Budweiser 20x300ml £9 + Carlsberg 24x440ml £10 @Asda

Budweiser 20x300ml £9 + Carlsberg 24x440ml £10 @Asda

Found 28th Jan 2011
Seen in Asda Spondon (Derby) this afternoon.

20 box of 300ml Budweiser bottles £9
24 crate of 440ml Carlsberg Cans £10

Not showing on mysupermarket.com, so not sure if online
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Have some heat
Can't go wrong, 48 cans for 20 smackers!
Any decent lager at under 50p a bottle is hot to me!
Sorry did you say decent lager?
Used to be £18 for 45 bottles of Bud.
Not in my local store.
had 2 big stacks in the middle isle.
not in asda Benton

not in Asda Kettering
i posted the carlsberg in a different thread, this is only on in the 'biggest' stores, for instance Asda Boldon have this deal on as well
Is Carsberg similar to Bud? I've never had it. I'm not sure Bud is worth the price of admission, but the price of Carlsberg is very good, even if it is tainted with the taste of urine. Heat added.
Not in Basingstoke
does any one know if offer valid in glasgow
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