card + £5 credit either usd or Euro card
obtained via Matalan (see link) fairfx do offer a better exchange rate, and from what I can see its a free £5 anyhow... http://www.fairfx.com/matalan-offer

Have noticed the link form the Matalan site is now gone but the fairfx link still works - Hopefully get the card next week :-)


For some reason it still tried to charge me 9.95 for the card so I gave up. Quidco is £7.50


surprised that this is not a bit more popular for those going on holiday!


this is a good deal.. still haven't bought one yet. x


going to US in a few weeks.....to buy or not to buy now

Free FairFX Currency Card (Normally £9.95)
Found 18th Dec 2008Found 18th Dec 2008
Free FairFX Currency Card (Normally £9.95)
I just followed FairFX on Twitter and got a message back from them which offered me a free currency card so I thought I'd share the link on here. The card is normally £9.95 and as… Read more

I am sorry I did not know that.


so? reposts are allowed if original is 4 weeks old. Daft but true!


Already was posted https://www.hotukdeals.com/item/232098/free-fiarfx-taveller-card-worth-9-9/


I didn't change accounts - I just have Nationwide as a second account for holidays and transfer money in when I need it. If I'd wanted to gamble with currency rates I probably would have been buying dollars over several months, but I probably wouldn't have done it with a Fairfx card - I would just have looked round for the best exchange rate. Yes, some years you would gain by buying early and other years would lose out. In the long run you will most likely win with the Nationwide card because you won't be paying the fees and commission. The reason that people keep going on about the Nationwide card is that it is a genuinely good deal. You don't have to commit a lot of money up front. You don't pay fees. You don't pay commission. You don't get ripped off when you want to access your own money in another country. Their service is good and you can control everything online. Can't ask for anything more really!


these cards are brilliant! I got a couple back in August when the dollar rate was 1.86, and added regularly untill we went away (just got back) They are so easy to use, and I don't have a huge credit card bill to look forward to, as everything has been paid for! Also, it is easy check how much you have left on them You can also get them fee free if you go through the Matalan website. Heat added