Budweiser 66 (10 x 300ml bottles) £6 at Co-op
Budweiser 66 (10 x 300ml bottles) £6 at Co-op

Budweiser 66 (10 x 300ml bottles) £6 at Co-op

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Budweiser 66 (10 x 300ml bottles) £6 at Co-op

£10.99 at Tesco

Alc 4.0% vol

Lightly carbonated and brewed with a touch of sweetness for a smooth, easy taste.



Thanks OP, I'll take a walk down to my local store tomorrow. Love this stuff.

Beware if you like a bit of head on your beer - "lightly carbonated" so very little gas - good for a meal if you're prone to belching

TBH I much prefer the taste of Coors Light [bought both when on offer recently at Tesco]

too sweet for me - bit like a lager top. Good price though if its you like it

This stuff is so easy to drink, a few bottles can have gone before you know it. Bargain

This seems to be the UK version of Bud Light. Slips down easy. Good for a BBQ. Heat added.

Might have to give these a try.

Thanks for the deal and feedback on the taste etc

I was shocked when I went into my local Co-op, I think this was the first time I've ever seen a half-decent deal on beer in that place. Heaterated.

Awesome beer!!!

Nice beer, normally pick this up when Miller isn't on offer

£5 at netto if you can brave it

Tried some last week - to be honest I thought it tasted flat and sweet. Will stick with proper bud but each to their own.

gonna try these

Great taste - great price



£5 at netto if you can brave it

x 2 on the brave it!

Bought some of these from Costco at the weekend, I'm a few bottles in and it is truly disgusting. The rest will be a real chore.

Not for me. Found it too fizzy. Prefer the normal Bud.

Well got some today,will give them ago ,2 nite! If nice will get more,at that price,you would have to!

Great stuff!
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